Celtic Fans Should Brace Themselves For More Media Appearances From Ex-Ibrox Failures.

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Two members of the Ibrox goons gallery are suddenly more available for media work than they have been in a while. Lee McCulloch was a casualty of what happened at Hearts and, worse, is that Alex Rae is now looking for something to amuse him after being sacked at Reading.

What’s the odds that one or both of these clowns will have a BBC microphone before much longer? You could set your watch to it. As if the players from that Ibrox era haven’t sucked enough money out of the public purse, but the national broadcaster gives them more.

Bad enough at the moment that we have to endure Kenny Miller now every other week. Can the BBC honestly say its viewers are better off for his rambling, shambling nonsense?

If he was as smart as he thinks he is he would still have a career in management.

I heard today that he was back, on Radio Clyde, accusing Kyogo of being a known diver.

He also, hysterically, ranted about Callum McGregor, suggesting he was “lucky” not to get sent off. What kind of balanced viewpoint is that? Where did he come up with that line? On an Ibrox fan site?

Bloody Hell, this is what we have to put up with already.

And you just know that their pals in the press will find soft landings for these two, especially as both have haunted the airwaves in the past despite being about as robust, intellectually, as a Sheffield car worker who voted for Brexit.

Alex Rae is a certainty to wind up back on Clyde and on the occasional BBC Sport Scotland show.

He might even – God help us – pop up back on camera in front of Sky, whose own Scottish branch is as filled to the rafters with clownish ex-Ibrox men, the star of the show being the Village Idiot himself.

He, at least, was adamant that our second goal was legit.

The media landscape is filled to the rafters with these people as it is, and so every time one of them finds himself with a bit of free time you can be sure that he has a mate somewhere who will get him a gig.

The BBC in particular is like a “finishing school” for the journalistic careers of ex-Ibrox players, although the only thing it’s finishing is its own credibility.

So brace yourselves for Rae’s ghoulish visage to be starting out at you from a television studio soon. And prepare to hear the wit and wisdom of Lee McCulloch, a man so dumb that if you partnered him up with a rock on a quiz panel that his chances of winning would double immediately.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear one bad decision they have had all season and they are screaming murder,be that the klub their bigoted fans or their friends in the press, radio and TV stations.

    All the wrong decisions throughout this season for every club in the league they have sat back and took on chin,sevco get one yes just one decision which the klub thinks is wrong and they have everyone screaming about an INJUSTICE.

    All of a sudden we have all these Calamero’s coming out of the woodwork demanding answers.

    Oh how we love to see Calimero FC in such a PANIC.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Just think of the MELTDOWN should they lose that semi-final,George Square will look like a picnic compared to the DAMAGE they will.

    That would then look like another TREBLE season for us, and they would end the season with the MIDDLE OF A DOUGHNUT, again.

  • Scud Missile says:

    So if the cops are looking for people putting Clancy’s details online then they should look no further than David Edgar and his heart and hand podcast.

    What that guy put out there in his opening statement was HORRENDOUS and surely the cops must be looking into this.

    Remember this BIGOT is one of the DAFTIES paying sevco £25,000 a year for access to their press conferences,a media player for that klub,and for them to sit back and allow this BIGOT to mouth off in the way he has he should be removed from that but they won’t because that klub encourages BIGOTS like him as they need his cash regardless of him dragging that klub down.

  • Andy says:

    Take a bow – two simply superb descriptions of two utter cretins.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Miller’s comments on CalMac are nonsense. We know they are nonsense because of where they come from. Many of us however, were intrigued as to what pushed the normally implacable CalMac to respond in the way he did.
    I have only seen the BBC highlights package, which didn’t show replays but I would argue that Raskin “left his head in” as Calmac attempted to retrieve the ball from him. There was no head butt, but Raskin was piked from the hips, with the ball held against his r hip in his r hand. AS CalMac reaches for the ball, Raskin leans forward creating an “accidental” coming together of their heads. Raskin leaves the top of his head against CalMac’s face (lower half) Raskin may well take a step forward. (I’ve only seen it once.) This is what triggers Calmac’s angry response.
    Do any of the pundits call out this behaviour? None that I’ve seen.
    If you have any recording of this incident, have a look and see if you see the same as me.
    Had the protagonists roles been reversed, do you think we would have the same Omerta?

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Alex rae has always been a very disgusting vile person he has never been able to play football thats because hes not talented .he also looks like an axe murderer not looking out of place in hammer horror film.his views are only about one thing discredit celtic at all costs .the bbc do stoop very low in paying such tripe as rae .or kenny miller chris boyd or neil mc cann or barry ferguson all these types of people are very badly educated lacking self respect lacking inteligence lacking any kind of talent.they cant accept celtic are biggest best club in scotland by millions of miles.the midden that is ibrox deserves all bad situations they are in because they are guilty of fraud evading taxman and many other dirty unclean schemes they got hands on .cheats comes to mind.

  • BJM says:

    I’m being serious, with a face like Raes he should only be allowed out at Halloween.Under no circumstances should that face be allowed on television screens he would scare the life out of the kids.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Celtic will have to score at least 3 goals on the 30th, the refereeing decisions will be horrendous in favouring the team in blue. This is what the shouting and bawling is about, it is to intimidate any referee with any idea of refereeing the game in a neutral manner.
    The SFA should take the decision to fly in a foreign referee as it is now impossible for a referee from Scotland to take control of the game whilst his or his families safety is in question.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio clyde pundits guffawing a out score on Saturday. Luvly stuff. HH

  • Michael Clark says:

    You often see somebody’s face from the past on London weekend TV and their hosting some bullshit program like blanket blank or family fortunes, and it turns out to be some homosexual who’s run out of money ( job for the boys). Up here it’s jobs for the unemployed Huns. First it’s Kris Boyd, then Barry Ferguson gets a column and now its Alex Rae. For Christ sake spare us, they couldn’t pass the eleven plus between them.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Radio clyde host sounds gutted. Luvly stuff. HH

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Usually it’s a comedy show??? It’s went mammaries skyward. HH

  • James says:

    Alex Rae just off set from lord of the rings no make up required

  • Michael McCann says:

    Does Rae the Screaming Skull have a brain?

  • John S says:

    Jobs for the EBT boys.

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