Celtic’s Title Party Set To Upset Royalist Celebrations In A Deliciously Ironic Twist.

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A few weeks ago, I said that it would be nice indeed to win the title on Coronation Weekend.

I also said it wouldn’t happen because I didn’t see how any of the rudderless sides in this league was going to stop either ourselves or the club from Ibrox picking up maximum points.

When we dropped points on Saturday that really did look like curtains for the idea.

But just 24 hours later, with Aberdeen neatly dispatching Ibrox’s team and shattering the myth that they are some relentless force (until they play us haha) all of a sudden it’s not just a possibility but a cold hard fact of life.

Coronation Weekend is our title window.

It is exciting. It is also deliciously ironic. If we knock them out of the Scottish Cup next weekend then their wee day of supremacist jubilee is really all they have to look forward to for many, many months.

And we’re not even leaving them with that.

It seems to me that after a long period of denial that finally some harsh realities are starting to dawn on their fans. Nothing is sacred. They should have known when the Queen came to Celtic Park for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, and in doing so caused the whole surrounding area to be transformed, that all the old realities had gone by the boards.

I don’t know whether Ibrox ever had a chance of hosting that opening ceremony, but I know the optics of it would not have looked good; a ground where a massive fraud against Revenue and Customs had been hatched, and people on the board who were there at the time, being given a prestigious honour like that. So it went to us instead.

Think of how gutting, and frustrating, and infuriating, that must have been.

I know there was much bitching and wailing and complaining at the time.

They see our reaction to her death as some kind of treachery.

They will doubtless see our partying on the day of the coronation as something very similar. But as I’ve said on this site before this is a fundamental difference in thinking between their fans and ours.

We are citizens, they are subjects.

My answer to them is the same one Wallace gave just before his execution. “I cannot be a traitor, for I owe him no allegiance. He is not my sovereign; he never received my homage; and whilst life is in this persecuted body, he never shall receive it.”

We were always going to have our party, and it was always going to be sweet.

I welcome the fact that it will be on Coronation Weekend. I love it in fact.

It would have been a wonderful day no matter how or when it was celebrated; that it will take some of the shine off their own, that it will make it that little less worthwhile to them … well that’s the cherry on the sundae.

Not necessary to enjoy it … but nice nonetheless.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    No Coronation Cup this time round, but the League Flag will be more than ample compensation on the day. God save our Ange.

  • Martin says:

    Depends who we and the hundead get. They’ll doubtless play before us, to reduce their bad feeling. They might lose, and then we win without kicking a ball. Alternatively they might win and we might lose. Who knows?

    I personally think they’d be more upset if they lost and our league victory was confirmed without kicking a ball.

  • Johnno says:

    The whole issue surrounding our coronation title party will be how Sky and the police will view the whole situation.
    Believe that SKY had allocated the lunchtime slot for the scum on the Saturday with the day that was in it, but true to form the scum managed to totally fuck that up for themselves yesterday.
    Got to remember that it’s also the final weekend of the EPL that weekend also, so not many TV slots available for ourselves either.
    With all that in mind, I believe that we will now be awarded with having a Friday night slot to the ewe camp to try and get our coronation celebrations out of the way hopefully and still allow the scum the chance to protray themselves as loyal subjects to the butchers apron and a big eared arsehole.
    One think is for certain that our coronation title party will not be allowed to suit our liking that’s for sure

  • SSMPM says:

    Still got that niggling doubt that they’ll have us play on Sunday 7th May not Saturday 6th and given that the Dons dispatched them yesterday at the Pitt, it wouldn’t surprise me that they’ll have us playing away to them or high scoring Hearts lol, hoping against hope that they’ll be our spoilers too.
    It’s not easy to be magnanimous and thank Aberdeen that we have this opportunity for a coronation on that particularly day or weekend. I do though, reluctantly, as it’s so much easier to do so now that Robson’s in charge and not that rat McInnis and that a Celtic player scored the wonder goal to seal the deal.
    It would be good to see Robson continue into the manager’s role permanently with more consistency over the season too. A stronger Aberdeen, Hibees, St. Mirren, etc, beating
    another rat, Naismith, run Hearts into 3rd place regularly could only enhance our league.
    I hope against hope regardless of who our opponent is, and it won’t be the rankers for sure but if it is Aberdeen that we play, that we take the opportunity coupled with the semi win next week of course. Now I know I’d be awake but it would feel like I’m dreaming. HH

  • Jimmy R says:

    I am suggesting our trip to ibrox will be penultimate game of the season when all is done and dusted. We will have a home flag winning party for the last game. Any bets on St Mirren at Celtic Park for the 1st game after the split. Win that and there are no potential headaches of a derby title decider. That will keep the cops although not the royalists happy.

    • Woodyiom says:

      I seriously doubt that our first game will be at home as then we would have to play three games away in a row to ensure that our final game is at home for the trophy presentation – they’ve made a rod for their own back with all this “fixing of fixtures” – who cares if the trophy is presented on the final day or the week before or the week before that etc. It should be presented at your first home game after you’ve officially won it REGARDLESS of who that is against). All this “contrived” nonsense is exactly that – NONSENSE!!

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