The Media Cannot Scare Celtic Fans With Liel Abada Injury Stories.

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Like a bad horror film franchise that just won’t quit, the media dredges up the injury stories about Liel Abada to spook us, as if we were children afraid of the bogeyman.

He may be facing three weeks out. So says the manager of Israel who has been responsible in recent months for an awful lot of blabbing about stuff that’s none of his business. He’s not on the Celtic Park medical team any more than he’s a member of the team that negotiates contracts. But he feels like he can pitch in on both.

It will be our people who decide what the status with Abada is.

Everyone knows I would rather our players didn’t take the field whilst suffering from injuries anyway, so if he has to be out then so be it, and that’s for the best for him and ultimately the club because in football these little injuries, if not treated and healed, can easily turn into much bigger issues.

Abada is an important player.

But the media seems only to care about the games against the Ibrox club anyway, and so let me just say that it would be as big a blow to us if he was out for Ross County as if he ends up out for that one.

Which is to say that it’ll be a minor inconvenience but nothing we can’t get over.

This is why we signed a lot of very good players. The strength of Celtic is to be found in the strength of the squad, the best we’ve ever had in depth in my lifetime.

The same media which is trying to scare us here is the one that is constantly telling us that the squad is too strong for everyone else and that this is why the five subs rule is unfair and why Celtic should piss off to England and let other clubs have a chance.

The thing is, we are a strong squad and we know we’re a strong squad and that strength is why nobody will be lying awake tonight wailing at the prospect that Abada might – just might; nobody knows for sure – miss the two games at the start of the month.

We’re no longer quite so susceptible to these media scare-tactics as the press was hoping for.

This club is built of stronger stuff, and so are we fans.

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