The Hibs Manager Can Park All This Talk Of Some “Injustice” Done At Celtic Park.

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The bleeding hearts are bleeding and the violins are out at Easter Road as Lee Johnson sat in front of the media today and talked about “injustice” being done to him and his team at Celtic Park before the international break.

I read that and thought “Dear God …”

I mean, is this guy kidding or what? Injustice?

Point to me this terrible injustice. His team barely left their own half during the match. They had one red card, and the guy deserved it, and we got a penalty which was of the stonewall variety.

I thought they were lucky to finish the game with ten men, if I’m being frank.

The only injustice would have been us failing to get three points in a match we dominated from start to finish, and in which they produced football so ugly it almost made Livingston’s brand look like the real thing.

Their display was one of the worst, the most negative and most cynical I’ve witnessed at our ground in years.

Years. From a Hibs team.

I never thought I would see a Hibs team play that appalling stuff.

Martindale’s side, yes, oh yes.

They are the only ones who have trumped it in terms of sheer horror, the only team that came to our ground and turned in a display which more made me want to tear my eyes out of my head and douse them in soapy water.

The thing is, I’ve often thought that there is a lot to like about Lee Johnson.

He talks a good game, like his counterpart at Hearts, about wanting to “challenge” the Glasgow clubs, but he will not do it, he cannot do it, turning out dirge like that and he certainly will not accomplish anything as long as he’s looking for excuses instead of critiquing his own performance.

His team were lamentable that day.

If they’d gotten as much as a point it would not have been injustice as much as sheer theft.

He has a cheek to be asking for sympathy. He deserves none for that, and unless he smartens up he’ll get none from the only people whose judgement should matter to him; the Hibs fans … and their board.

They must feel heart-sick listening to this self-pitying nonsense.

There is not the slightest sign that he recognises his own failings here, or even that he has any.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Why do they all moan about us beating them, it’s not as if it wasn’t expected? Are they all attempting to protect their jobs by claiming they were unlucky, hard done by against the Champions, the best team in the League. They should be more concerned about getting beat by the runners up, now that is an embarrassing, or are they all just crap, and talking the same shite is a natural progression.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Lee Johnson has the name of a man you would see at a comedy club and his latest is laughable.

    Celtic will not apologise for having it’s house in order, opening up new markets and new revenue streams, fantastic signing policy based on the judgement of a top manager (Out by Xmas !!).

    Ange has added a new dimension to our game and brought more eyes on our league, other teams should embrace that and strive to move forward.

    If other teams cannot see the vulnerability of rangers and take their opportunity to test them properly on the field of play then that’s their concern.The Glasgow teams are there to be split next season just takes some cajoneys to wrestle that second spot from the ibrox side in turmoil. Wee bit more ambition Hearts, Hibs, Utd.

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