The Mooch Backtracks Again As He Says Celtic Comments Were “Taken Out Of Context.”

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The Mooch lives up to the name yet again.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound before the game he actually had the balls to claim that his comments last week about his club knowing it can’t compete with us in the transfer market were “taken out of context.” That man is a joke.

Does his brain know what his mouth is about to do at any given moment? I have never seen someone flip-flop so consistently in my life.

His statement today is rambling, shambling nonsense in every way.

There is no logic to it at all. Read what he said and then tell me what was taken out of context earlier in the week when their fan sites were fuming about what he actually said.

“No listen, I think that might’ve been taken out of context. We are competing against the odds at the moment because we are behind. We are behind in terms of me being a new manager coming in, we are clearly behind in the league, and we’ve just lost the cup final to our biggest rivals. So we have to turn the odds, we are competing against the odds. We are not level pegging right now, that’s not how I got the job.

“So we need to turn things against the odds, we’ve done it before, I was part of a management team that done that and I’m fully confident that we will do it again. I’m not worried about the future in terms of the future in terms of the money that we’ve got to spend or anything like that. I made the comment that actually when we’ve spent less we seem to get more sometimes so I’m optimistic about the future, I’m excited by it but I’m really disappointed about this week so it’s important that we start to move forward quickly with fully the decisions that we need to make.”

Once again he repeats this utter lie – which the media lets him get away with – that we outspent them when he and Gerrard were at the club. As this website and others have demonstrated, easily, that is absolutely not true at all. Which part of them spending nearly £30 million and us posting a transfer spending surplus is he not understanding?

He talks about “we” in the context of that league title they did win.

Who is the “we”? Him and Gerrard?

You might as well say him, Gerrard and whoever let COVID loose from the lab.

The idea that the No Fans Title is something he can claim as his own is as nonsensical as it was the first time he said it and he keeps on banging on about that too.

That entire statement is an incontinent rant from a guy under serious pressure and feeling the heat. He says his comments were taken out of context and then he practically repeats what he said whilst trying to pretend it’s not what he means.

If this was a Celtic boss talking, one with as little experience as he does, stumbling incoherently from one daft point to another, I’d be scared shitless, especially knowing that this is the joker who will be in charge of the biggest and most important summer in years.

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  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Thanks. Liked it. Reminded me. Mickey is on his way to the Big Stone House on the Thames.
    He’s got it. Greatness will befall him. Another Chauncey Gardiner. Will be Speaker of the House.

  • Peterbrady says:

    The gift that keeps on giving and long may it continue hail! hail!

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Correct Link to Peter Sellers Party Political Speech.


    The Board have obviously booted him in the ‘haw maws’ as punishment for letting the cat out the bag about Finances and a reminder of his place in the scheme of things.
    Placeholder, Deflector, Can Carrier and Cannon Fodder for the hordes when the mammaries point skywards.

  • John Copeland says:

    Any time I hear the Bealy boy speak ,I hear the theme tune to Only fools and horses clearly in my mind …. Stick a pony in me pocket ….I’ll grab the suitcase from the van … Wot a plonka !

  • Michael Clark says:

    I personally don’t think we have to jump on this guy Beale for every comment he makes. It’s pretty obvious and comical that he’s probably wishing he stayed down South. He’s now realising after Rangers haven’t lost a League game since he arrived its, AS YOU WERE. And of course the media is going to protect him because their as desperate as he is. Rangers were awarded a penalty today again but hey that’s old news. St Mirren tomorrow and regardless of what he’s saying or their doing, it’ll be order resumed

  • Scud Missile says:

    Big BENNY obviously told to correct himself by the board,now it was a misunderstanding with him and his quotes.

  • SSMPM says:

    Like many I watch MOTD (sometimes anyway). What stands out consistently over the season is the differing interpretation of the handball rule between the two country’s, particularly when in relation to the scum sevco mob as they get all the pens. If it hits the upper arm down there, highlighted again with yesterday’s non pens and VAR scrutiny, then it’s not a pen. One clearly landed on the captains armband and no pen given and openly agreed with by all the panellists.
    Then I watched the BBC’s attempt at a football show (which I rarely do), mainly because I heard the rankers had another pen in their game. McCann couldn’t help himself in his analness (sorry I meant analysis) to call it a clear and obvious mistake by Gollum, then checked by VAR, as it hit the Killie defender’s upper arm as he ran back full pelt. He then went on to justify it with “his arm was high” instead of it hit him high on the arm. Fuddy and Thompson sat there raking in their coin and said feck all, no discussion whatsoever. I know what’s occurring but seriously. Really. It’s so damn obviously wrong.
    Imo Chris Waddle was the only player I know that could run full pelt with his arms at his side waving at the floor, waddle like, forgive the pun. To steal a phrase – ‘they never stop’, cheating. HH

  • Thomas Daly says:


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