Someone Needs To Explain To The Mooch The Reality Of “His” Record Against Celtic.

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With every word that comes out of his mouth, The Mooch gets more ridiculous and cringy but I never think he sounds half as deranged as when he talks about “his” record against Celtic.

The numbers he constantly pulls out of his backside – this “nine games” he bangs on about – is utter twaddle. No such record exists and even if it did he’s being very selective in his use of the data, and with more than one good reason.

The Mooch needs someone to sit him down and explain the facts of life to him.

He has managed his club in exactly two games against Celtic and his record is that he drew the one at home and lost the one at Hampden. To put it in terms my American friends would understand his record against this club of ours is 0-1-1. A win ratio of 0%.

I think it shows not only shows breath-taking arrogance to claims Gerrard’s record as his own but a casual disrespect not only for his previous boss but for fact and truth as well. He talks about this “nine games” all the time, but his management team went up against us more than nine times, so where is this nonsense coming from?

In fact, whilst Gerrard was there we played them thirteen times, and won four of them. We drew one of them. We shockingly lost eight times to their team whilst Gerrard was there.

Crucially, though, four wins and a draw of that total came in our calamitous Lennon-inspired Covid season collapse and a couple of them came after the team had chucked it.

He bangs on constantly about the final we won which he felt his team should have secured; I am frankly tired of it. We won that day, and I thought that’s what mattered. The game works thus; you have to put the ball in the net. All the hard-luck stories in the world are just paper for the bog unless you do that, and we did it that day and they didn’t.

Even if this wasn’t a blatantly selective use of facts – when he says “unbeaten in nine” he fails to point out that those nine took place over a period of three years in which they did in fact lose four times – but the whole thing is cobblers anyway.

Because – and this will be hard for him to comprehend – he wasn’t actually the manager for even a single one of those games. To keep on referring to this as “my record” is utterly dishonest and the media should be saying “Whoa, stop the clock here mate … are you saying John Kennedy has won multiple titles and two trebles?”

Because that’s what the logic of his positon was, and I’ll tell you, if John Kennedy moved to a new club and he was presenting himself as the principle force behind Celtic’s triumphs under Neil Lennon and Ange, I would be calling him out on it and so would much of the media.

I strongly suspect that a certain red head from Lurgan would doing a lot more than that.

The Mooch does this though. I wrote earlier about his nonsensical comments about the contracts of his players, and this is just another version of that, another example of how this guy has only one foot in reality at any given moment.

By the end of this season he will have come up against us five times.

Five times.

We’ll see what his record – his own record – looks like then, and you know what?

We’re not the ones who will be sitting in judgement on it. That’ll be his own fans and this line of bullshit he’s feeding people about “his record” against Celtic will not con them for one second.

You can’t fool all of the Peepul all of the time.

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  • Johnno says:

    Ah now James been a bit unfair on the scum master there.
    It’s in there culture to lie and cheat and especially trying to claim thing’s they haven’t won.
    Fitting in nicely within that scummy shithole

  • Seppington says:

    The clearly have a Walter Mitty-type as their coach, but more like Walter Shitty…

  • Baj says:

    Wasn’t McAllister the equivalent of Kennedy in Mooch’s time there. So, even more ridiculous

  • Sam Fran Cisco says:

    Theee articles today, one on Haaland and two on the Sevco manager, pics included …

    Is there any chance this Celtic Blog could concern itself more with Celtic related matters over Sevco related matters (and managers)?

    Wouldn’t that be a welcome refreshing change for everyone?

    E cause to be Frank I’m sick fed up of the sight of Micky Beale, yiu spend more time writing about him than the rest of the Hun scum media combined, mate, and it’s time you copped onto this fact, that Celtic fans want to read about Celtic, not Sevco.

    And if they DO want to read about Sevco there’s a plethora of free Hun bum lickers to choose from


    • Seppington says:

      Oh look, it’s a turd given human form. Your cleaning bill must be through the roof what with you getting shit on everything you touch. And you’re complaining about the same thing as last time. Can you not realise that, by the existence of this very article, that James couldn’t give a flying fuck what you think? Piss off and give the rest of the world peace you twat.

      • Sam Fran Cisco says:

        You’re a foul minded piece of vermin, Mr Shitty.

        Why don’t you go to confession or something in an attempt to cleanse that foul stinking degenerate mind of yours?

        • Seppington says:

          Unlike simple-minded imbeciles like yourself I gave up believing in fairy tales years ago, so no confession for me. “Lapsed” doesn’t go far enough.

          • Sam Fran Cisco says:

            Hohoho, so you filled your God gap with hatred, what a funny little man you really are, Mr Shitty, hate filled and spiteful and completely degenerate of mind and spirit.

            Glad to see it’s all working out for you!

          • Seppington says:

            There’s no “God gap” as I never needed “God” in the first place. The only gap is between your ears and the only thing I hate is prissy little twats on the internet who don’t know when it’s time to shut up.

          • Sam Fran Cisco says:

            Oh, you do amuse me so, Mr Shitty.

            Anything else you’d like to add to your endless hate filled invective and bile?

            Come on now, every little word helps.

            You muppet.

  • SSMPM says:

    Maybe you don’t see it’s happening to you but the rangers, beale, their players, are consuming you.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    That league cup that they ‘should’ve’ won and the ‘offside goal’ we never hear the end of, ah think that game only lasted for 1 hour. They NEVER entertain the fact, that they played the last 30 mins of that game against 10 men and STILL couldnae even equalize. Disnae come intae it. In fact, it was US who easily made the best chance tae put it out of doubt wi Mikey Johnstone and he fluffed it. Its all about their amazin selective amnesia.

  • SSMPM says:

    The decision to lock out away fans for the next Glasgow derby seems on the face of it probably how most of us think and I was glad that Celtic came to that decision. Our fans deserve better and so does our stadium for that matter. Keeping those thugs out is a valiant and moral position. To then hear it was after discussions with the police and the zombie club that have the same thing in place for our fans somewhat dilutes and muddies whether this was an action of ours at all and probably that of the police.
    There should be a permanent forever blanket ban for their thuggery or at least an 11yr ban, one for each year of existence, that goes up by 12 months every year thereafter.

  • Bottle Green says:

    Keep up the good work James its always good to put the ”record” straight and Beal has a Big Gub for someone who hasn’t won a thing.
    Celtic – Kings of Scotland.
    Going For 56

  • Johnny Green says:

    James, is this Just another chance to call MB the mooch, please ignore him, let him slaver on and you will be doing all of us a favour?

    • Sam Fran Cisco says:

      It’s become an obsession with him and the readers deserve better.

      • Seppington says:

        The readers “deserve” nothing. You have the choice of reading it or not reading it. You bitch and whine yet still come ack for more. Why not find another site that meets your Celtic and nothing else criteria?

        • Sam Fran Cisco says:

          Hohoho, you’re a funny little man, Mr Shitty.

          What else can you do for us?

          Do you dance?

          Yes, give us a twirl, Mr Shitty!

          We all know you love showing your knickers off to the boys.

          • Seppington says:

            Ooh I’m a little girl? Well you’ve certainly put me in my place!


            What a Champions League-level of moron you truly are. Really, you’re almost hun-like in the level of intellect you display…and of course you have no response to my point about how, for all your whining, you still come here and read James’ articles.

  • Sam Fran Cisco says:

    The Sevco obsessed Mr Shitty DEMANDS that James keep posting pics and articles on his Ibrox favourites.

    Much to the chagrin of all genuine Celtic fans who would prefer The Celtic Blog to finally, at last, live up to its name.

    • Seppington says:

      Unlike you, moron, I demand nothing. I come here and read what James writes and I either agree or disagree but I don’t bitch and whine like a pussy in the comments because he isn’t writing exactly what I want to read. Who the Hell do you think you are to dictate what is written on any website?

      Supressing the truth about Sevco is typically the work of hun weasels…something you want to tell us “Sam”…?

      • Sam Fran Cisco says:

        Ooh, you admit to being a ‘little girl’ now, eh?

        That’s good to know, cheers, the readers will be delighted to read of your little secret at last.

        What a dumb walloper you really are, Mr Shitty, but since you amuse me I’ll throw you even more bait to see how much more you can gobble down, you little pud eyed fud.

        Now where shall we begin?

        With you being a little girl and all?

      • Sam Fran Cisco says:

        Yes, there is something I’d like to tell you, little miss sissy …

        You’re a girly little Hun who loves seeing your Ibrox favourites on these pages.

        Now away ye go and play with yer knicker elastics, you pathetic foul minded little fud.

  • Mark b says:

    I see it differently and I said so when Beale was appointed. Gerard and Beale and that management team figured out a way to beat us with consummate ease time and time again. They won 8 of 13 we won 4 and a draw, that’s double the win rate. Including four in one season and a draw!!!! They were vastly superior in the cup final they lost and for 18 months they rag dolled us scoring 4 even in one league game and winning at Celtic Park. It was a shockingly bad period for us. We need to keep our focus for the Cup semi which we lost last year in extra time despite them having a much tougher Euro schedule than us including extra time Europa League SF and QF matches. Yet they were stronger! We can beat them yes, we are better yes, but on the day anything can happen let us not be complacent, they are vastly better than pre Christmas and have a new midfield so let’s be ready for the fight.

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