Clyde Presenter Uses Ludicrous “One Lap Behind” Analogy On Celtic’s Lead At The Top.

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I cannot abide Radio Clyde for longer than a few minutes at a time, but fortunately there are others out there who keep an ear cocked to the station on behalf of those of us who just can’t, and last night there was a mad exchange between the anchor, Gordon Duncan, and Mark Wilson on the gap at the top of the league.

Wilson, for once, had it right.

He pointed out that the gap has grown.

In response to that, Duncan came back with an analogy so brutal that it sums up why many of us simply cannot get through a single show without wanting to remove our brains and boil them in acid.

“I get that, but if you and I were racing and I start a lap behind you, you’d at least at least take it into account! You don’t get a trophy for it!”

No, you don’t.

The analogy is pathetic. Nobody, at the start of an SPFL season, starts “a lap behind” or even a point behind.

Everyone starts on the same score. What Duncan seems to want is for us to disregard the whole season before Beale arrived at Ibrox and base how we view the whole campaign on his record.

You don’t “get a trophy” for a decent record.

You get trophies for a winning record, and the fact is that the gap is now bigger than it was when Beale arrived, so to use his analogy, even if we take into account a runner starting a lap behind and factor that in … he’s still a loser.

The other runner has still outclassed him on the way to the finish line.

Let me say that again as it’s clearly the gap between what these people believe and the world the rest of us live in; he is still a loser. Beale has presided over a widening gap. He has not kept pace with us, far less overtaken us at any stage.

His record against Ange is two losses and a draw in three games.

Everything else is window dressing.

Those are the facts, and they cannot argue with them but by God they do everything in their power to spin them.

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  • Gordon Ashley says:

    Tbh honest Duncan is very fair and can quite often be heard talking down some deluded hun rants, he’s obviously gona trip up now and again and say something that makes him sound like a zombie. Miller Is a deluded raging halfwit but mostly the show is quite balanced and the Duncan Wilson dalziel trio is hilarious

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      The only way that show is ‘balanced’, is when all of them regularly, completely fail tae challenge properly, the huge majority of rants and crackpot logic thrown at them, particularly from the ibrox support. Ye must be jokin.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Sophistry – The use of random and irrelevant arguments which sound good but do not stand up to scrutiny. Usually used to make the speaker, or their cause, appear in a good light.
    Who would have thought Radio Clyde would continue an ages old tradition, first started (or at least first named) in ancient Greece all those years ago?
    Here’s me thinking that they had advanced as far as the Dark Ages. Catching up on reality will be a while yet.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If these likeminded clowns are tae be believed, ah don’t think we’ve won a title by our own merit for the last 15 years and predictably, ALWAYS lookin for a way tae de-value anythin we achieve. In a word its jealousy end of.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    The pressure is RAMPING up as we zoom in on their ‘Fictitious’ Trophy Haul! We will win the Treble of that I’ve NO DOUBT & EVERYTHING the SCUM promote is under threat! How can they sell ST when their proclamation of Tina’s song looks on a shoogly peg lol! Nxt yr the tearing down of ALL these banners is almost CERTAIN & that will KILL THESE BASTARDS!! A Fukin RANCID DEBT RIDDEN CHEATING BASTARD INSTITUTIONALISED SCUM CLUB.. SOONER THEY DIE FUR FUKIN GOOD THE MORE WE CAN ALL REJOICE WAHAHAHAHA!!

  • harold shand says:

    Pretends to be a Motherwell fan but time and time again the hun in him comes through

    It can’t be hidden , he isn’t that clever

    • Stesano says:

      Went to my old gym guy is a c##k , tho daziel who also went to same gym is actually ok we knew lot same people also he good bit older but I knew some ex pros and others he knew to. He once told me mccoist, durrant and old Walter myth didn’t speak to him cause he praised Celtic and didnt defend ” the rainguerz” enough tho he then said But do call in and say that as I will deny it”! As he laughed but he meant it.That’s is a true story!!

  • Michael Clark says:

    I find it quite amusing if they feel better by making statements like….you didn’t win the game we lost it or we’ll be be a different prospect next time. There’s no question Beale is doing a decent job for the Rangers and he’s get the better of most but there’s one club who has the Indian sign on him….. Celtic. So if it makes them all feel better being bridesmaid, picking up their runners up medal or watching us winning the Championship let them do so but we all know its eating them up inside. I have a guy who stays across the road from me who’s a Ranger supporter and he was cutting his grass on Saturday.He shouted, are you going to watch your team today!? Of which I said yes, I also said do you think you’ll win Today!? His reply…… Na that little Japanese guy keeps scoring and we need your manager to go down South. We don’t need them to admit anything. HAPPY DAYS

    • Martin says:

      Michael it sounds like you and your neighbour should watch the next TV derby together. I’m all for this sort of decent relations between fans thing. Are you sure he’s really a hun? He sounds like he has a bit of insight….

  • Eddie says:

    James stop picking on Beale. The longer he stays the better for us. Hail Hail

  • Martin says:

    Basically even beating them at snake mountain to go 15 points clear won’t change the “he’s closing the gap” feelgood narrative. So don’t worry about it

  • Peter cassidy says:

    All I can say to the pundits Mind That big Gap.

  • Magua says:

    I have no doubt whatsoever, that the Huns will win the much coveted ‘Close-season’ cup. Once the real action starts however, twill be a different story. Things are about to get real bad for the Huns. So bad in fact, that their support will look back on this season, with misty-eyed fondness.

    Hail Hail.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Let’s investigate their financial contributers. Let’s find out if they are part of the laundry machine.

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