Celtic Fans Could Not Care Less Who The Village Idiot Thinks Our Best Modern Striker Is.

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So The Village Idiot has “weighed in” on the debate about who Celtic’s best striker of the modern era.

Big deal. I cannot claim to speak for the rest of the support but I would be more than just a little bit surprised if there was a single person in it who had been sitting and waiting with baited breath to hear who this clown thought deserved that accolade.

The press is writing it up as though this geezer had something to say that we wanted – no, something that we needed, to hear. But he doesn’t. His view on this is of no interest to us whatsoever. I know he thinks Dembele is better than Kyogo. I haven’t bothered to investigate his rationale for this, because I just don’t care.

It’s a discussion amongst us. Amongst our fans.

Nobody asked him for his opinion on it and nobody is particularly bothered about what it is.

He has “jumped into the debate” is how one breathless hack has put it. Well he can jump back out of it again because the sign on the door clearly says “No Idiots” on it, and he’s the poster boy for them.

To me the issue is simple. You can tell watching Kyogo that he’s a supreme footballer, and he works hard and gives so much to the team in every match. Not only do I think he’s a better striker than Dembele but I’m on the record as thinking Edouard was as well, and towards the end I considered him a lazy sod and couldn’t wait until we moved him on.

Kyogo is going to score more goals than both of them. He’s going to win more trophies here than they did. He’s going to go on, I hope, to get 100 goals.

And even if you disagree with all of that, the chances are that you’re a Celtic fan and you were actually invited to this debate in the first place. So your opinion means a hell of a lot more in this than his done.

His means … nothing at all.

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  • Brian Cavanagh says:

    Our best striker since Henrik, – energy, pace, works for teammates, tidy and clean hitter of the ball -so the most complete package to Henrik. Griffiths was a great striker -but a wayward son, Hooper could score some good goals, Scott McDonald scored big ones – wonder what other fans think? Zurawaski anyone?

  • Johnny Green says:

    He is only trying to justify his early season gobshite comment that Morelos was a better striker than Kyogo. Yes, you are right James his comments are meaningless to us other than being a source of mild amusement.

  • Johnny Green says:

    In my opinion no one has even come close to rivalling Henke. He was a top goal maker as well as a goal scorer, he was very unselfish for a striker, he survived a broken leg and came back stronger than ever, and quite honestly we will never see his likes again. Anyone coming on the scene behind him will always be vying for best of the rest, He is incomparable.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Not really a question you can ask Henke versus Kyogo. Time may tell.

    Henke was absolutely brilliant and most Celtic fans will always remember him as that. He also had a couple of top class strikers to aid him.

    If Kyogo stays another five season scores 250 goals including the winner in a Euro final, then who would be the best??

    So at present it is an unfair compariosn. Regardless we had a world class player in Henke and we have a top quality striker in Kyogo.

    CalMac is the best player in Scotland by miles and he, Hatate and Iwata should be the Celtic midfield for the next couple of seasons.

    Good things to come for Celtic.

  • Johnny Green says:

    On another subject, a 4.30 kick off for the huns in Aberdeen? What kind of drunken state will their scum followers be in come kick off time and what might it lead to. Who’s crazy decision was that? There may be trouble ahead.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    Not even sure I’d say there was any ‘debate’. The odd friendly discussion and exchange of views but no great controversy. Certainly nothing to raise voices or blood pressure.

  • John McQ says:

    Think Dembele was more skilful and a better footballer. Whether kyogo is a better striker, is up for debate in my opinion.

  • Effarr says:

    I don’t even know who the person is who said it and I’m not all that interested. Better to ignore them rather than spread their word for them.

  • Johnno says:

    Just another example of just how much we live rent free in the minds of the thick useless hun bastards.
    Would we even be bothered to talk about any hun scum striker?
    Oh that’s right there’s nothing there to discuss whatsoever.
    This remains a very weak attempt from all the Hun cheerleaders in trying to unsettle our players before the semi as the scum are at desperate stages now.
    Will be a full week of this bullshit talk from the scum yet is it going to have any impact upon kyogo?
    More drivel awaits until we can really shut these mouthy hun bastards up where it counts upon the pitch, and kyogo hasn’t got a bad track record at doing so along with many of our strikers beforehand, and kyogo will keep that trend going also.

  • Johnny Green says:

    C’mon the Dons; wipe the floor with these tribute act impostors.

  • SSMPM says:

    Griffiths for me was the more natural finisher in the modern day Celtic, when fit and able of course. When he was fit he kept Dembele out of the team so that answers that one. Sadly though ruined it all. GG gave Kyogo a good run for his money last season so he still has much to prove. Chuck another couple in there from Scandinavia. Harold and the biggest named striker in world football. None though were a match match for the King of Kings. HH

  • S Thomas says:

    Henrik shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as these guys.. Henrik was world class, the best Celtic striker since Dalglish. Kyogo very good player, but got away to go before he in the world class bracket. Dembele was excellent in the derbies. Kyogo is more of a penalty box striker, Dembele was great at holding up etc. Completely different players, but in my opinion Henrik only one who was world class. He went to Barca, and won the champions league, almost single handedly against Arsenal, and Fergie wanted him to stay at Man utd. Henrik greatest player in Scottish league in my lifetime.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Funny thing is, I don’t remember the idiot singing Dembele’s praises while he played for Celtic. I strongly suspect that in KB’s books, the only good Celtic striker is an ex Celtic striker.
    Two very different players. Right now, Kyogo’s style of play suits Angeball to a T. Hard to separate them by ability so it may well come down to club loyalty before I decide who I prefer.

    • Stesano says:

      He the idiot that scoffed of mousa going for 20 million!! Ha ha and he did!! The guys a bam! Who cares who the best is/was as long as they wear those hoops that’s all we know and care about! Another Treble incoming!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Ok so to clarify after 3 txts already – Johannes Vennegoor of Hesselink. I know I wrote the biggest named striker in world football, not the longest, but that was because to me it made it sound like a huge name. Which of course it is lol. Cost a few bob to have printed on your shirt as well. HH

  • Jim says:

    Henrik in a league of his own of course.

    Agree with SSMPM that Leigh was probably the next best natural finisher when fit and focussed. Dembele was a tremendous hun-skelper.
    Commons, although not an out and out striker, was an amazingly consistent goal scorer for us and probably notched up the biggest collection of great goals apart from Henrik. Gary Hooper was an awesome penalty box striker.

    We have had a lot of great forwards over the years. Where does Kyogo rank? It’s difficult to say yet, but he is a wonderful talent.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We increased the gap Scud.

    Scud Book will be disappointed. He was hoping for a hun victory so he could have a go at Celtic about fixes, conspiracies etc etc. Once again he makes himself look as stupid as he actually is.

  • Jim says:

    Aberdeen rolling back the years and giving the huns a good skelping. Just that wee bit sweeter when it’s a Celtic player scoring the goal.

    Give yourself a laugh and catch the greetin’ faced Rangers Fans TV coverage on Youtube.

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