Confidence Is High As Celtic Stands Poised On The Eve Of The Season’s Vital Month.

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A long campaign comes down to April, then. Our hopes for a double rest on the next couple of results in the league. The hopes for a treble rest on the Scottish Cup semi-final. With all due respect to the other semi-finalists, whoever wins this one is probably going on to take home the trophy. We all believe it. So April it is, folks.

As we stand on the brink of it, we should be looking back as well as forward. We must remember how we got here, all the brilliant football along the way, and the hard graft behind the scenes. That’s our basis for confidence for all that lies ahead.

Here’s what’s important to note; by the time this month ends we’ll probably be champions.

Whether we are in the Scottish Cup Final or not, the primary objective before a ball was kicked will have been secured. It’s probably going to be secured in some style. If we look like we’re adding the Scottish Cup to it then great, that’s not a victory but a triumph.

But a victory is enough because it will give us the most solid possible foundation for the next campaign.

There will be a temptation – they will not resist it for two seconds – within the media to paint even one Ibrox victory across the three games we have against them as some kind of proof that the tide has turned; whatever helps them sell season tickets over there.

So whilst this is a vital month it is not a critical one.

It is not a defining one.

Our campaign does not hinge on this month, but this is the month where the key issues outstanding will be resolved. It will provide us with the motivation for next season come what may.

The triumph is within our grasp though and I have to admit, it would sting not to do it.

I think we will. I think the strength of this team will come to the fore, right now, at the most crucial moment. I think the talents of the manager will see us through.

It is exciting finally to be here, at this point which the whole season has been building to.

When the campaign kicked off, we’d all have taken being here with a nine point lead and the first domestic cup in the bag. What no-one would have predicted was the sheer quality of our performances, and the consistency.

Even with injuries plaguing us a little at the moment, and some uncertainty over who is going to be fit, I think most of us are pretty optimistic. We are rolling into the business end of the season on great form and with our heads up.

It is going to be a superb month. I cannot wait for it to start.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The league is and always will be priority and ahm confident we’re gonnae tie it up. Personally and weirdly enough, right now it’s the comin Scottish cup game ahm thinkin about. Tae get the clean sweep again for Ange wouldnae be any more than he deserves. Get by the semi-final and the rest ahm equally confident, will take care of itself. No tae mention what will be ‘another’ lost weekend if we dae it. They better, because ah already have the 4 days holiday aff work booked and ready for that weekend.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Since the beginning of the season, every month has been enjoyable, the team have given us lots of joy until this point in time and I see no reason for it not to continue. April and May, the pointy end of the season, should of course eclipse the months that have went before, and all the hard work put in previously should see Celtic reap their just rewards. The players are hungry for success and they will not let us down. Every game now is a Cup Final until we win the League, hopefully in style, with the real Cup Final to follow in May.


  • SSMPM says:

    I agree totally with you fellas, we deserve the treble for our efforts over the whole season in spite of the refs, VAR officialdom and what was a crazy result away to St. Mirren. Therein I believe lies the only barrier to the treble. I suppose we could have a really bad off day mixed with ref and VAR nonsense but bar that we’ll bring it home, I’m absolutely confident. I’m also trying not to be arrogant or get carried away because but for, and damn St. Mirren for showing we can lose, this could have been another invincible year. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    When I was 71, it was a very good year
    It was a very good year for Scotland’s Tims
    Who adored Ange’s team
    With their flamboyant style
    They never let us down
    When I was 71

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