Owned By Celtic And Not Good Enough For Ibrox. Sands Has A Cheek Slagging Our League.

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Know what? James Sands is a guy who was about as much interest to me as the nocturnal happenings of spiders.

I mean, I presume they are busy somewhere, doing something, but I’m not interested enough to find out what. He was just another piece of an Ibrox side which is nine points behind ours and who suffered epic humiliation at Celtic Park.

He beeped on my radar screen exactly once; when a mental American writer, obviously suffering in some fever dream, said that he was a better central defender than Cameron Carter Vickers and thus should make the World Cup squad ahead of him.

That was such a laughable notion I wrote about. There was obviously going to be egg on that joker’s face, and so it has proved.

Reading Sands this morning offering his rationalisation for being sent packing by the Ibrox club, as not good enough to remain in their squad, I had to laugh. He is the latest player not to start regularly for his team here in Scotland to slag the standard of the league.

If the league is so poor and you weren’t good enough for it, perhaps you should shut up and stop drawing people’s attention to those twin facts. But no-one said all footballers were smart. There is a high idiot quotient there, and surely this guy is one of the many.

The Scottish media shouldn’t be letting this guy away with this. Why is up to the bloggers now to defend the reputation of our game here? Why are we the only ones consistently trying to talk it up? The mainstream media would rather give Harry Redknapp column issues pushing the 20 years discredited pipedream of “the big two” moving to England.

They focus on fluff and nonsense and constantly bang on about the negatives. It really is wearying, and then to write crap like this on top of it … a player who was not good enough for Scottish football banging on about how poor the league is … dreadful.

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  • Bigmick says:

    All part of the ‘get out of Scotland if you want to represent your country’ campaign. Guess which club all this shit is directed towards?
    Sands’ opinions exactly match his playing ability…CRAP!

  • SSMPM says:

    The ever declining readership of the orange supporting rags is the biggest flaw in their agenda, with little to no audience but for their own unionist fan bigots. They fail once again to see we are not simply a SPL club but a European Champions club, a status recognised throughout the world with the ‘Hoops’ a magnetic symbol to an ever increasing fanbase watching and celebrating our treble winning season. It’s just so damn weak and bloody obvious it only serves to reflect badly on a thug fanbase of a steadily declining club. HH

  • John S says:

    Another one denigrating everything that he can’t compete with.

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