Why Doom-Laden Headlines About Celtic “Missing Out On A Windfall” Sum Up Our Media.

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As the season winds down, we start to ramp up towards the summer, and it will be a summer full of nonsensical, negative speculation about Celtic losing this player or that player or perhaps even the manager himself.

Maybe all of the above.

Maybe we really are on the brink of collapsing like the proverbial house of cards after all and just don’t know it.

This is the picture they will paint of us.

They’re trying to already, and you can see some of it on the margins, on the other stuff they are writing, and in particular a rash of stories about Tierney and Edouard and Dembele and how we risk “losing out on a windfall.”

This would be funny if it wasn’t infuriating.

We’ve already had our windfalls on Edouard, Dembele and Tierney.

Yes, sure, there are questions about Edouard’s future and whether there will ever be a sell-on fee for him, there are questions about whether Arsenal will sell Tierney or hang onto him and as far as Dembele goes, that ship has well and truly sailed and he will depart Lyon for nothing.

For nothing. Like some of Ibrox’s most saleable assets.

And so of course there will no sell on fee for Morelos, no matter where he ends up or what he does, and the same will apply to Kent.

The press is writing negatively about three deals we’ve already gotten bags of money for and trying to scare us with the idea that there will be no more coming … whilst they lap up every word that The Mooch says about how unconcerned his club is by their own out of contract footballers.

What sort of the sell-on will they get for Aribo?

Very little as he’s not a regular in the Southampton team which might be on the brink of the drop.

For Patterson, who may one day be a first team regular at Everton but isn’t yet?

For Bassey who is the most scorned player in the Dutch league. Did you see that video of him from the weekend, mis-kicking the ball and falling on his backside?

Dear God, it was like watching a guy trying to run in clown feet.

There will be no stories about these guys.

Besides, what would the point be? Sell-on clauses are hit and miss by their very nature. Some clubs are never going to make a penny on them and others will find a way to coin it in. We got our cash.

We signed Demeble for next to nothing and got a huge sum for him, so we were well compensated.

We developed Tierney ourselves and not only got ourselves a fantastic player for several years but a big whack of money. Edouard cost us a few quid but was in no small part responsible for our securing of the Quadruple Treble. We made back our money with a small profit on top … all of this is great business.

All of this is what we’re about.

So what if we never get any more cash out of these guys? We made more money off of Van Dijk’s sell-on clause than the current club at Ibrox had on selling first team footballers at that time.

But these sorts of bonanzas are rare across the game.

I find it amazing that these hypocrites can write these stories playing their mock violins whilst also writing about Ibrox is planning a summer rebuild when it’s not even able to bring in a penny for two players we were told were their most bankable footballers.

Like I said, you almost have to laugh at it.

They are utterly without shame.

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  • Benjamin says:

    According to the press, it’s bad news when Celtic are forced to sell players like Giakomakis, Juranovic, and if rumors are to be believed Abada, for £5m, £10m, and £10m+ respectively. It’s also bad news when we don’t sell players. And bad news when former players get moves to help their careers. If we’re to take the press reports at face value, there’s no such thing as good news for Celtic.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Without the sell on fees for those 3 players I cannot see Celtic surviving, what a disaster, there wont be a Celtic fan having a decent sleep this night. 🙂

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    We paid £9.5 million for the 2 french lads got around £35 million Tierney zero sold him £25 million profit 3 players £50.5 million now that’s what you call proper business .

  • Johnno says:

    We currently have a manager in Ange who I believe takes great satisfaction out of finding them golden nugget players and turning them into such profitable gems.
    Also the reason why I wouldn’t say Ange would be overly bothered about trying to work with so many over pampered, over paid players that’s within the EPL.
    Ange has already set up a very productive conveyor belt of players and already dipped into untested markets, looking for the Celtic mindset of producing the very best for the club.
    When a players focus changes, so will his future with the club follow suit.
    As a club we will continue to move forward and producing huge profits at the same time, the way celtic as a club should have been ran years ago.
    With over 50M in the bank and well over 100M currently in sellable assets playing for us, missing out on a few million on sell on fees is hardly going to give the board and Ange any sleepness nights.
    Wonder if they can make the same claim with the Scum?
    Would still rather spend there time trying to polish dog shit

  • John smith says:

    Just seen that killie v Celtic been moved to the Sunday,,thats ANOTHER game the huns will play before us,,SLYSPORTS are trying to lend a helping hand to them,,,can’t remember the last time Celtic played before them,,

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The Scottish Media covered up the original Ranger’s mismanagement and slide towards Liquidation for years. They’re continuing to turn a blind eye to the mismanagement of the successor club. By their lack of positive criticism they’re doing their favourite club no favours, long may it continue.

  • SSMPM says:

    Even the gullibles, maybe excluding the young congenital troop of orangerahuns, don’t really believe that nonsense.
    Probably see the dr and sister-loving inbred rags more as a lodge comic that rips the piss out of and sneers daily at Celtic, Catholics, Irish and what they see as disloyal protestants (whom I have no problem with I hasten to add).
    I guess it’s a useful diversion from having to show the impressionable baby orangerhuns the obituary column and revisiting the grief and loss where they will find details of daddy club’s death and not have to focus on the footballing facts they actually know to be true. HH

  • Martin.H says:

    It doesn’t matter about windfalls, these are three guys that destroyed ibrox.

  • Philip Graham says:

    Completely agree! The standard of reporting is abysmal and obviously coloured by their allegiance to Sevco.

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