Celtic Are Right To Be Disturbed By Ibrox’s Reaction To The Fran Alonso Scandal.

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At the time of writing this, Ibrox has yet to release any sort of public statement on the appalling behaviour of their women’s team assistant manager at the end of their 1-1 draw with Celtic’s ladies on Sunday night.

It is astonishing that they have yet to grasp the nettle here.

Their media strategy – which I sort of wrote about in the last piece – remains a mess.

I know that there are people in politics who cleave to what James Reston wrote in the New York Times back in May 1970 about Nixon’s attitude to the media in the aftermath of the bombing of Cambodia, “never complain, never explain, never apologise.”

But that’s so old school, counterproductive and ridiculous that the only organisation which still adopts and uses it is, not surprisingly, the British Royal Family.

It comes, in the first place, from Bagehot although it was Disraeli who first used the expression.

All it actually does is reveal a contempt for everyone else, and in this case casts a harsh light on their club.

They will attempt to hide behind this “internal investigation” nonsense.

And that’s all it is; nonsense.

What will they find out which isn’t obvious from the footage?

There are things which don’t require an internal investigation to merit a response. We all saw what happened. We all saw it clearly. The individual responsible might try to argue some mitigation, but what possible mitigation can there be?

Fran Alonso is one of the most genuine men in the game up here.

He was shaking hands with, and commiserating their players – the opposition’s players! – when he was approached from behind and subjected to that attack.

What possible justification for that is there?

It would be a disgrace to even try one.

So what are they waiting for?

It happened live on TV. The footage speaks for itself.

Nothing will make that less than it was, and the club could immediately have issued a statement apologising to Fran Alonso and his team and then declared that the matter would be looked at further.

They have not done so. Indeed, they were not the ones who announced the “internal investigation”. That is simply surmised from what the manager said on the night in the aftermath of the game.

Not a living soul from inside the walls has added one word to that.

Last night news broke that Celtic and Alonso would rather not even have the police involved in this, that all they want is an apology, which makes Ibrox’s clear and wilful decision not to offer one in public all the more incredible, and not a little disturbing.

Our club is right to be concerned by it, especially as it fits a clear pattern.

Their club offered no public apology for the bottling incident at their ground, choosing instead to issue it to Celtic behind the scenes. Why? So as not to upset their own fans by doing the right thing. So as not to offend and antagonise their lunatic fringe by getting out in front of it and calling that incident a disgrace.

People inside Celtic know, then, that Ibrox would rather pander to its goons than take them on … and that the nutters in the stands now have a poster boy who works on the staff will be regarded as deeply troubling, in particular as there has been no public comment from them on this. They hope that this whole thing will just go away.

So Celtic has good reason to be increasingly concerned. Even if there’s already been an apology behind the scenes, the kind of organisation which would rather have its fans, and the world, believe that they stand firm, stand by their man, stand by the worst elements in their support … and on the back of our club feeling that it had to turn down Ibrox tickets?

Let’s just say that this hasn’t improved relations one bit.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Well goin by a couple of things ah’ve read and obviously because they’ve absolutely nothin else tae go on, there’s slight ‘suggestions’ bein made, that he was ‘angry’ at Fran’s goal celebrations. If this turns out the road they’re takin, clearly a pathetic attempt by the media at makin him also at fault in some way. As if it even justifies that clowns actions.

  • John Copeland says:

    Have you ever heard a song called ‘ Neanderthal Man ‘ by Hotlegs , later to become 10cc ? Every time I hear it ,I think of certain aspects of Scottish football !

  • mhiguel66 says:

    Celtic must push for a ‘very public apology’ or they must ensure prosecution.

    Celtic FC and Fran Alonso don’t want that and would much rather the ‘very public apology’.

    The public apology is 100% necessary illustrating to their own fans that any actions like this will result in a very public apology or prosecution, or indeed, both.

    Celtic FC have to act and this cannot be ignored, illustrating there always will be consequences for this type of action. Cowardice really, but Celtic FC a can be lumped into that if they do nothing.

    • Aodhain says:

      The PF office will decide if there is to be a prosecution not FA or CFC

      • mhiguel66 says:

        True, my point is one a prosecution should be vigorously pursued. Doing nothing sets a very dodgy precedent. Regardless of who does it, these incidents must be stopped.

  • Dolphin Bhoy says:

    Absolutely everything you say in your column says it all and it was obvious from the start that Ibrox would try to wish it would just go away, Their initial statement that were waiting for the referees report was an absolute disgrace when the camera had shown clearly what had happened.
    I sincerely hope that the SFA take the appropriate action and have this individual removed from any involvement of any kind within Scottish football.

  • John says:

    If there are any decent rangers fans they must be totally embarrassed by the thug in their midst.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Rangers are deid mate, and the huns you mention don’t do embarrassment or shame. Being sectarian and racist supremacists makes them immune to normal behavioural emotions.

      I thought everybody knew that?

  • Jim says:

    Can you imagine the Headlines if Fran Alonso would have done this?
    Even if that lot apologise ‘ privately’ to Celtic………..they should go Public themselves with THEIR apology.
    e.g. ” We are very pleased the The Ibrox Club has chosen to apologise profusely for this shocking and thuggish behaviour that is entirely unacceptable within any Coaching position in Football. They roundly condemned this cowardly act ”
    Get that out to the papers !

  • Andy says:

    Why is no one calling out the bias and bigoted comments from one of the pundits,her comment was he’s very animated something must have happened, what does she base that on these people need to be called out,also the ridiculous comment when ther was a foul on a Celtic player and the comment was she will see that the referee got it right let’s stop the bigotry getting into the ladies game.

  • Jimmy R says:

    As well as ibrox embarrassing themselves with their omerta silence on their coach bringng the game into disrepute, the SFA themselves will have to ensure that they do not open themselves up to the same accusation. I doubt if the incident was covered in the ref’s match report as I think it highly unlikely any of the officiating team will have seen the incident, as opposed to the aftermath. The compliance officer needs to treat this as a matter of urgency and get this fiasco dealt with by the end of the week, or at least before the ibrox women take to the field again. Any delay is inexcusable and will contribute to making our game more of a laughing stock than it is already considered in many quarters, despite the heroics of the Scottish team last night.
    Talking of last night. A show piece game attracting interest from all across the continent played on a cabbage patch. Our LC semi was played on turnip field which after a lot of TLC was upgraded to cabbage patch. The next showpiece games are the SC semis. I foresee the Glasgow derby game being played on another turnip field. The inability of the SFA to showcase the Scottish game in a quality setting is a dereliction of duty which makes them open to the accusation of bringing the game into disrepute. Time for the SFA to have a stern word with themselves. They have a product to develop and sell. It’s time they started accepting responsibilty instead of just “enforcing others to accept theirs.” (Surely = “ignoring certain others abrogating theirs.”)

  • Bob (original) says:

    No, we all just have to calm down, calm down!

    …Ian Maxwell has got this…

  • Eldraco says:

    Let’s just make sure that the vision is shared far and wide on as many platforms as it is possible to do so offering no explanation except as to the context and the inaction by the “club” board and “management.

    Let the worldwide court of public opinion therefore be the judge.

  • Aodhain says:

    The PF office will decide if there is to be a prosecution not FA or CFC

  • John McGowan says:

    This type of behaviour should not be tolerated at any level of football, whether that be the men’s game or the Woman’s game (god forbid the children’s game). I’m a Celtic man but I would be equally disgusted if anyone from my club acted in this manner.

  • Michael says:

    Just an animal like the rest behind the doors of castle greyskull..pathetic excuse of a man…

  • John S says:

    If they couldn’t apologise the least they could’ve done was announce an inquiry. However, the whole kulture of Ibrox is rotten to the core, so they didn’t.

  • Peterbrady says:

    On the bbbc shortbread highlights no mention of act of cowardice. Onsevco news at 6pm no mention of incident on sports bulletin by namwaji nothing all the cowards and bigots are circling the wagons to protect one of there own FACT. It needs every fan and support ter to contact the procurator fiscal office there MSP at hollyrood MPS at Westminster to state we I’ll not except this anymore get this thug removed from Scottish football immediately and incastarated. A message must be sent to all the scum break the law you go to the tin-pail.

  • Neil Smith says:

    I am increasingly annoyed here. With us firstly as it’s unbelievable despite the managers wish we didn’t go stronger here. It’s a disgrace of previously unimaginable proportions, a cowardly assault from behind because of an late equaliser on TV. Duty of care?? The media, reported with lack of condemnation… With lack of questions to RFC and the football authorities also no questions to the SFA and Scottish Women’s Football for their silence. The football authorities for a deafening lack of silence too. 4 days now,mark my words this has gone away. Nothing will be done now. They are going to ignore this and it will go away… Completely untouchable. I’m personally getting sickened with how anything goes Hun wise. Why are our club willing to accept as my crap from Ibrox???

    • Brian says:

      Gave up my season ticket a couple of years ago, after Peter liewell denied knowledge of the 5 way agreement, we have a cowardly board in place, until we sort that out we will allow a 12 year old club to urinate on us for as long as they want. Shame on the media, and the football authorities in this country for the absolute silence. Yours. Mr. Scunnered.

  • Johnno says:

    Let’s start calling this whole issue for what it really stands for James.
    Bashing a Celt is regarded as fair game within Scotland still, been totally led by such a scummy club pampering to the filthy DOBs that follow them and protect such a shower of shit.
    Celtic will never receive a public apology as such shit would never be allowed to be seen in doing such a thing.
    Moreso now it calls into the appropriate authorities and there total lack of action also.
    If this is now the acceptable standard within Scottish society still, then Scotland remains to have a far bigger problem existing that many more worldwide needs to become more aware of an existing problem that has been in existence for many to long a year and all without any repercussions either.
    Even 12 months, out in 6 to a hero’s welcome to that hun thug wimp is also beyond a joke.
    Wish Fran had reacted and broke that hun prick jaw and had done with it, then some proper justice would have been handed out

  • SSMPM says:

    Mourinho of Real Madrid at the time done a very similar thing in gouging at the eye of one of Pep’s men at Barca; coach Vilanova, from behind as well. Seems when you can’t handle not being able to better the footballing team, Messi et al, a cowardly act is the only answer for a mouse.
    As you all know Real Madrid were and are a favoured club power in their league too and the Spanish FA pretty much done nothing about it, a bystander approach by their FA and the police was taken and that particular cowardly mouse’s career continued regardless.
    If this was done to a ref or in a Lower or Junior league fixture by a staff member the consequences would be considerably different. What is justice after all.
    Don’t build your hopes up or blame Fran or Celtic if the SFA and/or police do nothing. Just saying. HH

  • Thomas Daly says:

    The knuckledragger is a COWARD THE SAME AS THEM,what does the decent human being expect from SCUM 2012.

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