The Ibrox Club Has Serious Questions To Answer Over The Injury To A Celtic Physio.

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Today an Ibrox fan was found guilty of launching a bottle which hit a Celtic physio. We all know the incident and the game it happened in. What we were interested in was who the guy was and what exactly happened that day. And now we know.

Many of us have long written that Ibrox is clearly not a safe place for Celtic officials and staff.

By the club’s own admission, it could not properly guarantee the safety of a broadcast journalist, so how can we believe for a minute that our people are safe sitting in a small dugout with nothing but rabid home fans at their back?

We saw Neil Lennon attacked at Tynecastle.

We have seen this particular incident and others down through the years.

The dugout is a manifestly unsafe place at most grounds.

The only thing that prevents incidents like this every week is that it takes a certain kind of person, nurtured in a certain kind of fan-base before stuff like this can happen.

You only have to dwell for a moment on the forums of the Ibrox fans to realise that some of them are plainly nuts.

I did a piece on this earlier today, on one particular theory of theirs.

There are plenty of other examples of it.

The Ibrox club is one that lives permanently in the darkness of paranoia and anti-Celtic hatred.

When their manager snipes at ours, when their players refuse to use our name, when we are scornfully referred to as “the other lot”, when they can’t even stay around to watch us collect our trophy, and when their fans are fed a diet of supremacist outright guff is it any wonder that occasionally they take it a little bit too far?

Their club carries a lot of the responsibility for what its supporters do. They stoke the insanity. They willingly tap into it for money.

And I was dismayed but not entirely surprised to discover that the man behind this act did so from the “corporate” area. I trust that not only has his season ticket been whipped off him but whatever commercial relationship the club had with him or associated businesses has been terminated with it? You are either serious about this stuff or you’re not.

Nevertheless, there are serious questions here which demand answers, not least of which is how bad does a support have to be before the heated seats brigade are the ones involved in this kind of activity? How does the club’s own behaviour feed into the kind of mentality that thinks something like this is an appropriate response to it?

Yet they’ve learned nothing, and that’s clear from the way Sakala was either encouraged, or permitted, to refer to our club in such a shameful way before the cup final. This is a club which knows that a segment of its support is badly out of control and cannot be trusted at all, and yet it panders to their mind-set every chance it gets.

To be frank, I think it’s some of the directors there who belong in the witness box. How much longer will that club encourage, and even thrive, on playing to the worst of the goon’s gallery?

Is it really going to take someone getting killed before they get a grip?

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  • James curly says:

    There’s already been people killed…..outwith the ground, admittedly, but still murdered simply for wearing a celtic top in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    It’s not limited to men either, in an instance over a year ago if memory serves me correctly, a woman was involved in the murder of a celtic fan ….a father of 3 I believe.
    The mentality of the peepul is one of utter hatred, and yet their club pretends to be against it by having the ANYONE,EVERYONE pish……all for.the benefit of appearance, whilst allowing the continued singing of bigotry and anti Catholic songs week in week out.
    Only intervention by the sports leading authorities will bring an end to such pretence, because the ibroke club can’t stop it for fear of losing the almighty dollar….
    The new club has become much more staunch than its predecessor, simply because they were ALLOWED to dictate terms to an extent, about their acceptance into Scottish foitball following ranger’s liquidation…..because Charles Green realised how much the SFA wanted “a rangers,any form of rangers” in the league.
    They even set up new rules on liquidation to ensure that the newco could overspend to get back to the top flight as quickly as possible.
    That fear of footballs collapse in Scotland, is what allows the new club to say no to sp9nsorships etc…..
    So there’s no way the sfa will sanction the bigoted club for singing etc…..and it would take a murder IN THE IBROX STADIUM, to involve the sort.of outcry needed to bring the matter to a head.
    A corporate fan says it all…..and I believe he was from Grangemouth….because if the suited and bolted brigade who sponsor the club feel throwing bottles is acceptable, then why would their working class….the Billy Fullerton types, not feel it just as acceptable.
    The day the ibrox board announced they…yes THEY could not guarantee safety…even for ONE pundit, is the day the safety certificate for gamedays should have been removed…..because THEY HAVE A DUTY OF CARE to uphold….and in any other workplace or entertainment arena, where the organisers/owners SAY PUBLICLY they cannot guarantee safety, their licence should be revoked.

    Imagine how quickly they would reverse that decision when no money came through the gates…….


  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Orange jerseys James. Phannying about trying to kid everyone on it was because of their Dutch players/manager. They’re bigoted, scum, hun basterts. EVERYONE of them. HH

    • Dora says:

      That’s it Finbar, half their bigoted support arrive at that Kip in orange outfits-it’s a dark klub with THE most despised fan base on the planet…and that’s a fact-Barcelona fans to this day can’t abide that hunny lot along with many more and then the halfwit skum bang out ‘we hate catholics’ any chance they get..!!??
      Leave them to it to wallow in their own Gick

  • Benjamin says:

    There’s only two things that would get them to change, and they both revolve around money.

    (1) they get hit with a lawsuit that costs their directors dearly.

    Or (2) major sponsors start pulling out because they don’t want to be associated with the club any longer.

  • John Gallacher says:

    When are the Celtic board going to wake up and cancel the contract with Parks coaches. One’d by an Ibrox director who happy that they continue to openly disrespect our club while he makes money from us

  • FSTB says:

    I believe there was a piece in the Scotsman today from a journalist saying he could not believe the racist and bigoted behaviour of one of there fans in the corporate hospitality suite at hampden.
    That club is toxic from top to bottom.

  • Effarr says:

    It’s only a couple of weeks ago that the DR described the murder of a Polish Celtic fan as being caused by an “Old Firm” dispute. This is why they should always be referred to as Old Firm Sevco. Get that monkey off the back. Brainwash the whole of society into
    thinking of them when they hear that phrase. The SMSM would soon drop it if they knew they were referring to them and them only. It would annoy them more than “The Mooch”.

    As for i8rox: any place, of work or otherwise, should be closed if it is a dangerous place, even if it is for only one single person.

    The Celtic official who was injured should claim against their Public Liability.

    What does Glasgow City Council think of this when it is described by their own admission as being unsafe for Sutton and Lennon to work there. I wonder who their insurers are, if they are actually covered.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    When you leave a cage door open ,the wild animals within WILL react accordingly.weed them out and BAN from EVERY football ground in UK

  • SSMPM says:

    You can only kick a dog for so long before it bites back. Lodge/ranker terrorist thugs parading the streets, assaulting the public – killing in some cases (yes James it’s not a case of might happen, it’s already happened as you know), chanting extremist bile, no go areas, has become common place in Scotland’s unwillingly policed society. Bottles, broken glass in the penalty box of our keeper, caches of weapons stashed for thug use, aerial assault missiles raining in from all angles; not just on our staff but on our and other clubs’ away fans never sanctioned by the so-called governing authorities. Is it ever even challenged by the SFA/SPFL or SNP. The only sanction seems to be that of approval. I haven’t even mentioned the so-called banter or filthy racist bile our press and media call a great atmosphere.
    A mad culture of sausage suckers oversees, runs or reports on that club and it’s terrorist fans and the governors of responsible authorities’ inaction is utilised as a further weapon of consent from the hun legions.
    Their board to the best of my knowledge have done, and are unlikely to do, anything to stop this. Our governing bodies have done, and are unlikely to do anything to stop this. No fines, no bans, no stand closures, no points deduction, no relegation, no fck all but lies, smoke and mirrors.
    This seriously needs to be raised as a matter of urgency by Celtic, by the Scottish government (government; what a contradiction), by the SFA, and SPFL. Nicholson needs to stand up here with Lawwell’s friends at EUFA. Earn your crust or stand down the whole cowardly lot of you, defend our country from this, defend our decent members of the society, our club, our staff, and our supporters or it will end up being defended by out and out violence that will not only ruin this club’s outstanding reputation but will be the start civil unrest in this country.
    It’s coming; this whimpering bark, this tail between your legs approach to country wide violent bigotry is no longer an acceptable approach, I’m afraid the time to bite back and bite back hard is ever nearing. We’re in the last chance saloon, there will soon be guns and bombs up arses and when this country falls backwards and lands on said arses, as it surely will, all our governors’ will have broken noses. HH

    • Johnny Green says:

      Brilliant post Bud, very well said, as are some of the other comments.

      It just shows you the depth of feeling we have in us for the unacceptable behaviour of the hateful huns. Unacceptable for us that is, but apathy and acceptance from other members of our insular society. I’m shaking my head in disgust at the whole scenario and for once words fail me.

  • John Patrick says:

    This has already happened in our lifetimes. We have had fans murdered before yet not only do the powers that be need to be held to task,I firmly believe that the media is guilty by association,they print this shit on a daily basis. We have all read it. I am also utterly convinced that,as the clock ticks down on the Sevconians illustrious, yet hilarious,55 titles in eleven years,we will read about an increase in serious assaults and probably murder as we have done in the past. The only difference now,is that their last bastion of right-wing supremacy,the ridiculous 55 in 11, is now under serious threat,and Bhoy,do they know it. I have read their comments of late and this is a warning to your average Celtic fan, quite simply when we overhaul their 55,they are a spent force and this is where,for me the trouble begins, cognitive dissonance is the blue order of the day.

    • Stesano says:

      Sadly John there been many of our fans killed and friends of,I remember a young English kid came up to see a game in 1984 with his Celtic supporting friend and one these vile creatures killed him on the train there be at least 20 related deaths since this period with hundreds of assaults all on Celtic fans ! We know this to be true as do the police force there was a report on this in 2000!! Taken by the Catholic observer I am sure. Listen I seen many of their fans walk through CELTIC fans and on train to and if one if our fans says anything untoward we back them!! I done it myself , no so the other way they are absolute POSION but not just them the little ” Diddy clubs” like Motherwell carry this poison to they just been taught to hate they are vile creatures and sadly plenty enablers fight their corner as they think as they do! what a place!! Thank God I am not there much these days, they ruin that country, oh and did I add they are 99percebt cowards to thats a fact! They don’t annoy guys like me not a chance! No it’s young and older fans or females or someone just wearing green , they know we are better people also and would never act as they do, utter scum poison

  • Stesano says:

    Dermot Desmond should bought that cespit or we should have and demolished it!! In 2012 It is and always was an anti social breeding ground of hate!! Yeah your right it comes from the top alright but why the suprise that club like the older dead version were built on hatred, sectarianism, racism and vile poisonous anti social behaviour! It needed demolished that place !! Cause in Brigadoon Scotland!! ” The rainguerz” are a cancer a club that is quite happy to tell you they hate you it’s all there alright on record ” only a game 1986″ ex players like McDonald fat DJ and Gordon Smith validating their “anti Catholic policy” and there loads of docu and million if stories on it to. These people can never change and it rife in many of Scotland’s authorises and you all know who that is alright. They want and need Celtic to be like them , tho Never in a million years mhate!! So they can be comfortable with their hate tho that police force know fine well anyone wearing green is under threat from that poison!! Honest to God I be happy if Celtic stated they would never play any club out this hell hole!! It’s not worth it!! Utter filth and you can change that and it’s not our job to! Makes me sick to the stomach

  • Stesano says:

    You can’t change that! I meant

  • Tam says:

    When “the rangers” commit crime after crime after crime even murder the SMSM, pundits, ex-players, SFA/SPFL, police Scotland, and anyone else that likes the sound of their own voice… Say it’s a (society problem) and one is as bad as the other … And NEVER refer to the problem as a “the rangers” problem . CELTIC do anything and I mean anything no matter how old or trivial it’s blown out of all proportion by all of the above to justify all of “that lot” doing ( NOTHING )

  • John Fitzpatrick says:

    Celtic supporters have already been killed by Ibrox supporters. To think the Scottish Government had the ideal opportunity in 2012 to rid the country of their sectarian desease and just made it worse.
    We can only hope the new First Minister won’t be so lenient with them.

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    James, you state that you trust this criminal has had his season book whipped off him and his business ties with the club cancelled. I’m not as trusting as you…

  • Johnny Green says:

    The Ibrox hierarchy have always condoned the behaviour of their malevolent fans.

    In 1995 a young 16 year old Celtic fan had his throat cut in Bridgeton by the cowardly thug, Jason Campbell. Did the powers that be in Govan condemn this brutal murder, did they fuck? In fact, instead of distancing themselves from it, the then Rangers vice chairman, Donald Findlay QC, championed that evil thug by defending him in court….and if that does not tell you about the scum we are dealing with, then nothing ever will.

  • BJM says:

    I fear this is only going to get worse.if(when) we overtake their word record of most trophies, lol, 2. There will be serious trouble not only in Glasgow/ west coast.
    Example I live in small east coast town when they were winning ( cheating) throughout the 1990s, 2000s, and more their supporters were very chirpy / talkative. Now they rarely say a word the anger on their faces is unbelievable.
    I also run a small business and the 2 biggest companies in the town are Masonic from top to bottom ( the only 2 companies I’ve never ever been approached from regarding work/ contracts no surprise) I suppose it’s because I always keep them right with facts and the truth and they Dont like it.
    Dont think they care much for me or anyone like me either ,I’m not a catholic and they know it think it makes them even angrier.

  • Paul says:

    Neanderthals will always be just that, cave dwelling ignorant bigots. ?? ?HH?.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    I was just about to say the scums history,but they dony have any,well not much from 2012 HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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