If The Mooch Is Planning His Team Right Now, Celtic Fans Have Nothing To Fear.

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The Mooch is talking about his rebuild. And yes, he’s calling it that again. A rebuild. He’s also talking about selling players. Who does he have in mind? Well, that’s hardly a secret is it? We talked about this yesterday. He wants to punt Hagi. He wants to punt Kamara as well presumably. They are the only saleable assets in the squad. They are desperate for cash.

But in the main, the work is already underway he says. That means free transfers or players on the cheap. How do we know this? Because without knowing if there will be takers for the players he’s going to punt – and without knowing if his out of contract players will get clubs – his planning is being done on very little promised money.

Celtic’s will be well funded. Group stage qualification almost certainly assured. Money left over from January. We don’t have £12 million to find to make two loan deals permanent either, which means that we should have a tidy kitty even before any possible player sales. We also have a settled squad of champions now. That will be important.

All the talk from Ibrox – which contradicts itself at every turn – about them not needing a major shakeup has been tossed aside by the guy who said it, a guy who is now promising a minimum of five summer signings. On what budget? If it’s true that their striker target is Josh Maja, available for free, I think that sums up how pitiful their planning is.

Maja, who I will do a fuller piece on if he signs over there, has been described as some sort of wonderkid. He is a decent lower-league scorer and that’s about it. There’s nothing to fear for us from them signing players such as this.

There is nothing for us to fear anyway. In order to be ready for the European qualifiers – which for the second year running we don’t have to worry about – they will have to work fast and work well and every single player will have to fit in and be a hit.

We know what that sort of rebuild looks like, and we did it with money and with a man as smart as any who has ever done a job like that at the helm. Can they say the same? The Mooch has never, in his career, been in a position like this … and he’s blowing it already by over-promising and writing cheques that his club perhaps can’t cash.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Sounds like he is getting the excuses in early. Had the GVB left us in this state behind Celtic and now if he doesn’t get the money to buy then he has that excuse also.

    The man has no substance. Next two defeats to Celtic and he may not be around for the start of next season.The Klan had his previous boss Slippy in that No confidence position a few times.

    They are definitely in need of a rich benefactor who can affford to lose tens of millions on the bias brand but what do they get in return? Big Mick still has his dibs on the castore deal.

  • Johnno says:

    The scum are a shambles of a club, nothing new there.
    Only shows just how much the scum have to pamper to such a shower of zombie DOBs klanbase still.
    The revolt is fast approaching and the barriers are already been put in place but only made out of bullshit.
    If celtic were to behave in such an unprofessional manner I wouldn’t be to impressed
    Meanwhile we stand to have another potential busy summer and the only focus will be upon strengthening and clearing the decks, for which a number of issues will need to be resolved still.
    So would Ange entertain any of those potential issues with the business end of this season still to be played out still?
    Just another example of how much of a wannabe that snidey prick remains

  • Johnny Green says:

    Why are we talking about them….they are not on our radar.

    Inadequate and inconsequential.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Sounds as if the FILTH has LESS Money than a Boatim 6 team lol!! It’ll be a team made up of Windyarses, Wankhorn & TavPen.. In other words FUKIN DUDS NAEBDY WANTS BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Michael Clark says:

    I don’t know who Beale intends to sell but if its for money he’s not going to get much. The only one’s that might generate any interest is possibly Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent and nether look a great propitiation. Morales is so out of shape his back side is bigger than Kim Kardashian. As for Ryan Kent he’s so disinterested I think if he got away with it he’d come on the park with his mobile. Happy days

    • michael mccormack says:

      They are both out of contract at the end of the season so he won’t get a red razor for either

  • michael mccormack says:

    Red razoo

  • Malc says:

    Lives rent free in your head… no-one cares, why do you persist in writing so many articles about this bloke?

  • Thomas Daly says:


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