Andy Walker Blasts Back At Dishonest Media “Narrative” Over Celtic’s Weekend Win.

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Yesterday one of those strange things happened which we see from time to time. Andy Walker got something right. I know, right? Pinch yourself and make sure you aren’t dreaming.

Actually, he wasn’t just right but fantastically right. He nailed it.

Surveying the media landscape in the aftermath of last weekend’s game he concluded that the away team are getting way too much praise from his colleagues in the press corps, falling over themselves to make the wholly spurious claim that the Ibrox club deserved something from the match. They are also trying to convince themselves that the gap has closed.

But Walker was having none of it. Imagine the conditions which have to accrue before he sounds like the most sensible person in the room, right? Well, here we are.

“When all is said and done, it’s all about results,” he said. “ I watched (the Ibrox club) last week and I think they’re getting too much praise – they got beat. I don’t think they ever looked like winning. I thought their pressing game, the closing down was good. It was a different approach to the one we saw in the League Cup final. I didn’t ever think (they) were going to win the game at any stage.”

Incredible that it has taken Walker, of all people, to state what’s been obvious to every one of us since the final whistle blew. We were ahead by every available metric that counts; possession, passes attempted, passes completed, attacks, shots at goal, shots on target and that tricky little one called goals scored.

And yet all week long we’ve heard about how close it was.

How they matched us. Answer me this; have you ever seen or heard people taking such pride and pleasure in not getting an absolute doing? Because that, in effect, is what they are celebrating.

If “closing the gap” amounts to a single performance, how come we don’t say it when Hearts or Motherwell or Livingston run us close? Did St Mirren overtake us as the best team in the country, albeit temporarily, when they beat us earlier in the campaign?

Walker knows a lot of his media colleagues are talking absolute balls here, and for the first time in a while we have a mainstream hack who has stepped up to say so. Well done to him for it.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    What’s happening to Andy? Firstly we have him rocking the boat with his VAR revelations and now this. Is he scunnered with the taste of soup?

    • Biffo67 says:

      Sick and tired of all the “soup” references.
      Any man who would threaten the lives of his wife and kids by denying them food for his so-called principles in the face of the UK Government sponsored starvation policy is no man at all.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Whit ?????

        • Biffo67 says:

          Explain what you mean by “scunnered with the taste of soup”
          How far would you go to avoid taking it

        • Eldraco says:

          There is now a debate on the FF as to will you take up ST or not.

          Some are intending to miss 24 entirely.

          I suspect the yanks to ride to the rescue, Bennett cannot do this on his own and those same support don’t care who comes as long as they get on top of Celtic and into CL money.

          IMO Ange has 24/25 to get us made in CL football before that other lot gets their act together with hedge fund money.

  • Jimmy R says:

    The difference between Walker’s and Ferguson’s analysis, is that Andy has realised that you cannot judge the gap based on a single game or result. If a team regularly wins a fixture 9 times out of every times it is played, then they are deemed to be way out in front. When the anomalous result occurs, nobody with a brain, declares that the gap has closed based on that one result or performance.
    The performance / result has to be repeated (several times) for that claim to have any credibility. When it comes to credibility, neither Ferguson nor Broadfoot were in the room when it was dished out.
    We have gradually extended the gap since the 1st derby of the season. A couple of points here, a few goals there. It is now 12 points and humungous amount of goals in our favour. No amount of rubbish spouted by these cretins can persuade the ibrox fans that they are in with a shout this season and many of them are questioning what is in store next season as they realise that all of the Aribo / Bassey cash has gone, much of it into New Edmiston House which will turn a profit in ten (that’s right 10) years time. Be afraid Celtic. Just not very.

  • paul obrien says:

    Andy is a soup taker.He will be told to retract that and he will oblige

  • Johnny Green says:

    After their brave and admirable defeat last week, if they beat Dundee United at Ibrox tomorrow, and narrow the gap again, then I am expecting a lap of honour and a march to George Square afterwards..

    It will be thoroughly deserved.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio clyde had Mickey Beale on there. Apologised for anything that happened to Kevin Clancy. Don’t worry Mickey. The Klan will turn on you shortly. HH

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio clyde host confirming that soutar made his debut for sevco with a broken ankle. WTF???? HH

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    St Mirren will beat them tomorrow..expect fellow refs to get behind clancy , sevco sending off and two pens away side.
    Or maybe not


      Maybes Aye. The League’s over.
      Time for the Ludge Brothers to tidy up the stats.
      A wee card here, free kicks against, penalty there, and so on to Season’s end.
      Post Season’s end stats for the year don’t look so bad.
      “Bias, what bias, wee don’t need no stinking bias”.
      (Apologies to Mongo of Blazing Saddle fame).

  • Green Machine says:

    Does it Still count even after all They’re Not RainJurZ Anymore LoL

  • John S says:

    Never mind the so-called gap, they’ll be worldwide winners by the time the next Celtic game comes round, as usual.

  • Michael Collins says:

    Let me just remind our supporters of remarks made by Andy Walker when he was playing for us, he openly said that if anyone touches him in the penalty box no matter how soft it is, he was going down for a penalty.
    The guy is a hypocrite of the worst kind. Did you hear him when the Morelis goal was disallowed? Yes, maybe Alistair Johnson did go down easily, but can anyone deny that Morelis had both his hands on Alistair Johnsons back at the same time just before he went down.
    As Ange said what happened in that case was an opinion, not a rule whether the goal should have stood or not. My opinion was as it was plain to see that both Morelis’s hands were on Alistairs’s back, the goal was right to have stood.
    Go back to Morelis’s goal when he pushed Aron Mooey away to score, Joe McHugh showed a clip of what happened on his blog. How come I never noticed it anywhere else?

  • Thomas Daly says:

    What else do u expect from the low lives,they support 2012 dont they!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Daly says:

    That’s why I dont buy their scummy papers anymore

  • Robert Meighan says:

    Well done Andy.

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