Anti-Celtic McInnes Has Found Not One Ally Anywhere For His Ludicrous Oh Claim.

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Over the last year or so, every single decision we get and which has been the subject of moaning and whinging by a rival boss has been the subject of a solid week of scrutiny as every anti-Celtic idiot crawls out of the woodwork to agree that we got away with one.

Yesterday I said I didn’t expect ever to be writing about Derek McInnes again, but then last night someone said something odd to me.

In spite of an entire industry which sometimes seems as if it functions to put the boot into us, Derek McInnes has been unable to find even one person who agrees with him that Oh should have gotten a red card at the weekend.

Not one. Not Kris Boyd, not Barry Ferguson, not Alex Rae or Alan Hutton. Not one single former official. He is literally out on his own over this.

I have heard some really terrible stuff come out of manager’s mouths this season after we’ve beaten them. Teams we have turned over pointing to a single incident and claiming it was the moment the game turned. It’s deflection and you can understand it up to a point, because some of these guys are worried about their jobs and stuff.

McInnes is worried about his job, but he let his anti-Celtic prejudices affect his reaction and he was so spiteful in how he came across that not only did everyone disagree with him but many of them have called him out for making excuses after a hammering.

McInnes should reflect on that a little.

He has a reputation for never giving us the slightest shred of credit, but this time he went too far even by his usual standards. If the wants to save his club from a grim fate, and himself from the sack, he needs to get a grip on his emotions.

Other people hate us too … and even they steered well clear of this one.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah Derek The Failure McInnes another bitter Hun who has done greetin than a Christmas card.

  • El Cid says:

    He’s an obnoxious wee, bigoted turd. We can only hope that nothing nice ever happens to him

  • Kevin says:

    McInnes in his after match interview said he is trying to build a team at Kilmarnock that can beat Celtic.No mention of Sevco or any of the other premier league teams.Strange.

  • Eldraco says:

    He is finished , washed up and a relic of a bygone era who refused to move with how the game evolves.

    I suggest he won’t be missed.

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