Celtic Fans Are Reminded That Barry Isn’t Even The Stupidest Ferguson In The Family.

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For those of a certain young age who might not know this, Barry Ferguson is not and never was and perhaps never will be the stupidest member of his family.

That honour has always belonged to his older brother Derek, and unless science masters IQ implants the younger Ferguson will be the intellectual powerhouse in a family where the pets are more intelligent.

Derek was on one of those internet radio shows the other day, making a fool of himself and the family name. You might think that would be hard to do, but he managed it like he manages it most times.

He looked at the league table, saw what we all saw – which is the widened gap from nine points to twelve points – and then tried to argue that it has shrunk.

“You were looking for (Ibrox) to close the gap and that’s because Celtic are away out there. You can see that the gap is a wee bit closer, but there is still a bit to go.”

The gap is a wee bit closer. Good God.

I mean, seriously … even his brother has stopped pushing that tired old line.

How can these Peepul be so dumb? How can these Peepul keep on doing this to themselves? At some point you would think that something like self-respect would have to kick in and they would realise how they sound to the rest of Scottish football … like children unable to grasp the concept of the league table. One plus one is two. Nine plus three is twelve.

“That’s plus three, not minus. Derek, son, why don’t you understand this?”

We won a league game which we were expected to win.

We opened up a gap in a title race which was already over. Did they really believe that they were so brilliant that they were going to come to Celtic Park and get a result? Apparently they did.

And their reaction to the defeat has been hysterical. Absolutely hysterical.

If they aren’t making excuses for it, they are arguing that we hadn’t actually won the game at all. Refs are being threatened and in developments we’re all supposed to believe are unrelated to our title push the Ibrox chairman and their director of football have both walked since we beat them at Hampden … the second of those this very week.

We have driven that fan-base mad and plunged their club into crisis … and this before their season formally comes to an end in a few weeks’ time. But more than even that, we have devastated their media apologists and these guys simply cannot process it.

I think it’s brilliant, and I am particularly pleased that our younger fans who have only ever known Bazza have been introduced to Derek, who proudly wore the Village Idiot badge when there was still a poster of Kris Boyd in a Kilmarnock strip hanging on someone’s wall.

He is a national treasure. I’m pleased we got to hear from him.

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  • Johnno says:

    This so called “closed the gap” nonsense is nothing more than a sales pitch for ST money from the zombies.
    It’s the usual all in attitude from the scum with the semi looming.
    How ridiculous will them statements be when we beat the scum in the semi?
    A desperation ploy from the scum as the explosion in waiting is fast approaching from all the zombies

  • John Copeland says:

    Ah, don’t fret ! BBC Scotland will renew his contract soon with improved conditions and salary …. They know a proper lump of wood in the forest !

  • Peterbrady says:

    There is something afoot at the bigotdome 1st ten chins and his fat son now Wilson next speccy Robinson there must be something no doubt corrupt media will have some flying squirrels to appease the zombie hordes with deflection . Get the jelly and ice cream ready

  • Captain Swing says:

    I believe the chap also worked with the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ organisation despite a staggeringly narrow understanding of the issue of racism. Failure to comprehend a binary matter like a league table isn’t therefore too much of a surprise.

  • Martin says:

    I remember Derek was a pundit on (maybe) Clyde 1. When it cut to him for a report at half time it was, and this is no joke, delivered like a 5 year old in a nativity play.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Once upon a time ,Kings & Queens, House of Lords, Rangers etc. All fairytale fantasy and myths.
    A dillusional self induced protection requirement because their real life is shite, the real word is not of their type.
    The press have been feeding off their thicko ideology, facts not relevant to dumbo that are fkn blind viyh the 20/20 vision intact.
    They sing good old Derrys Walls and want to then send the Irish back to Ireland.
    Joe Biden fkd it up them.
    Keep these bastards out of Celtic park that 10,000 Celtic have to miss the game for these fkrs to shout bile.
    Their life is a fantasy.
    At least for now, we all live happily ever after

  • John says:

    It was of course a stupid and deluded statement, but a bit harsh to have a go at the family, even in jest.

  • JPD says:

    There were a few geniuses in that Hun squad back, this crettin, Hugh Burns who was no rocket scientist and the daddy of them Mr Durrant a babilly fool of the highest order. I am sure they could possibly have been challenged, but having seen this trip in action they would take some beating

  • Michael Gordon says:

    The blog states that they left since the game at hampden not the one at CP.

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