Ange’s Message To Celtic’s Rivals Is Terrifying In Its Cold Blooded Focus.

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Whilst Ibrox picks the scabs off our latest win over them, and whilst its players strut and preen and the manager feels sorry for himself, and whilst many inside the walls wallow in hate and fury, Celtic continues to go about its business, the business of winning games and putting points on the board. Nothing else matters except the next game.

Ange was in a great mood yesterday, giving one of the most fearsome possible responses to questions about whether this squad can continue its relentless pursuit of victories. At a time like this, it would be easy for a winning team to let its guard down but this one never does because this manager is so driven and determined not to let it happen.

“No-one has let any gaps appear in our football, in our squad or in our line-up. Whoever steps in does that needs to be done,” he said of those players who featured at the weekend and who ordinarily might not have.

He hammered back at any suggestion of complacency or of the side taking the foot off the gas. “Why should we?” he asked. “I mean, there are seven games to go so why would we want to waste any one of them? Every game is an opportunity to create some magic and create some moments for our supporters and also the players themselves. We’re not going to waste a day of it, mate. Not until the season is finished. In terms of the league, when we get handed the trophy then we’ll celebrate. But up until that point we’re just going to keep our heads down and keep going.”

Keep our heads down and keep going. Isn’t that amazing? We have such a lead that we could almost literally fall asleep at the wheel and still get home. But he talks about making magic for the fans, and in there is the real driving force behind this team.

Not for us the idea of stamping on a foe, or one-upping our rivals.

This is about us, this is about Ange wanting to win every match for the fans, for us, for ourselves, for the glory and benefit of Celtic and nothing else.

He has said that points and titles and trophies are great but that on their own they aren’t enough because he wants the supporters to take pleasure in watching the team every single time they take to the field … and this side has lived up to that again and again.

It is a warm sentiment. A happy sentiment. But it’s a cold-blooded and ruthless sentiment, for what it portends for our opponents. No letting up. No slacking off. No drop in the standards or in the quality of our play. Just the same drive to win which got us here.

That’s music to our ears as we head in to the home stretch.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    109 pts is achievable but then will we really be ALLOWED tae win at Liebrox? If its the 2nd last game then I suspect we’ll be on 103 pts by then so the record will DEFO be on! Personally I cdnt care less so long as we’ve awready PUMPED the FILTH in the Cup Semi! Should they be GIVEN Victory however by CHEATING of the HIGHEST order, ie 3 pens, 2 sending offs etc then I’m sure it’ll send them intae COMPLETE DELERIUM again bcoz we’ll only have won the Treble as against their ‘We stopped the 109 pts Trophy’ lol!

    • Michael Collins says:

      The Rangers are desperate to stop us winning the treble. Think back a few years when Ronny Deila was going for a treble, we all know what happened then against Ross County, the most blatant cheating by officials ever seen.
      When the cup semi finals come at the end of the month, we will have to be at our very best to win this as we will again be up against cheating officials. Mark my words, unless we are at our very best, like we were at the start of VAR, when we had all sorts of decisions going against us, we are not going to win this.

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        @Michael Collins. Ah think the ibrox club, as well as havin somethin tae prove, will have the idea now that they’re ‘owed’ a big decision and my concern here is, that there’s a few officials who’ll be thinkin the same thing and every chance btw, they’ll get the nod for the semi gig. (and goin by beatons face on that touchline after Saturdays final whistle, ah bet he hopes he’s one of them).

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    ‘No dip in standards’ ?! Aye apart from Saturday ye mean ! We beat them without playin well aye, tho lets be honest, apart from when the goals came, that performance was torture at times, especially the first half and the passin was woeful. Ah know there were the contributory factors i.e. nae Hetate and Mooy, for me, unusually didnae look on it, tho it was enough tae make it severely uncomfortable and frustrated the fk out just about anybody ah’ve spoken tae. Ah think they realize it theirselves tho and it’s somethin they’ll want tae sort out.

  • Effarr says:

    This talk about intensity. To be honest, we`ve hardly experienced it all season. The fast flowing, quick passing, closing down football has been missing in nearly every game. All I see is football that reminds me of Neil Lennon. For too many games now they have simply “wrassled” through, so I wouldn`t dismiss Old Firm Sevco even though they are creaking at the seams. It`s all very well talking about beating them when not playing all that well but it was balanced up by
    them playing in front of 60,000 fans.

    As for Beale, all we ever got was that he was the brains behind Gerrard and now he is simply the Mooch.

    Just keep quiet until the next time they meet, that way at least you can avoid the egg on the face. They weren`t all
    that far away from a victory on Saturday and that, if it had come to fruition, would have been a real riddy.

    • Chris says:

      I can a real whiff of hun from you Effarr

      • Effarr says:

        Tell the truth and Dr Cyclops says you’re a hun. F4cking sh1tbag! Tell me doctor, taking into account EVERY game Celtic have played since the close season, including the friendlies down under, how many have they won outside of Scotland?

        By the way, my favourite Celtic player of all time was Bobby Evans. That tells how long I have been watching them live.

  • S Thomas says:

    James and my good friend mr Green on here will make out that Celtic played like the 1970 Brazil team on Saturday, but in reality we only just got over the line. They got a goal chopped off that had absolutely nothing wrong with it, and two of our goals we scored were from complete car crash , defensive errors. Our passing was dreadful.. and it wasn’t a great performance. Hatate needs to play in the semi final because we can’t play like that again, and the smart fans like myself will know this only too well. Mooy was garbage, maybe he was carrying a knock so maybe I’m being a bit harsh there. Hatate makes Celtic play the Celtic way, which is high intensity passing and taking the game by the scruff of the neck. If he plays we win comfortably it’s that simple.

  • Johnno says:

    Ange’s mantra of “we never stop” is never more appropriate than it is currently.
    Still so much for this team to play for and deliver upon this season, even if the main goal of winning the league is as good as done now.
    There is remains a huge element of how players end the season with the increased pressure involved on how there potential future for next season could be called into question.
    The 2 huge questions that came out of Saturday, for myself anyway
    1) If Ange still feels that an unfit Mooy and opting for O’Riley in the hatate/turnbull position, what is that saying about turnbull?
    2) Why is Hart so unconvincing at been able to command his 6 yard box upon the crossed ball into that area? Maybe I might be a bit old school but still believe that a keeper should be commanding that area far better than sticking on the line approach which seems more preferable these days for some reason?
    Of course there are more examples of where this team/squad can still improve upon still, which is an exciting prospect and still a requirement for CL football still.
    We still have to remember that Ange is still only 2 years into his project that he’s taken with Celtic and still remains well ahead of time upon what has already been achieved.
    One of the biggest skills Ange has created is the connection the whole squad has developed with the support and our part is to keep that connection as strong as it is currently.
    The scum can keep mouthing about seeing the best of the shite, well they only know to well that we could well be and well capable of us still saving our best yet for the semi, and confident enough that this team will deliver still.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Chris mentions the whiff of a hun and, like the genie being let out of the bottle, who turns up, that’s right out own resident hun S.Thomas?

    True to form, like all huns, he is also telling lies as I have already criticised Saturday’s performance and I have done so on many previous occasions. In fact this team that James eulogises has deficiencies that need to be addressed. They are a very good team and potentially a great one, but they haven’t got to that stage yet, there is still improvement needed.

    Sean the hun, shut the fk up 🙂

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Celtic FC should be wiping the floor with the lower ranked SPL Clubs.
    Jahanghir Khan the world’s greatest squash player never showed mercy
    to any player. Many of his opponents were beaten in their mind before the contest
    started, because they had never beaten Jahanghir. In fact he humiliated them.

  • John S says:

    To sum up: the team plays for the paying customers and the support beyond, not just until the stenographers are convinced their previous predictions are unlikely.

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