Maeda’s Injury Would Be A Blow, But Celtic Has The Power To Play On.

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Hearing today that Maeda left Celtic Park on crutches last night, I was sad and disappointed but not overly concerned. We would want him fit and in the team, of course we would, but this is not an existential problem.

We are strong enough to cope without him.

When Said Haksabanovic scored last night that confirmed what many of us have long known about him; he’s a quality footballer and someone who has gotten better the longer he’s been at the club, but he’s not the only player who can play wide left.

Haksabanovic was unlucky not to score at Hampden.

He has been due his opportunity and I think it would be great if he was given the nod at the weekend and grabbed it.

But even if he isn’t then we know we’ll have Jota on one wing and Abada on the other, and no club so far has had an answer for that busy pairing. I don’t think Hearts will either.

Our club can cope with an injury to Maeda, and although we want to see him back as soon as possible that does not mean that we should rush him back. He will be with us again in good time and in the meantime we’ve got enough to keep going.

Celtic is good on this stuff, in keeping players from returning before they are ready – a lesson we learned hard when Kyogo got injured last season after being put back in the side too soon.

We will not make that mistake again with his countryman.

But the reason we did it last season was that we pretty much had to. We don’t need to here. The squad is better and stronger now than it was then, and that’s what gives us the latitude we have and the strength.

We’re going to be alright.

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  • jrm63 says:

    Abada on the right? Did you watch him last night? You forgot Bernabei who is extremely good though I am not sure why the Australian thinks he is a left back

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    After the wee Gers game and we are comfortable the league is almost secured I’d love to see us bring in some of our young talent. You mentioned James in an earlier post about our quota for Europe. We need to start focusing on that concern. After a bit of a purple patch of blooding our own we seem to have hit a bit of a drought.

    We’re going to get caught out soon if we don’t plan ahead for this issue.

  • Johnno says:

    Surprised hako didn’t actually start last night, yet his few sub impacts have shown he is totally ready to start, if and when needed.
    Still think abada is far more effective when used from the bench.
    Would be a longshot for meada to be available for Saturday, so hako on the left with Jota right would be my preferred option to start.

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    Thought our 2 full backs were poor last night especially Ralston who was caught out of position on. Numerous occasions although he put out a couple of. Great passes inside their fullback hh

  • John L says:

    Get well ? soon.
    Heads up. Robbie Neilson the serial moaner is trying to get a CELTIC player sent off on Saturday. The battered fishface who rolls over and gets his belly tickled when ever he plays his boyhood sweethearts is a disgrace to the beautiful game and the sfa should not allow that kind of patter.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      He’s a Fukin Trampy Jakey Hun Bastard, a joke the way they lie doon tae the FILTH!! Get 2 up on Sat & then just pick them aff, they are NUTHING but a pub team!!

  • Michael Clark says:

    This Celtic team has plenty fire power to cover every attacking position but this game must be met with caution. This guy Neilson is hellbent on beating Celtic and its Hearts season all wrapped up in this 90 minutes so we need to control this game from the off.Hearts will come at Celtic tomorrow, its a tight pitch and the back four will be under pressure if we can’t get control early in this game. We’ve found ourselves going behind too many times this season and going behind at Tynecastle could be costly. We must be up for it from the off

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