The Insufferable Anti-Celtic Whingeing Of Serial Loser Robbie Neilson.

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It never fails, does it?

Like tax day and Christmas, you could practically set your watch to it. Robbie Neilson’s team takes on the one from Ibrox, invariably gets pulverised after preposterous tactical changes and he lavishes praise on them at full time.

Celtic beats them, after he orders his players to make it into a blood and thunder, give not an inch, encounter, and instead of praise he talks up his own team for getting beat, offering us barely a word of recognition, and then finds something to bitch and moan and whinge about suggesting that the game would have gone differently but for the ref or the linesman or now VAR.

It is tiresome.

He is not just a sore loser, he’s a serial sore loser who I’m frankly sick and tired listening to.

The media laps this up.

Instead it should be all over him. What kind of manager gushes with praise for his team after they’ve been well beat? Ange should have been the one gloating, instead he was lambasting our side for not doing enough to win by more.

I used to think Neilson was a smart guy and a promising coach.

But a manager who looks for excuses for defeat even whilst he praises his team for losing is kidding himself on. You can tell sometimes when a manager has taken a club as far as he can; he’ll be at Hearts for years unless their board recognises how limited he is, and that will probably only come once Aberdeen and Hibs have gotten their acts together and finished in front of them.

Which they will, because he’s not going to be more than he is, which ain’t much.

Celtic were far, far better than Hearts in that game and if he takes pride in his team being well beat then that’s his lookout, but he embarrasses his own fans talking that way and he embarrasses himself going on a mad rant about VAR, and that’s what it was; a mad rant. VAR can only really intervene if there has been a “clear and obvious error” and the ref didn’t think that the challenge was more than a yellow and nor did the VAR official.

I thought VAR showed us again why it’s such a running joke in Scotland, with every one of our key moments subjected to the scrutiny, but in fact it didn’t get any of those calls wrong.

For Neilson to rail against them and make out that we are the beneficiaries of favourable refereeing decisions is ludicrous to say the very least.

I really am bored by this guy now. He made a fool of himself last night with that nonsense he was spouting and I hope that Ange is asked about it before the weekend and calls him out on it.

There are various ways of showing disrespect for our club and its achievements, and I think this geezer has mastered them all, right down to referring to us as “them.”

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  • Martin says:

    For once VAR worked in our favour after a frankly ludicrous offside decision for our goal. I see the usual muppets have the still image of the Bernabei challenge as “evidence” it should be a red. Still images are for offside only, otherwise they tell you nothing. I think it was a yellow card offence. To be honest though I was surprised it didn’t go as a red after VAR got involved…mainly because of past experience.

    Fair play to Nick Walsh and his VAR team, I think they got everything right when they intervened. That they intervened at all for our 3rd goal though is the sort of nonsense we only see when we score.

    Neilson was a once promising coach, who has fallen away to his inferiority mindset coupled with Ibrox love affair. Had I been a Hearts fan I’d have been utterly furious after their last game vs the zombies when he pulled the change in formation, playing people out of position and making them wear blindfolds and tie their legs together “experiment”

    You experiment against cannon fodder, not 2nd best in league.

  • Dolphin Bhoy says:

    The Guy is an absolute disgrace lavishing praise on his team who were disposed of by a far better one on the day. He rants about decapitation being the only means that they will get a just decision from the official,absolute disgraceful comment to come out with.I really
    really so badly want us to destroy them this weekend.

  • James Archibald says:

    why were him and his assistant constantly engaged with the 4th official all through the game? and peter grant said he told halliday to see the ref a out carding a celtic player ffs HH

  • Tony B says:

    Neilson is a sevco ho, like Halliday and many of his shite club’s fans.

    They all take it up the rear when they play the huns and are happy to do so.

    Compare and contrast the attitude to Celtic.

    You have to wonder why.

  • John L says:

    Hi James . I knew that you,d have a field day with that muppet and his comments. He is trying to get 1 of our players red carded on Saturday sad OB

  • Willbhoy says:

    You just have to look at who sits beside him on the bench, Hearts fans will soon realise what a joke for a coach he realy is.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s every time we play them now. All from this loser, who’s team, along wi his dodgy tactics, continually shite it, or lack commitment, whenever they play the ibrox club. He’ll be tellin his team tae get physical big time wi our players on Saturday tho, nae doubt about it. We’re more than capable of doin them again, tho we’ll need tae be prepared for that.

  • John Copeland says:

    To my mind ,Neilson and MC Innes at Kilmarnock are cut from the same cloth as far as criticism of Celtic FC is concerned !Celtic could play both Hearts and Kilmarnock ,with Celtic having 2 guys sent off and winning 6-0 ,yet these two managerial frauds would find something to moan and groan about Celtic’s performances ! I can’t remember the last time either of these two mouths gave Celtic a shred of credit and praise for putting each of their club’s in their boxes …Can you ?

  • Yada Ya says:

    Looks like Ivan Denisovitch on a day out from solitary and you would think he would be happy to see some good football. No, it’s moan moan moan every time he plays against us. No matter how much he talks up his team’s performances they will achieve nothing as they cannot put the same effort into beating everyone else as they do against us.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Neilson is a moaning faced fucker, who quite obviously wants to be the manager at Ibrox one day, and who will say anything in the meantime to endear himself to THEM.

    A fucking weasel of a man.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Bernabei was attempting to intercept the ball. His leg was stretched to its limit.
    He unintentionally tripped the player who was beginning to accelerate.
    The pace of the player was not much more than a brisk walk at that instant of tripping.
    Nothing like a scything tackle that takes the legs away. I doubt if Bernabei’s
    tackle would hurt a junior footballer. Yellow only. Opinion of everyone, bar Robbie Neilson.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    They spent there time in the dugout huddled around a laptop watching the game to report incidents where they thought a celtic player should be carded.
    Even sent Haliday to ask referee to have var have a look at the Bernabai tackle.
    Neilson..Martindale and mcinness love a moan when we stuff them. Sevco and their on the park laughing and joking with the players.

  • Tony B says:

    Greyfriars Jobbie Neilshun acts like Calimero every time his shite team gets pumped by Celtic……………………….. It’s an injuuuuuuustice! Boo hoo.

    What a total FANNY!

  • Eldraco says:

    No need for me to comment then, it’s all been said. Oh!

  • Roonsa says:

    The whole attack on Celtic because of that Bernabei tackle was shocking. I hope Ange heard that and has a witty retort saved up for Saturday.

  • Jamie D says:

    I think it is time we introduced a ‘Whinger Manager of the Month’ award. The trouble is it would be a 2 horse race with this clown and his clone from Livingston. What a pair of Muppets. It is always someone else to blame, never the poor tactics that they insist on their team playing. No doubt there will be more criticism and whinging on Saturday when we knock them out of the cup. H H.

  • Johnno says:

    Must be a requirement now for a manager of any team in Scotland, to speak utter shite with there anti celtic nonsense.
    That tramp sent his team out with trying to harm celtic players with Saturday in mind, yet never achieved it, but instead ended up with a few injuries himself.
    His nonsense of comments are nothing more than setting out a benchmark for the thuggery to expect from the mini scum on Saturday, as haven’t got much chance on footballing term’s still.
    So already got in with the look at what celtic get away with bullshit??
    This tramp of a so called manager is nothing but a fraud and an actual disgrace of how he represents his club, yet a hun bastard will always be a hun bastard

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Neilson is a very bitter sad little unimportant man who only happens to kind of manage a football club steeped in hstred bigotory sectarianism .anything catholic anything celtic he hates .he is a horrible ugly man as is the supporters and that goes for any ex rangers players who now play at hearts rangers football club.celtic could have should have blooterd them right off the park celtic dont play dirty they play football.i notice neilson has no such complaints when he allows rangers to beat hearts he praises rangers for beating hearts instead of critising his own players for laying down to rangers .hes a horrible manager he couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery or run a 2 dollar whorehouse

  • Green Machine says:

    The Jambos lol Born to Lose

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