Most Celtic Fans Want The Ibrox Club In The Semi-Final Draw. Here’s Why.

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There was a time a couple of years back when an Ibrox dressing room erupted in cheers after they got us in the cup draw. That lasted as long as it took us to beat them in the competition.

They don’t do that anymore. In fact, getting us is their worst nightmare.

Celtic fans are the least concerned about that outcome that I’ve ever seen. Most would welcome it. Many are desperate for it. Keevins, in his idiotic article this morning where he seemed to be suggesting the old heated balls, says it’s the showpiece final everyone wants but in fact it’s not the one we want and Ibrox fans aren’t keen on it either.

Many of them would prefer to be beaten by this Celtic side in the next round so that they can spend cup final day not worrying about it. It makes slipping into the summer so much easier if you aren’t there to witness your rivals winning a treble.

In fact, our reasons are not really much to do with the football.

I think almost all of us would prefer that day be about us and only us, a celebration of Celtic, not some media-hyped audition for next season, not some chance for people who don’t know any different to indulge in tribalism and hatred.

The whole affair should be about what Ange has built.

There is confidence about the outcome. Sure there is. We’re the champions, and League Cup holders and we’re playing stunning football whilst they look a disjointed fragmented mess. So we want them because we believe we can win, but we’d take them just as easily in the final as in the semi, and so that’s really a secondary consideration.

Let’s get the hate-fest out of the way.

Let’s get the nasty bit done early, and then the final will be what it deserves to be. The best side in the country against a plucky lower league side who will give us a better game of it than most SPL teams have bothered to do.

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  • Stewart says:

    Semi would be a great draw to play em,,and to put a bit more pressure on their throat,,,after todays game I think they’ve found their level,, champion ship team,

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    To be honest I don’t ever want to play them.I
    was extremely happy when they were not in the same league as we were,because I detest the hatred and bitterness plus arrogance that emanates from everything they say and do

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Get them in semis and we get a lot more fans getting to watch celtic winning the treble.
    No brainer for me also deprives them of cup final game money.

  • Johnno says:

    A strong case can be made for both outcomes against the scum in the cup.
    To draw them in the semi and beat the DOBs would set up a final for real celebration, with more of our supporters in attendance.
    Yet beating the scum in 2 finals to land another treble can’t be overlooked either.
    Personal choice would be the final to inflict as much pain as possible upon the scummy DOBs

  • Scud Missile says:

    The onion bears stayed away from the game today apparently because they couldn’t display an offensive banner with the klsn klub putting their foot down.
    Rumours have it that the banner was aimed at the police though others say it was more mud being slung at the board.
    Now the message is that the board are responsible for what goes on inside the ground and that’s why they stopped the banner being displayed,so how come then nobody has been held responsible for that broken glass on the pitch previously when we played them.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The semi final is my preference, let’s take them out of the equation as early as possible. They are scum and don’t deserve to reach finals, put them out of their misery and let us contest the final in a cleaner and purer atmosphere. A smaller ranked team reaching the final puts them firmly in their place. It’s a no brainer, get them tae fuck,

  • John S says:

    Rangers* had the chance in 2012 to dump the sectarian baggage of the previous club. They chose the money and to indulge the false supremacy. Their most noticeable trophy is their badge of shame.

  • Johnny Green says:

    A Celtic Treble will mean we overtake Rangers FC trophy haul count by one. The two trophies won by the present entity do not count in any way except in the decomposed brains of their zombie followers. Our present success terrifies them, it undermines their arrogant supremacy attitude and putting them out in the semis will be another boot in the baws for their frantic attempts to stop us.

    They won’t.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Final fur me! Wins us the Treble & takes away the only Trophy they’ve won in their HISTORY wae Fans lol!

  • JP says:

    Surely the ideal scenario is for one of the smaller teams to knock them out in the semis?

  • TonyB says:

    The huns don’t deserve to be involved in any showpiece, since they corrupt everything they touch, and would poison the atmosphere in any final.

    Also, in the unlikely event they were to win it, by the usual cheating route, the people of Glasgow would again be the victims of the public shiters vomiters and pissers (and that’s only their women) quite apart from the horrendous violence and vandalism that accompanies the zombie fascists.

    No no no.

    Get them OUT asap.

  • Eamonn Murphy says:

    Would prefer to get them in Semi for a number of reasons. 1) would rather not get a ticket for a semi final than a final. 2) They have history of cup l final riots if things don’t go their way in cup finals. 3) don’t want to hear their bigoted song book

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Excuse me for bein a cynical pain in the arse. Tho tae read some of the comments on here, ye would think it was a foregone conclusion, that we would dispose of them. Even yerself James, yer a ba’ hair away from soundin like the ibrox ‘over confidence’ in recent times. Wee reminder of the 89′ SC final where they were huge favourites for the treble, had big signin players and we were definitely the underdogs.Turned out one of the best days in OUR history. Just an example of whit can happen. Maybe a good idea tae excersise a wee bit of caution. Nothin wrang with bein confident, but don’t take it as a given. That’s the other mob’s way, annoys the fk out me, leave that tae them.

    • Johnny Green says:

      We are confident because we are a better team, full stop. We also went through these similar comments before the League cup final and it was proven that they were ill founded, that we are the best team and that we know how to use our superior talent and desire to win. Nothings changed and quoting games from last century is not exactly relevant. We are not getting carried away with ourselves because we know that Ange and our players are as dependable and focused as they can possibly be.

      There are no doubts, we own them and we will blow them away every time we meet them under the present circumstances. Sorry for annoying the fk out of you Kevan.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Ooops I forgot the smiley at the end 🙂

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        @ JG. ‘ill founded’ ?! Take it by ‘blowin them away,’ yer excludin the ibrox 2 each game, when ah put in similar comments before that game as well. And since when did makin a perfectly reasonable comparison, even if it was about 34 years ago, become irrelevant ? Past experience can make ye wiser. Just never liked the idea of gettin too far ahead, or takin these situations for granted, tho will say, the Celtic support have never been near as bad as the ibrox lot and their media for that shit, thats a fact. And btw, although obviously, ah hope yer right about ‘blowin them away’ next time, personally and where Celtic, or even football in general’s concerned, have seen many instances in ma time of ‘high expectations’ goin tits up tae make that type of prediction. Hope that explains it.

  • Tony B says:

    We’re Doomed! Doomed ah tell ye!

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ TB. Answer tae that is simple enough. Begins wi an F and ends wi an F. Cheers.

      • Thomas M Daley says:

        So sarcasm wit and a sprinkling irony with tongue in cheek not change your view.
        Asking for a 3rd Lanark supporter

  • Johnny Green says:

    If we did happen to lose the Treble, it would have nothing to do with the Celtic fans being over confident, only the team can lose that. We are fortunate that we have Ange and his players who have their feet firmly planted on the ground. The players listen to their manager and they are in total harmony with his philosophy and high standards. They will never lose that focus as long as Ange presides over them. We though can be as confident as we want to be, in fact we are absolutely entitled to do that..

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @JG. Again takin my comments out of context. Who the fk said if we lose the treble it’ll be ‘because the support’s over confident’ ? No whit ah was sayin or meant at all. Dae me a favor and try readin the fuckin thing right.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Touchy, touchy Kevan. Note that my comment wasn’t a reply to your own and was therefore not directed at you in particular.

        I had already done that. However, I do admit that it did get me thinking and my further comment was then a general overview of my thoughts on the over confidence issue. It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, sorry if it upset you, it wasn’t meant that way.

  • Jack says:

    Sevco in the semi final would be my choice. If we beat them, which I believe we would, they are finished for the season and the final will have none of the darkness their presence would bring. I know we’re not into revenge, but Inverness are owed a doing for the Stephen McLean semi. Would be nice to win the treble at Hampden in the sun. Hail Hail.

  • JimBhoy says:

    A cup semi win against rangers would do a lot of damage but beating them in the final for a treble would be perfect.

  • Martin says:

    Neither. I want to avoid them in the semi and whoever they get to beat them. That way we need interact as little as possible with their scumbag fans.

  • Jack says:

    Yes, them getting beat by another team other than us in the semi would be the sweetest outcome

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