Celtic Has Nothing Whatsoever To Fear From Ibrox’s Fortune Cookie Wisdom.

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It must suck to be The Mooch at times.

Even as he shamelessly appropriates Steven Gerrard’s title in the Season Of No Fans, it is clear that nobody thinks he has the skill-set on his own to pull off a repeat performance, which is why he’s surrounded by “helpful” people offering him suggestions which range from the ridiculous to the … well, even more ridiculous.

Barry Ferguson’s column in The Record today reeks of desperation and madness. He wants their players to arrive at Celtic Park determined to silence our “baying mob.” And there I thought that this whole thing was going to come down to who had the better players and the more efficient manager. Apparently it’s all about shutting people up.

His article is frankly deranged.

The whole tone of it stinks of bitterness and even veers close to hatred. There is nothing whatsoever in that article which counts as an original thought, or offers us any sort of perspective on what it’s like to play in at Parkhead. He reduces the whole thing to blood and snotters … no wonder his own managerial career tanked.

Even more clownish is the suggestion from Archie Knox that they adopt the “Walter Smith mantra.” As an example of fortune cookie wisdom you would struggle to find something better.

“Win no matter what.”

Well thank God Scottish football has this level of insight, right?

Walter Smith has been gone a while now. His ideas were out of date and seen by the rest of the game as utterly backward way before that. It is to the eternal shame of Peter Lawwell that we gave that guy one last moment in the sun … because really his throwback philosophies are now recognised for exactly what they always were.

That so many within Ibrox still cling to those ideas is revealing.

You can see how they have influenced the style of play The Mooch is trying to implement.

“The idea seems very simple,” Knox says, but that doesn’t quite do justice to it. He’s confused simple with simplistic, two very different things and I’m not surprised that he struggles to tell the difference since he is himself a simpleton.

This is the level of thinking over there.

This is the Ibrox Brains Trust, these guys and the likes of Kenny Miller who, believe me, I’ll be getting to later on today as a result of his latest comments which are quite appalling and slander our fans.

Their club has big problems and this kind of thinking is part of why.

Football is too complicated a game now to be reduced to this kind of stuff … and as long as they are stuck in this warped mentality the longer our dominance will go on.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    White noise, all of it from hun desperados and it will all be rendered completely meaningless after we hump them tomorrow. It will of course kick off again prior to the semi final, but who cares, let them squeal as we lap up our ice cream and jelly.

  • john mc guire says:

    Walter if you can give the baw a good boot up the park and fuck the mid-field then if am asked i will tell them that you have an educated foot or no tacticks we,ll just park the bus ,and remember anybody asks noo and again we won ugly yep a true orange-man who never had a plan in his life .

  • Michael Clark says:

    Yet again the Celtic Blog is reporting on comments made by another ex-pro. It’s Barry Ferguson this time, remember this is a guy who went down town with his Rangers tracksuit on looking for trouble on the same day after Celtic had thrashed them some years back and he’s calling us the mob. Kris Boyd, Alex Rae and now Barry Ferguson to mention a few who are not only making an arse of themselves but their club as well.

  • Jimmy says:

    Stuff them. I would much rather talk about us. Just seen the press conference from today. Calum McGregor, what a guy. I hope he gets the recognition going forward that he deserves. A fantastic player and captain. I thank you Calum for making my times as a Celtic fan special over the last few years.

  • Johnno says:

    The level of desperation within the scum is a wonderful sight and long may it continue.
    Ange has set his stall out for nearly 2 seasons now and hasn’t changed his approach to any game within that time either and hardly going to start tomorrow either.
    Where are the sussed out comments now from this dirty hun thick now?
    The game will be decided by just how clinical we are in front of goal as we have taken the cheating approach of VAR out of the equation, yet the scum will depend upon it still.
    When the scum have anything to offer in footballing terms then we might take a bit of notice, but that still looks a long way away currently.
    Until that happens, if ever the scum cheerleaders are better off with shutting the fuck up and stopping themselves looking far thicker than usual.
    Some free advice for all the DOBs

  • Jimbo G says:

    I just love your descriptive comments on IQ of the PEEPUL.

  • Westcraigs says:

    We have nothing to fear but the sevco officials.

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