Kenny Miller’s Rambling Celtic-Ibrox Interview Shows Why He Shouldn’t Be On The BBC.

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Kenny Miller is in the papers after giving a wide-ranging interview in which he talked endlessly about his love for the Ibrox clubs. So much so that he was thinking about his return to that ground even on the day of his Celtic unveiling. Now we know why the club moved him on as swiftly as it did.

If that was his objective, he never should have signed for us at all.

Still, I think the interview and the coverage of it shines a big light somewhere we need it to be shone; on BBC Sports Scotland and their policy of putting on the air every single person they can find with the remotest connection to that club.

Miller has used his interview to virtually plead for a return to Ibrox as a coach.

This is a guy advertising himself for that job.

He’s not, then, by any stretch of the imagination, a neutral and so for the national broadcaster to put him on air, knowing that he sees it as nothing more than a means to an end on the road back to Ibrox, would be lamentable.

Here in Scotland, the BBC sports department’s policies are increasingly hard to defend. The tax payers are funding what basically amounts to an Ibrox reunion every single week now.

There’s not even the slightest pretence of balance about it anymore, and so I would not be terribly surprised if they instead gave Miller the anchor’s chair on one of their shows.

But based on his comments here you could not get a clearer impression of where his loyalties lie and how completely he views the world through a blue tint.

The guy is a poster boy for bias, and although the rest of them don’t exactly hide it he has decided to broadcast it loud and clear and I really don’t know what function it serves to even pretend that he’s objective.

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  • Pan says:

    Nobody cares about this James.
    Why give it attention?

  • Jimmy R says:

    Miller talks like he played. He wanders all over the place and is unable to focus. If that reflects his coaching, then I for one will be delighted to see him back at ibrox. We have nothing to fear from him.

  • harold shand says:

    Sacked from Huddersfield then scuttles back up the road and within weeks he’s on every sports media outlet in Scotland waving his blue pom pom’s

    That’s why he’s been a*rse licking Beale at every opportunity since he came , he’s after a job , now’s he’s publicly begging for a Job , even though his coaching career is a sh*t show of sackings and walks outs

    The guy is shameless

  • John S says:

    Jobs for the boys. Step forward SFA, BBC…

  • SSMPM says:

    The purely impartial conservative and unionist bbc. It’s so damn wrong but like the rankers, unmonitored and unmanaged.

  • Stephen says:

    I’m now 61 and don’t watch or listen to any BBC content ever.
    Radio Clyde.
    Go Radio included.

  • Bob L says:

    Correct, James. BBC Scotland only seems to employ people with an Ibrox leaning, not only in the Sports Department it seems. Quite incredible. I have raised this issue on several occasions, with the reply they emply people on ability only. Oh, really? Yes, and with taxpayers money

  • Dinger says:

    Another son of Pinocchio

  • Johnny Green says:

    By all means let him go to Ibrox and pull down a large wage that would be better used elsewhere, like paying their water bill instead of stealing it from the local church.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Bring the Hamshanker bak tae the Crumbledome.. Wee Double Act wae Bawwy the Fud.. Real Ranjerks men, that’s whits needed lol!! Strangely enuf 2 ae them hav dun FUK AW in Management, Funny that init WAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA!!!

  • Thinman says:

    While this parade of ex-residents of Ibrox is a lamentable stain on the bbc ask yourself this question. Who are they going to use in 10 years time when this lot are past their shelf life, Ryan Jack? The media presence will follow the footballing demise, it’s just lagging behind 10 years or so.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Doesn’t Scotland have many ex footballers that could do an excellent pundit job on the National Broadcaster (BBC Scotland) or are the jobs reserved for ex employees from Ibrox.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    This is a guy when choosing the best 11 players he has played with during his career,decided to leave out Shunsuke Nakamura.Mind blowing bias and pettiness,playing to the goon gallery.Guys a complete tosser.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Couldn’t mark this guy’s neck with a blow torch.Perfect fit for that place.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Why give that halfwit your time writing about what he said on uñionist BBC. I do remember that tackle when he flew about 10 foot in the air very funny plus he is a bigot .

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    As false as his face, this twat has had surgery and if he hasn’t he fvcking needs it.

  • George Kerr says:

    He’s just a wee ned from Hamilton. Me, me, me and rankers, rankers, rankers, that;s all he talks about. Like Boyd, Fake Tan, Fake hair, Fake Teeth, Fake personality.

  • David Connor says:

    BBC,…..How more bias do you want your station to become. It’s a real shame that your channel has become a despot broadcast for IBROX.

    SHAME. ON. YOU… you don’t deserve the

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