The Media’s New Tactic For Unsettling Celtic’s Players Is Utterly Despicable And Stupid.

Image for The Media’s New Tactic For Unsettling Celtic’s Players Is Utterly Despicable And Stupid.

It took them a while, but the hacks have stumbled onto something now.

They have landed on their tactic for attempting to unsettle players who are delighted to be playing at Celtic Park. They are focussing on those who haven’t been selected for the international teams and they are blaming it on the standard of the SPFL.

It is a shocking tactic.

This is like scorched earth stuff.

Are they so desperate to see players leave our club that they are willing to torch the game here?

Some of it is subtle, like the report yesterday about how Giakoumakis has been capped again now he’s no longer at Celtic; you’d think that he had been dropped from the Greek team for the whole of last year … that’s not the case at all as anyone who has followed international football knows well.

When the story about the Japanese players broke yesterday the media could not wait to splash it everywhere that the Japanese coach had complained about the standard of the league.

Yet he selected Maeda.

His comments were far more nuanced that our media wanted to report, but that was beside the point. It was the relish some of them had in reporting it that stuck in my craw, above and beyond what I wrote about the decision itself.

The same glee was on display when Carter Vickers wasn’t selected.

But Tillman wasn’t either, and that’s a far bigger problem for Ibrox than big Cameron’s exclusion is for us.

We’ve got Carter Vickers tied down on a long term deal.

They are trying to convince Tillman to sign.

If they are suggesting that playing in Scotland is death to your international prospects then what kind of message is that sending out to any player who a club wants to bring here?

That’s what I mean when I say this is scorched earth stuff.

These people have spent so long talking our game down that they probably aren’t even conscious of the damage they have done to it in the process, but this one should be obvious even for them.

There is no way to limit the damage to Celtic. They are harming every club in the country with this garbage. Do they even care about that? They will if it impacts Ibrox, and it very well might.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Wonder if the hacks in 60’s and early 70’s worried about The Champions of Europe not getting picked for their national team? HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes, it’s a very short sighted tactic to undermine our players, but I doubt if any of the players actually read the garbage that they produce anyway. So we should not lose any sleep over it, their stories will die a death as per normal very quickly,

  • Suspiciousmind says:

    Absolutely no surprises from the SMSM. Bite their nose off to spite their face. Horrible, horrible bigots to a man and perhaps woman. So blinkered in their hate that they continually press the self destruct button for Scottish football in the desperate hope that Celtic get caught up in the fallout.

    • Woodyiom says:

      “So blinkered in their hate that they continually press the self destruct button for Scottish football in the desperate hope that Celtic get caught up in the fallout.”

      Actually SM I would say its the reverse – they’re continually trying to press a “destruct Celtic button” due to their hate for us without realising that the whole of Scottish Football will be caught up in the fallout….

  • John Copeland says:

    There might well be ,but I would be stunned if there is another country in the world ,whose tabloid sports scoops are of such a diabolically low standard than of those In Scotland and Glasgow in particular ! That is the principal reason why hardly anyone buys a red top anymore …. The quality of reporting is abysmal ! Absolutely dreadful . The hacks are so bad at their jobs ,they don’t realise that they are the authors of their own epitaphs !

    • Tim Buffy says:

      It’s their own jobs they should be worried about. Daily Rangers owner Reach PLC have just announced that they are closing down offices (and that means titles) and shedding 420 jobs from an already skeleton thin workforce. Hell mend these hacks when they get handed their P45s.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Absolutely tripe written by Daily Ranger regarding the league being of a lower standard ,as the reason for not selecting Japanese players,he has picked Meada twice for last two squad’s.They will try anything to unsettle not not only Japanese players with this but hope the rest of the internationals read and think twice about staying at CP

  • Eoin Baillie says:

    Most of the Scottish media talk down our football especially when Celtic are head of the group. Since the beginning of this century our manager has been under the spotlight willing him to move especially to the EPL ,if they say that they are happy at Celtic then apparently that is showing a lack of ambition or desire similarly the players. Resentment, jealousy or even downright bigotry is at the heart of it, plain and simple we are not allowed any success .

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @Eoin B. Always been the same. Bigotry definitely and the resentment, comes from a deep rooted jealousy from our past domestic and more importantly, European success, especially from the 60’s – 70’s. They even killed their old club by liquidation, tryin tae emulate our success and achievements and they’ve never been able tae. Lot of baggage there, shame.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Well let’s not go on a pre season tour and get fkd.
    Europe were still miles away.
    Kilmarnock getting fkd by a Welsh pub team, Motherwell by a Mickley mouse Sligo team, Hearts by a fkn shit euro team, etc.etc.etc.
    Time to get real

  • SSMPM says:

    Therein lies their real agenda. This sevco, son of Frankenstein club that are an even more evil monster, are unable to reach the level required and their capacity to cheat has been vastly denied now particularly by EUFA’s financial constraints. Their brothers in the SFA struggle to have their back now, though their foot-soldiers, the refs and VAR still put in maximum effort.
    As stated many times, after rangers died for cheating on a massive scale, they, sevco’s zombie board, will get back at every club whenever and wherever they can in attempts to take them down with them. Failing still to take any responsibility for their own self harm and the irresponsible cheating behaviour of their fallen idol Murray. Now that their efforts have proved unsuccessful, bar the dodgy covid testing year when the authorities and Celtic itself enabled them, their path to the slippery slope is again staring them in their ugly orange mush.
    The league in Scotland is sadly not in a great shape and the standard poor. There was a time when we had a strong league of possibly 6/7 really good teams and was far more competitive. The league, I hope without any real faith, can recover to some extent, in truth it’s bad but it’s not as bad as the standard of journalism, from which it’s harder to see recovery. HH

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @SSMPM. Call me an anorak, tho ye dae realize, Frankenstein was the name of the creator, no the monster, jist sayin ?

      • SSMPM says:

        There is some right in that but plz allow a wee bit o’ licence. Being a geek isn’t easy. Annoraq – a short hooded coat or a person with obsessive interest, someone who is very interested in something that most people find boring ha ha and wasn’t Shelley the real creator? See wit you’ve started. No offence taken or given Kevan.

        • Kevan McKeown says:

          @ SSMPM. And yer absolutely right haha. Technically Shelley WAS the creator. In that case, may I offer a full, unconditional, retraction of my previous statement and apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this may have caused ? Naebody likes a smart arse.

  • Bigmick says:

    I’ve commented previously about this.
    What is the endgame for the Ranjurs and their cheerleaders: drag everything down into the gutter in an attempt to level thing up (well, down actually).
    They’re like a drowning man who has been thrown a branch, and drags his rescuer under with him because he knows he’s fucked.
    Scorched earth has been M.O for quite some time.
    Sheer spite.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    …..excuse the ? at the end. Wis meant tae be a wee winkin emoji. Feck knows whit happened there.

  • Benjamin says:

    I try not to get worked up over who gets selected or why. Usually the national team managers have their own agenda, and the point scoring in the Glasgow bubble doesn’t even register.

    For the Japanese squad, they’re playing a couple meaningless friendlies. Their manager has likely included some players in the squad who are getting their first call ups just to see if they’re good enough for the games that matter. If that means Kyogo, Hatate, and Kobayashi stay in Scotland, that’s great news as far as I’m concerned.

    As for American squad, Tillman has no chance of breaking into their squad anytime soon. Their midfield and forward players are much better than he is right now. His only previous call ups have been in friendlies or against cannon fodder opposition, and that’s not going to change unless he’s good enough to be starting in the EPL or Bundesliga. As for CCV, he’s already on the fringes of the squad. He was one of the last players to make their WC squad and was selected to play one match in Qatar. This time around they’ve elected to bring in a new CB from Birmingham City to see if he’s any good, and he’ll likely play against Grenada. If these were competitive games against Mexico, Canada, or even Panama or Costa Rica, I think CCV is probably in the squad.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    I think it is time to refuse playing shit teams, an example Alloa booting fk to impress the tv cameras.
    Fk the Scottish system for 1 season if sfa etc don’t comply.
    We will see how important the Huns are.
    Time now to have a plan of action and get rid of anti Celtic personal within the cancer of our football.
    Let’s start with the cup competitions and just do not enter.
    Celtic can do a competition or rest players that have been decapitated from the ankles up.
    Let’s sort these fkrs big time.
    The biggest fkrs affected will be the team that bought the leagues and went liquid, fkn orange juice.

  • John S says:

    When things go bad for Rangers* we seem to get this mush about the league being poor. Well, if it’s that poor, why are they not top ? If they were top, it would, of course, be a challenge to the world, a new era.

  • Effarr says:

    It seemed to be a decent enough league when Old Firm Sevco scrambled to the finishing line in Europe last year, although they couldn’t muster another couple of wee sly penalties to actually get a wee push over.

    This kind of patter is ancient now. I remember Denis Law, in the days when somebody would actually listen to him, claimed that no way Celtic would win the European cup because there was no opposition in Scotland. A few weeks later, around May 1967, he
    said Celtic won the big cup because they had an easy time in Scotland.

    It’s human nature to hate those who not only survive your oppression but actually thrive because of it, especially if the suppressed are Irish Catholics in a brainwashed-from-birth
    backward sectarian country.

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    When you work for any of the gutter press you talk garbage i stopped buying daily record as did my whole family inlaws and thats a lot of people because i saw how terrible sport reporters were how bitter how bigoted.and how ignorant.i stopped listening to radio clyde because of the exact same creeps .its like an infection that festers thats what we types of people for celtic no player should feel bad about not being called up because they already play for the best club biggest club in scotland which is glasgow celtic.

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