Bitter Ibrox Blog “Guest Writer” Wails About Celtic’s Power Whilst Slandering Every Other Club.

Image for Bitter Ibrox Blog “Guest Writer” Wails About Celtic’s Power Whilst Slandering Every Other Club.

Tam McManus has no credibility when it comes to talking about Celtic. He never really did. But this is especially true when he is a frequent “guest writer” for an Ibrox fan blog.

That means that this is not a neutral talking, but a pro-Ibrox shill stirring the soup.

Today he’s all over the papers bubbling like a little bitch over the state of the league. But of course he claims to be “taking nothing away from Celtic”. He does say, however, that he finds our dominance over the league to be “unhealthy.”

Which makes me laugh.

Because none of these people would ever have said that had this been the club from Ibrox. Everyone would have been falling over themselves to pay tribute to their team and their manager and there would not be all this stuff in the press.

“They are getting tested a couple of games a season off of (Ibrox), and they are even beating them. I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to see a team like that dominating, 30 wins from 32 games? 102 goals?” he wailed, like a kid who can’t believe another has new trainers and a new schoolbag on the first day back after the summer holidays.

Honestly, it’s really quite pathetic for this guy to pretend to give a damn about the rest of the game when he’s leaving out a couple of salient facts. First, we do get tested. Every single week. Every team in the league wants to be the team who ends our run. Every single team in the league, regardless of what they are playing for, tries to stop us.

I’ve argued myself on here that too few of them show the least ambition in doing so, putting every man behind the ball. But the idea that we aren’t tested is frankly absurd. It is not easy having to open up packed defences. It is not easy trying to play against teams who want to kick you off the park. It’s not easy knowing VAR is watching everything you do.

I am really tired of these fraudulent “debates” being had involving people who do not wish us well and never have. McManus has always been in that category.

I remember last season, in February, after we’d come out of the transfer window turbo-charged, had just blown the Ibrox club away and were motoring towards a title, and his suggestion that their squad was, overall, still better than ours.

Later that same month he said we were “out of legs.”

Funny, then, that we were regularly winning games late in the match and that we would keep on doing it all the way to the finish line. The man talks an endless tide of guff about our team and he always has. That’s why I described him, not that long ago if memory serves me right, as a “poor man’s Kris Boyd.”

Which is about the worst insult you can throw at someone in the media in my view.

Not that he’s actually in the media. He can’t get a gig with Clyde or even the BBC … not having played for any of the Ibrox clubs is what’s holding him back there.

The one talent he seems to possess is an understanding of how the media works; say a few negative things about Celtic and the headlines are yours, and that’s all he’s done today. His agenda is obvious and his biases are known. The mainstream titles which are breathlessly quoting him know these things as well as we do.

His comments are a joke and an insult to every club in this league bar one.

But then, he’s writing for one of their blogs so you wouldn’t expect him to go in heavy on them.

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  • James j says:

    Any comment on the hearts and there former manager who constantly failed to lay a glove on the ibrox club in countless attempts and messed with team selection any time they had an opportunity to do so? No seems to be only when its celtic dominating its a problem if its jhe ibrox club its just how good they are. Thats what makes it all the sweeter when we triumph

  • Johnny Green says:

    Celtic are on the verge of overhauling, what they see as, their World record haul of trophies and every one of them is having sleepless nights thinking about it. They know they cannot stop us and that all they can do is moan and whine about it as their worst fears confront them in the here and now. So they are now trying to cheapen our superiority over them by degrading our efforts and blaming everything to do with football, lack of opposition, fenian conspiracy etc. for our continued success. What they don’t blame, and they probably never will, is themselves. However, their pain is eating them up and it is absolutely delicious to watch.

    Let them fkn squeal.

  • Tony B says:

    Imagine having so little self respect that you would tart yourself out to the fascists and crooks at Ibrox.

    Step forward Tam McManus. His family must be so proud of him.

  • Dinger says:

    Another son of Pinocchio

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Mare Bog Roll Confetti fae the CROOKS at Liebrox or is it part of the £20M Budget fur Pep Bealing nxt Season lol!

  • Dominic Hannah says:

    The guy is a soup taker, thats all,

  • Michael Clark says:

    It’s fantastic to listen to who ever it is from Govan. If they could all just stop and listen to themselves, talk about sour grapes. The best one yet was Kris Boyd talking last week on SKY ( and Christ only knows why sky allow him on there) he had no choice but to make comment on how well Celtic played that afternoon and he was choking on his words. But when asked another question about Celtic all he could say was he wanted to go home. What a great time to be a Celt and its only going to get better. SKY should put them all on for the next Old Firm encounter. Alex Rae, kris Boyd and Kenny Miller, what a fuckin laugh that would be

  • Robert Trainer says:

    Just wait for the meltdown when Celtic blow past their fabled “55”.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Just call him Bam McManus

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    For over 100 years Celtic and Rangers have been the dominant teams.
    Recently, Celtic won 9 Premierships in a row. What’s New.
    I don’t buy that the perennial favorites, are a true duopoly.
    The two Glasgow Clubs have an undisputed monetary advantage through their massive Fan bases and high capacity Stadiums. There is the Celtic Irish connection and Glaswegian diaspora of Fans as well.
    Mr. McManus; any suggestions? No one wants to hobble the two top teams.
    Salary Caps in Britain are clearly a “restraint of trade”.
    SFA could introduce a Reserves League of mainly home produced players.
    James Forrest and others have suggested this as a way of fast tracking improvement of younger men.

  • J Fenwick says:

    Agree 100% to me it’s all about schooling!! I know when it comes to working in Scotland it can be trying and I don’t buy into (it’s changed) it’s still an anti Irish and catholic enhansed country I left that bitterness people many years ago and now settled in AJ ‘s country Hail Ange Hail

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