Collum Gets The Weekend’s Game As Incompetence Is Rewarded At Celtic’s Expense.

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Willie Collum has been handed Celtic’s game at the weekend, in the latest instance of the SPFL and the SFA rewarding someone for being an absolute failure. More than once it has been pointed out that Collum is, at best, an attention seeker when the cameras are on him; he is handed an unseemly amount of opportunities to demonstrate that trend.

Celtic is probably sick of banging the drum on this issue. We have complained to the SFA about Collum and his ilk, and all to no avail. The revolving door of mediocrity keeps on going, and we keep on getting the same faces over and over again, no matter how much they screw up. There cannot be many associations which reward failure like this.

Collum always seems to be at the heart of controversy, and he’s one of the few officials who has drawn complaints from Celtic Park and Ibrox both. But that is not, as some people think, to his credit; the “wisdom” that if you’re pissing off both sides you must be doing something right is just one of a number of daft defences offered up for this joker.

It is bad enough when clubs do not rate an official.

But our club doesn’t trust this guy, and he’s not the only one.

That’s a terrible state of affairs, and yet because the SPFL is forced to take these officials we are forced to keep using him, and Beaton and others who ought not to be near our games. Celtic fans sigh in frustration every time one of these people gets given a match and if that’s true of us it must be doubly true of those inside the walls sick of banging their heads on them.

Other clubs do a lot of talking on this issue, usually after they get a single bad decision against them in a big game. At this time of year, the volume is louder than normal because there’s more at stake in the games. All too soon, though, the SFA knows there will be silence again and clubs will roll over and accept these sub-standard refs.

It really is high time something proper was done about this issue.

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  • Plastic Paddy says:

    It can feel pointless to keep banging on about it but we have to. The club should be doing more about it too in my humble opinion. You just come to expect every decision to go in the oppositions favour. It’s so predictable ???

  • John says:

    With higher refereeing standards football in Scotland would improve. Talented players would be able to demonstrate their skills without the same fear of injury and the less talented would be incentivised to improve. The officials should be able to add something to the game without being the center of attraction. As it is there is seldom a game that I watch which doesn’t have major officiating screw up.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agreed. Enough breath has been wasted on this topic of despair and nothing changes.

  • John L says:

    Not so much on this article. McCoist is saying both Celtic and his rotten to the core club embarrassed themselves at the weekend, by fuck we are talking about a few idiots taken the bait in Liverpool and a member of their staff assaulting a member of our staff. NOT EVEN CLOSE AS THAT TOXIC ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE SHUT AND THE KEYS DUMPED IN THE CLYDE

  • Scud Missile says:

    Here it is bang to rights,none of our officials get picked to officiate at any of the tournaments be that the the European championships or the World Cup.
    Infact Third World countries have had refs at these tournaments while Scottish refs are overlooked.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Collum shouldn’t be allowed a Sunday semi pro game let alone ANY SPL games him and 4/5 others should be put down to division,s 1&2 of Scottish League and that,s being kind

  • Davie says:

    Time Gollum stuck to his roll in the film franchise Precious

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