Celtic Fans Should Be Delighted That Ibrox Is So Full Of Delusional Big Mouths.

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As the dust continues to settle on yesterday’s game, the level of disconnect between what happened and what those in the environs of Ibrox believe happened grows larger than that gap at the top of the table. I am mystified as to how one club can be so filled to the rafters with so many people in wilful denial of our superiority.

We have lost a single domestic game this season. In the three encounters against their club since their obviously bonkers manager took over we have won two and drawn one, that one coming in their must-win game at home.

We are a better team. The lead at the top of the table is 12 points. A vastly superior goal difference is probably worth an additional one just in case we need it, which let’s be honest we’re not going to. Our strengths are many, our weaknesses few. In domestic terms we look as if we could dominate this landscape for years to come.

Once this title is wrapped up that will be eleven of them in the past 12 years.

Once Ibrox could have cried foul because they spent four of those years trying to reach the top, but in the years they’ve been back we’re already won four trebles.

At some point, it has to dawn on even these loon-balls that there is a pattern emerging here.

Todd Cantwell is the latest of them to run his mouth off in the aftermath of a defeat. We didn’t win, apparently. Someone wants to show him the footage of the match.

He says that they lost it instead.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this or a variant of this since this season started, and from various different players over there, but it never ceases to be anything other than hilarious. Because a team that contents itself with these fairytales is in trouble.

It’s the loser’s mentality. Winners get past defeats by focussing on getting better, not clinging to whatever straw they can. Our keeper could have played most of the game in his slippers and bathrobe, that’s how little they threatened us over the 90 minutes.

On every key metric – possession, passes, passes completed, shots at goal, shots on target and that annoying little one, the one people will insist on judging this stuff by, which we call “the score-line” – we were the better team.

Their own fans are pissed off at him for talking this rot.

They know all it does is gives Celtic another incentive to win the semi final, another reason to push ourselves that little bit harder, and show this joker and the rest of them up.

They would rather this team of theirs did their talking on the park. Maybe that’s why they do so much of it through the press, because on the park they are just not good enough.

What’s that old saying? “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, blame the referee. Or something.”

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  • harold shand says:

    That’s two games he’s went down holding his face , cheating , that other one Tillman it seemed like every time anybody went near him he went down

    Cantwell is just using his social media account to play up to the orcs because he was so cr*p yesterday , too busy playing with his hair trying to look cool

  • Tony B says:

    I hope for his sake he never gets the jail.

    His ass would be grass if you know what I mean.

  • Johnno says:

    Hardly known as cuntwell for nothing and living up to tag nicely also.
    Putting his latest bullshit down to his G string been a tad to tight for himself still.

  • Seamus Campbell says:

    From my position in the Jock Stein stand, 2nd half, I thought that when souter was running toward his own goal with Oh hunting him down, he just fell over and grabbed the ball. Of course the coward that is Clancy gave him the foul but I genuinely didn’t think Oh touched him. Oh could have been through on goal otherwise.
    Maybe I’m seeing it through green tinted glasses, anyone have a view on it.
    I’ve not saw it on any highlight and not saw any mention in media, maybe I’m tripping.

    • Neil says:

      No you’re correct Soapy Souter was running back and Oh was chasing him down and as he got to Soapy Souter he raised his hands to Soapys back – Soapy dived forward and grabbed the ball – he was not just looking for a foul – he’d made his mind up he was having the foul – and the cretins are screaming no foul on Johnston in the box as steak bake Alfie pushes him before – couldn’t make up the brass necks of them their pundits and the SMSM

  • Benjamin says:

    Listening to this joker, you’d think they’re world beaters if not for beating themselves. I’m reminded of an old adage that every game would end 0-0 if nobody makes any mistakes. Well guess what, a 3-2 score means that they made more mistakes than Celtic did. Again. And they refuse to address the primary source of their repeated and constant mistakes – poor play and poor judgement by their center backs. Unless and until they replace Davies, Goldson, and Souttar, they’re going to continue coming up 2nd best in games against competent opposition (not just Celtic). If I was going to give them any credit, at least they had the sense to send Agent Sands back to New York where he can continue his career in a position where he’s actually effective.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Another lightweight gobshite playing to the goon gallery.When will the penny drop with them that they are getting taken for absolute mugs.Wont hold ma breath.,

  • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

    i liked the one where jack slipped and clancy gave them a free kick!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    5 mins he’s been in the door and he’s already talkin garbage. Pussy spent most the game doin…..well no very much. Just another mooth, tryin tae gain favor wi his support.


    The reason they won’t, is because they can’t accept that we are the best team, the most dominant team.To recognise those self evident facts is a repudiation of all that the Club and fans stands for. Protestant(sic) superiority over the descendants of ‘bog dwelling, bead rattling, tatie munchin, Oirish Kafflicks’ It’s the foundation that their Kultur is built on , Racial Supremacy and Religious Intolerance. My god, the thought of playing second fiddle on the Aussie trip was bad enough for them.

    It’s their raison d’être and without it their lives, their existence itself is meaningless.
    They can never accept being second best. They will never have the self awareness to be able to rationalise their predicament and to plot the necessary paths to transformation.

    They as a Club will implode under a prolonged period of Celtic domination. They no longer have access to the ‘ Murrayesque levels of funding required to compete on the park or to refurbish the stadium and increase seating. Their fans have long been accustomed to ‘Other People’s Money’ so any future Public Share Offerings offerings are a non starter

    In a purely commercial sense they will never be able to compete with Celtic. We have a universal customer base recognised in the quality of our Sponsors.They on the other hand appeal to an ever dwindling, insular, base of Unionist, Staunch Fascist Right wing goons. No Company of any renown would wish to tarnish its Corporate reputation by association with such a customer base.

    No, accepting reality is a paradigm shifting step too far for them. They will resort to their usual behaviours of bullying, selfish obstructionism, fiscal carnage and outright violence.
    Scotland had the chance in 2012 to excise this cancer from the ‘Game’ and Scottish Society. We are now living with the consequences of the craven, cowardly, self serving and corrupt accommodations made by the Football Administrators with the consent of the Clubs and the connivance of the Scottish Establishment.

    The implications of living in our shadows is such an existential threat to them that it could herald an Apocalyptic fate for the Professional Game in Scotland. If they feel they are losing status, surrendering real or perceived power then they will have no hesitation in destroying the present set up. They would, literally, rather burn it all to the ground rather than, as they see it, accept a secondary role to Fenians.

    • Christina says:

      Brilliant comment JimboH- totally covered all the salient points which make for the situation we have with this club. Aided and abetted by a compliant, indeed complicit, Scottish media and Scottish establishment. The games against Celtic are really their raison d”etre to put us uppity fenians in our place and spew their hatred and bigotry directly at us. The essential ingredient of course is that they have to win these encounters to ‘prove’ their superiority and that’s where things fall down for them. Without the ability to financially dope their club they cannot best Celtic either on or off the park. They do their best of course with the matchday officials and ‘help’ from friends in other quarters but, at the end of the day, if they can only afford players.commensurate with their actual income then Celtic will always have a superior playing staff! This is what’s driving them out of their collective little minds! As you rightly say, they are quite prepared to destroy the entire game here rather than accept being second best to us. Their shenanigans over league sponsorship deals being an example of this. Oh if only they weren’t on a UEFA watch list eh!

  • John Copeland says:

    Can’t do well was complaining to the referee at every opportunity to get a Celtic player booked ! This is the type of loser that is now part of the Scottish football fabric …. I’ll give him a year up here – tops !

    • Peter Cassidy says:

      Would be better if he played football on the park rather than talk bullshit” off it some players and pundits from the blue side have mince for brains they are really hurting ??

  • Johnny Green says:

    He’s a fancy dan ladyboy as far as I am concerned, he doesn’t even look like a footballer. If there are any handbags confrontations on the park, then he’s an absolute natural to get involved.

  • jrm63 says:

    I wonder what Souttar and Davies think of his comments. Sheer stupidity given his mediocre performance

  • Michael Clark says:

    The victory on Saturday did its job because it stops any more verbal poop coming from their direction. However because Celtic were of the pace and we were hence the reason they gave us problems. I don’t think we can afford the luxury of the performance at Hampden Park. This time they’ll have their hate mob fuelling what they thrive on. For me Reo Hatate will give Celtic that little edge and drive going forward. When he plays were a different beast

  • Martin says:

    We need Hatate back for the next game against them. I’d bed Iwata in now so he can start too. And someone needs to teach Starfelt to stop pulling shirts in the box. We did, in fact, get away with one there 2nd half… Easily could’ve been a penalty.

    It doesn’t really matter who the ref is, for me, because they all fall for the “fall down near a celtic player as the ball comes to you” routine, which every club has successfully deployed against us this season.

  • Seosaimh says:

    “but in the years they’ve been back we’re already won four trebles.” No, they only arrived, unless you subscribe to the idea that they are the same club that died in 2012

    • Henriksgoldenboot says:

      Bravo my friend friend! We’re the most successful club in their history!!

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