Celtic Do Not Need To Rush Hatate Back For Tomorrow, And The Signs Are We Won’t.

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It would be good, tomorrow, to have a full strength squad available to us. But we live in an imperfect world where we don’t always get what we want. The game is one of eight in the league we have to navigate.

We hope there are two more in the cup.

Hatate will be needed later on.

To play him tomorrow would give the team and the fans a lift, sure, but as I said earlier in the week, this is not the do-or-die game for the Ibrox club and if they decide to kick and maim everything in a Celtic strip I’d rather he was on the bench.

The last thing we need is for him to pick up an injury sufficient to rule him out for Hampden and then Ibrox after the split.

We want Hatate fit for them both.

It sounds to me as if we’re taking no chances with the guy.

If he’s not back in training, then in my view he won’t play.

That’s for the best. We don’t need him to dominate their midfield. Abada is already out and so the fewer injuries we have the better, but the chance of making matters worse is too obvious to ignore and we’re better not doing it.

We have the strength in the squad to cope with his absence. I would like to see Iwata continue in his defensive role. He looked solid at the weekend and he needs to show us that he can handle these sorts of games anyway.

It also allows Callum to push further up front into what I still think is his best position in the team.

Mooy will probably be fit as well.

I think all of us have sufficient faith in the manager and in the squad not to panic if Hatate’s name is not on the team-sheet.

The cup semi final is a more important match, played on a neutral ground, and their whole season depends on it … so that’s the one we should be keeping our best players for and making sure that they’re as ready as they can be.

Frankly, I still we’ve got enough about us to do this lot whoever’s in the line-up.

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  • Tony B says:

    Mooy and Iwata are fit and the latter looks a class act.

    As for Aaron, he is one of the players of the season.

    No wuckin’ furries mate!

  • Jimmy R says:

    Despite the injuries, our squad depth leaves me confident that we will emerge unscathed (in the points gap) either with our current healthy lead, or even an enhanced lead. There is no exact replacement for any of our injured players, but whoever replaces them brings their own skills to the party. The skills may be a little different but the quality is still high.
    We have no need to push the walking wounded into action too soon. The bhoys who play will do the job. Afterwards MB will be lamenting how close his team came. It is his default setting. Ange will default to “We never stop.” We will default to the pub or any establishment selling jelly and ice cream. Afterall, we need to get in training for the one that matters at Hampden later in the month.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Agreed, we should not risk Hatate, there are bigger fish to fry later.

    As for Iwata, playing in this game I am not so sure about that, he did well enough last week, but as always it is Ange’s decision. McGregor and Mooy for certain in midfield, but as for the 3rd midfielder I am not so sure. O’Riley has been off the boil for a while now, Turnbull might also be the answer, but I would take a chance and play Haksabanovic in there in a roving role as he has the pace and more of a hunger for it compared to the other two.

  • Peterbrady says:

    I asked on sunday how many zombies would the corrupt media drag oot the gutter what’s the count . Gloryhole, Danish diver, German dud, bawwy the bigot,quark, how many more to appease the hordes of filthy scum.

  • Roonsa says:

    I totes agreeballs about Iwata. He looked a promising player yesterday.

    I am very interested to see how Sevco approach tomorrow’s game. Will they see it as a do or die game? I have a feeling a draw will suit both teams tomorrow as they must know the league is done and that the Semi in a few weeks is their “do or die”.

    For Celtic we obviously need to win but Ange sees the bigger picture. Get the League sewn up ASAP but not at the expense of the Treble.

    Quite fascinating stuff to come.

  • Robert Downey says:

    I agree with you again James, unless Ange is playing a blinder about Hatate, I wouldn’t play him if there is the slightest doubt.
    We have more than enough to see this mob off, I was hoping for a real tanking tomorrow because of the disrespect coming out of Ibrox recently.
    I’ll settle for a win.

  • Johnno says:

    Ange won’t take the risk upon hatate as he did last season with kyogo if not fully fit.
    We have now developed a squad where we no longer depend upon certain players, the way a celtic squad should be.
    A loss, yes but doesn’t define this team either.
    Tomorrow game isn’t going to define our season either as the semi final holds far bigger consequences.
    I think Iwata will get the starting role and a player with huge potential even if our tempo seems that little bit slower than when calmac plays in the position imo.
    Expecting the scum to use the thuggery approach, yet we have players well able for that and far to much movement and footballing intelligence for the scum to handle.
    Would have a few concerns if Taylor wasn’t available, the huge confidence boost Bernie got from his great strike last week should put him in good stead if needed, even if the jury remains out about his prospects with us still.
    Still believe that we still remain far to good for the scum and this game is now the 1st of 3 to ram that point down there horrible hun throats

  • Eldraco says:

    Let’s see … 3 at the back OH and kyogo both up front. 4-0 will do me.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:

    Ang usual team for game 1up front

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