Kenny Miller Is Either Making Trouble Or He Fails To Comprehend Celtic’s Strength.

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I had to laugh last night at Kenny Miller banging on about Liel Abada.

It’s possibly an attempt to make mischief, a fundamental misunderstanding of the strength of our squad or pig ignorance from a guy who clearly does not listen to what our manager says.

He thinks Abada should start every game. Great. He’s entitled to that view and to express his surprise. But it makes him sound thick, because the manager has explained this again and again. Nobody at Celtic should be guaranteed a start. Every player is under threat. It keeps the standards high. It keeps players from getting complacent.

I do find it amusing that Miller is singing the praises of Abada. Perhaps he’d care to dig down into the stats for minutes per goals and minutes per assists, where even from his limited time on the pitch our Israeli winger is outpacing a certain Ibrox winger whose contract is approaching its expiry date. Miller doesn’t want to go there though. No-one does.

Ange has spelled this out a hundred times, and in spite of that there are still people pushing this line that he has a job on his hands keeping players happy, that players won’t buy into a rotation system, that this isn’t how things are done. But increasingly and all across football it is, in fact, exactly how things are done and Ange knows this full well.

The reason this squad is so far ahead of the rest is that each player gets guaranteed game-time but not a guaranteed 90 minutes. The new substitutes rule has definitely worked for us, and quite brilliantly, in allowing such a range of rotation options.

Abada would be effective if he started more games. But Abada has played plenty this season and his contribution has been invaluable. The player is entitled to be proud of the progress he has made at Celtic Park and will continue to make under this manager.

When he’s on his game – and he was bang on it at the weekend – he is virtually unplayable.

But as Ange has made clear we’re also talking here about a good soldier, a model pro, someone who puts the team first … a priceless asset in any squad and we have a squad full of them.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    Spot on James. Just as the old pros struggle to keep up with law changes in the game, so they miss out on the significance of the 5 sub rule. Ange, so far, has used Liel’s pace later in games. Just at the stage when defenders’ legs are going as is their concentration. The stats show that it is working, so why would we mend something that isn’t broken?
    I have long held the opinion that Miller is pretty thick, but obviously not that thick that he will pass up on an opportunity to be controversial in an attempt to keep himself current. As his employers tend to favour the ibrox persuasion, it can be argued that it is working for Miller as well.
    We will keep taking the goals and Miller can continue to feel the love from the bears. They do love a real ranjurs man.

    • Bill says:

      Is this the village? We have your idiot here” . “Come on Kenny , you’ll be home soon”.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Wonder if miller will be so vocal in a months time? Hunskelper Abada won’t be getting touted for game time then. HH

  • Frankie says:

    That clown that has had more managers/assistant jobs than teams in the league, sunk eyes should maybe keep his useless opinions for his own 2nd rate lot.

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Kenny miller should simply shut up and mind his own busines its nothing to do with miller how celtic go about things .hasent anyone noticed we are subjected to these idiots such as kenny miller and that other horrible thing kris boyd they cant shut the mouths up at all .you can read between lines what likes of miller are up anything possible to belittle celtic try to unrest celtic players .they simply cant accept celtic are first class run club great manager who decides .and great players unlike miller and boyd .

  • John S says:

    Abada has certainly earned a possible start. He’s still young and his ‘run’ will come. I don’t see Kenny Miller’s remarks as contentious, he’s impressed (from what I can gather, above).

  • SSMPM says:

    Pot, kettle, black, Kenny. At least Miller, I guess, is consistent, being wide of the mark was his speciality. I wasted a lot of money on me, wifey and the kids, following Celtic across Europe watching him fail to do his own job repeatedly. Concentrate on being the bias punter that you are instead of telling us what team the best overseas manager to hit these shores should or shouldn’t do. Ange landed in the right place more than you ever did.

  • Peter Heaney says:

    Forget the comments and look at the picture.
    Oh enjoy THE CELTIC WAY to celebrate.
    Didn’t take long. Lol

  • Johnno says:

    The day we start taking any notice of a hun peanut headed bastard, would be a day to start worrying.
    The man management of Ange has been brilliant and great praise to abada also for applying himself so well, while learning his trade still.
    Abada still offers far more with being a far better player than the banjo boy, so wondering if peanut head would agree with that one?

  • Martin.H says:

    Do we think Abada has even heard of miller, he is just trying to cause mischief, the lad is 21, some of the stuff he has done is amazing, but, at the present time he is more of an impact player that can change games. All these former ibrox players are trying without succeeding, to destabilise our team.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    I know I shouldn’t do it but I switched on SSB on Clyde 20mins ago, Where do some of the eejits who follow our team pop up from.
    First guy questions if big Ange has the bottle to change the team tonight and play Abada and Haksabanovic. The cheek to question Ange’s bottle, God give me strength, The next chump up thought that the game on Saturday was more important than tonight’s game.
    What fan on earth would think that a cup game was more important than a Championship game.
    I’ve switched off, can’t listen to anymore. Serves me right for switching it on.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’ve often wondered whether those so called Celtic fans are genuine or just out and out Buckfast jakeys

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