McCoist Cannot Help Trying To Drag Celtic Into Ibrox’s Gutter And Disgrace.

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I was at Anfield at the weekend, and the atmosphere was great except for a handful of moments all involving Steven Gerrard’s inability to comport himself like a professional. I thought it was an ugly incident when Celtic fans chucked stuff at him, but maybe he shouldn’t have celebrated his penalty like it was a late winner in a massive game right in front of us.

It was a blight on an otherwise great day. Celtic and Liverpool fans get on well and they did just fine in the aftermath, warmly praising each other online.

I focussed my ire on Gerrard in an article I wrote whilst sitting in a pub down there, and published it on Sunday after scanning the headlines to see what they had to say about the game itself.

Apart from a handful of attempts at getting a lurid headline, from some of the Usual Suspects, most people focussed on Gerrard’s pathetic attention grabbing both during the game and in its aftermath when he seemed to want to keep things going although by then nobody gave a damn. He was joined in that pursuit today by Ally McCoist.

“With the greatest of respect, it’s not been a great two or three days for (Ibrox) and Celtic, with what happened at the weekend and what happened last night,” he said this afternoon in response to questions which had nothing to do with us but which were focussed, entirely, on the maniacal incident we witnessed last night at the women’s game.

McCoist motives aren’t even thinly disguised. They are upfront and out there where we can all see them. Equating the sort of minor, but unsavoury, incident which you can see at any ground, anywhere in world football on any given day with a truly astonishing, headline making, club shaming moment like that … it’s a stretch even by his pathetic standards.

Last night’s moment of thuggishness wasn’t the work of drunken fans or even an attention seeking player. It was an attack on a Celtic manager by the assistant manager of a rival club, wholly unprovoked, in front of the cameras from Sky TV.

I struggle to think of a similar incident in recent memory.

It is already the subject of both an SFA investigation and a Police Scotland probe.

That’s enormous. That’s damning, and so is the fact that their club has – at the time of writing – not uttered a single word in condemnation about what we saw. Celtic, as we’d expect, didn’t miss. We made sure that our own statement was out there.

“Clearly this is a hugely concerning incident, falling well below any acceptable standard,” Celtic said to the print media. “We understand the matter is now being investigated and it will be up to all relevant authorities to take any appropriate action.”

McCoist can see how this story is going to develop – CNN are the latest outlet to have it up on their website, and the Guardian had it on theirs – and wants to drag Celtic into the gutter.

So do those who have suggested that an investigation will find some mitigating factor for why the cowardly Ibrox official walked up to Fran Alonso when his back was turned and he was shaking hands with Ibrox’s own players … it is hard to imagine what possible excuse they could come up with, but I do expect them to try.

I have watched a lot of football in my time, but I can’t recall many occasions when I’ve been that flabbergasted by what I was watching on screen and that it was captured live on Sky and thus broadcast around the globe should be a cringe inducing moment for everyone at Ibrox, and they’ve had nearly 20 hours to get in front of the story.

McCoist’s intervention sums up how bad they’ve been at it.

The closest anyone with links to Ibrox has come to saying something at all … and it’s a pathetic attempt to mark us with their shaming. It was ever thus. This is why things over there never change.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The mask slips again with this imposter

  • Jim says:

    The man should be instantly dismissed.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    McMoists just a Fat Hun Apologist! On every Fukin channel spouting PISH, Guys just a Fukin Walliper!! A Tactical GENIEASS but magic wae a pair ae Gairden Shears BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

    I am sure the statement from ibrox(if any) will be along the lines of “nothing to see here”!

  • Stesano says:

    It comes down to this huns need to feel comfortable with their hate so we get dragged into it when it’s not our issue and never was!! As he knows full well as do all of that poisonous filth they know they are safe walking down the street wearing whatever. Not so Celtic fans ! As because that country can’t tackle the real problem people young people at that have died!! And not just a coupe it’s disgusting!! As is he!! The police force in “Brigadoon” Scotland know fine well also there loads of facts on this ! He only concern in this was bringing our great club into it! And your right Gerrard acted like a hun!! What an embarrassed he has became! So McCoist don’t try your whataboutery here yeah it’s served that filth plenty in the past but it’s your cespit new club like the old that lives off anti social poison not ours!! And everyone knows it!! Really we should bulldozed that hellhole in 2012! A total breeding ground of hatred and evil!

  • Stesano says:

    So iam not getting posted ok, but why mr Forrest? I have only spoke the truth

  • Martin.H says:

    It will be the same as when Neil Lennon got assaulted at Tyncastle, wouldn’t use t.v. evidence, and that thug walked.

  • mhiguel66 says:

    Such a blot on an otherwise great evening and advertisement for SWPLF.
    They are a different breed and act as such, that was no example to set in young aspiring minds.
    Sadly, we’ve come to expect such form anything / anyone emanating from Ibrox.

  • Tony B says:

    A poison, a cancer on our sport and our country is sevco.

    It should be consigned to the abyss where it belongs.

    As for the fans, there is not a decent one among them, from the rabid fascists in the majority, to the peepul who said nothing when they discriminated against Catholics in the 20th century, and against the Irish in the 21st century.

    ” A permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace “.

    • S Thomas says:

      Absolute garbage pal.. couple of my mates and family members are currant buns and they goood decent guys. That’s bigoted as you can get saying they are all scum. Get a life pal.. There is good and bad in every walk of life.

  • George Tolan says:

    While rambling on at great length there is no mention of what super Sally said therefore in the end was boring and didn’t inform anyone the thug should do the right thing and resign and be charged with assault

  • Christine Mcghee says:

    Remember a certain rangers player getting jailed, a wee bit harshy I though at the time, for violence on the park. They is one thing, having a volatile discussion face to face, and one person over reacting to the situation, quite another, when someone attacks you from behind. That the difference between a fight and an assault. This was an assault.

  • Effarr says:

    Celtic supporters should know by now that any “minor” or “unsavoury” incident is considered serious by those who hate them.

    At the end of the day they are as big a prigs as Gerrard was. Maybe if they got themselves a job they would have no time to be shaming us watching a bunch of old lags kicking a ball about.

    • Therese Storrie says:

      Effarr What on earth are you bumping your gums about ?
      Supporters who threw stuff at Gerrard are acting stupid but your comments are quite nasty
      How do you know they don’t work ? In fact wether they work or not it’s irrelevant
      Yours must be the most stupid post I’ve seen in this page

  • Peterbrady says:

    What about the words of our geneious and the words of the rat gardener unbelievable in Ange we trust my god more and more he reminds me of the immortal jock stein our faither

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Personally, gerrard lost any single shred of respect I had, or ever will have, for him with his conduct up here. Bought intae the ibrox psyche right away and as for sally, well we know we’ll be somehow dragged intae anythin that institution, or its support dae. Tho James, ye failed tae mention our own support, singin songs about gerrard bein a ‘sad orange b…..d’ at anfield. That kind of shite needs tae be cut out tae.


    I am a Celtic supporter for over 50 years and have traveled all over the World watching Celtic FC. and many times to Anfield, regardless of what Gerrard did, there is No Excuse for football fans off Any team to throw objects onto the pitch,Celtic have a very good relationship with Liverpool and we know the terrible things that have happened in the passed. There are No excuses for Any fans throwing missiles of any description onto the playing surface or Anywhere else for that matter. We are Glasgow Celtic Ambassadors so act appropriately. HAIL HAIL

  • John S says:

    An unprovoked assault minimised by a man that attempted to rally angry Ibrox fans with his Chamberlain act (‘I have a piece of paper’) and wrongful inferences about Celtic fans concerning the burning Ibrox bus.

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