Keith Jackson Is Making The Usual Mistake When Talking About Celtic.

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Keith Jackson today decided to focus his article on problems at Ibrox.

It should not surprise him that there are plenty over there to write about.

He knew that himself before a ball had even been kicked in this campaign. He knew it when he wrote about Beale not being welcomed with open arms by everyone in the dressing room. He’s catching up to himself.

I did laugh at one point.

When he wrote about how Beale speaks with “admirable honesty” and then highlighted how he contradicted himself over the Ibrox player contracts. If that was the only example he could think of where Beale said one thing and then basically said the opposite not that long afterwards he needs to go back and review those pressers because it’s one of many, many, many times that he’s been caught talking cobblers.

During the article, Jackson mentioned our dominance. “It’s no longer merely a case of Celtic not stopping. Rather, it’s beginning to look as if they might be absolutely unstoppable for as long as Postecoglou has his hands on the wheel,” he said.

And herein lies the mistake, or at least the one I’m making a conscious choice to highlight.

He and others keep on talking about Ange being the reason we are on top. Maybe he missed the trebles won under Rodgers and Lennon. Maybe he’s just not seeing the pattern here, and in case he’s missing it let me point it out to him.

This is only partly about the manager. Celtic, as a club, is too strong for the one at Ibrox.

Yes, Ange is exceptional and the football is glorious to watch and our form under him has been mindboggling, but we were no less ruthless in chasing that Quadruple Treble than we are right now.

We were no less hell-bent on victory, no less assured. As I’ll point out later today in another piece, their fans are going to have to start adapting themselves to a new reality here; that they are now in our shadow with no easy way to change that.

Still, people want to cling desperately to this idea that if there’s a change of manager at Celtic Park that all the dominos will fall, that we’ll be back to square one, that their club will have its moment in the sun. None of it is even remotely true.

Celtic has established new ways of doing things.

That means that whoever comes in for Ange next will probably do things this way.

He will have full control. He will have the top class scouting system the boss would be leaving behind. Ange Postecoglou would not be leaving Celtic unannounced. We would have lead time and he would sign off on his replacement.

The fundamentals at Celtic are solid.

We have paid a price in the past for failures of vision and failures of leadership. That’s all. The strength of Celtic itself was wholly unaffected by those failures. We remained a stronger, and bigger, club than theirs.

All Jackson is doing – and he’s not alone in this – is a slightly different version of that old tune “Celtic will collapse like a house of cards” which Dave King was coming out with not that long ago.

The idea that Celtic might be one bad decision, or one hard shove, from spiralling downwards enough so that they can establish themselves as the dominant force.

It pays no heed to historical precedent. It does not engage with reality.

It is a mad fantasy that he and others cling to at their peril.

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  • Tam says:

    CELTIC won’t survive if HENRIK leaves, CELTIC won’t survive if BRENDAN leaves,
    CELTIC won’t survive if ANGE leaves,
    Jackson has been very busy writing these stories.
    What he and others like him won’t write about is CELTIC WILL survive not only will we survive we will dominate for years to come…. Not that I want Ange to leave

  • Dan Tinney says:

    Celtic should be preparing John Kennedy while Ange is here to step into his shoes . John has now seen how Ange goes about his business and is in the ideal position to take the mantle forward when or indeed if Ange departs.

  • The Black Douglas says:

    Their delusions and inability to accept reality are based on their natural hatred and bigotry. They are so rooted in this, as are many of their cousins at Hearts, that they are totally divorced from reality and reason. They live in a world of lies where everything is suited to what they wish to believe. This also breeds violence and is passed on from parents to offspring. The reason why it persists in our mad little country is because many of those in authority also live in this ver dark place.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Its gonnae be interestin in seasons tae come, if we keep up our momentum. We’re already very close tae ‘at least’ catchin their league titles. The closer we get tae that, we’ll see how their panic and desperation really sets in.

  • John Copeland says:

    I’ve a funny feeling in my water that Jackson is acutely well aware that the daily Record needs a successful the Rangers if it’s going to survive ! Especially with the amount of sport scoops it employs .It looks like to me that he dishes out plenty of appeals and advice to the tribute act , as far as survival and success is concerned ,as he knows that everything Ibrox and his rag tabloid are intricately linked as far as business goes !

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, they’ve been in Celts’ shadow since we were Champions of Europe. HH

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Keith jackson does work for gutter press after all.he can talk tripe and onions all he wants it will make no difference to celtic.rangers is a club that defrauded taxman and so many other bad things that went on during 9 in a row be it corrupt jim farry or corrupt refs helping rangers along.keith jackson is a very poor ignorant sports writer badly educated thick stupid .

  • John S says:

    The management model whereupon a manager arrives with entirely his own staff is both limited and precarious. If the manager goes most go with him, back to scratch. At Celtic Park, we can clearly see a system being put in place that is durable and mitigates against a managerial departure. I’m sure that is, in no short measure, due to the work and innovations of Ange Postecoglu. Whether by design or by accident this is one appointment the Board got right and they should be making plans now to secure his services as long as possible.

  • Jack says:

    Big Ange is a man of honour. He’s grown to love the club and it’s fans. I think he’ll stay to make us a force in Europe again.

  • Johnno says:

    The club is currently being run the way it could have been done years ago.
    Although gaining the domination of Scottish football and finally putting the scum in there place was seen as an acceptable target.
    For many of us celts, who aren’t effectived by the Hun hate fest, the scum have been a fairly non entity for many years, with rubbing the DOBs noses in their own shite.
    Our main focus will revert back to European football starting next season with such a strong squad that should well be able to compete strongly in Europe, and with rotation still keeping the dominance of Scottish football intact also.
    This is the way forward for such a successful celtic team and will be required more so with the expansion of the CL.
    Let’s not forget how the 5 sub rule can affect games now and depends upon clubs needing bigger squads that sucess brings in the domestic league, so player investment is crucial to keeping the success intact to match the demands of the club.
    We have finally gained that since the arrival of Ange, and don’t believe that we will be changing any approach anytime soon either.
    As for that shower of DOBs who cares, as currently years behind us along with everyone else in Scottish football

  • James Mchugh says:

    It’s a fact a lot of huns believe the daily record is like the Celtic view unbelievable

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