Desperation And Hypocrisy In The Air As Celtic’s Rivals Blame Officials For Their Parkhead Defeat.

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There is only one thing more satisfying than the reek of desperation at Ibrox and that is the reek of hypocrisy from that place. Both are wafting through central Scotland today in the aftermath of the game yesterday, and it stinks but at the same time it does smell fine.

I wrote earlier about the media and its ability to spin fiction over yesterday, and the imaginative suggestion that because they weren’t trounced that this is further proof that they have “closed the gap.”

But it’s not half as mad as the nonsense coming out of Ibrox.

They have told the media they will be writing to the SFA and “demanding” answers as to why the Morelos “goal” wasn’t given.

But isn’t that clear enough? The ref thought he fouled Johnson and he went and looked at it on VAR and came back with the same view. So there’s their answer right there and I don’t know what other one they expect to get.

I wrote in August of last year about Ibrox’s obsession with two refs; Willie Collum was one of them and Kevin Clancy was the other.

Why are they so suspicious of these two men?

Other officials have given decisions against Ibrox – not many decisions but they exist. So what’s the issue?

Why are these two single out? And it’s fairly easy to understand.

This will not be the first time Clancy has been the subject of a complaint from their club.

Collum has been the victim of their whinging more than once. Why?

They dislike Collum because he’s a Catholic.

They dislike Clancy because he went to a Catholic school.

There is an undisguised sectarianism at the heart of their attitude towards these guys, and I do believe that there’s a clear undercurrent of it in their decision to “complain” against Clancy again.

I hope they are at least honest enough to say what it is that really bothers them here.

But Kevin Clancy isn’t the reason they lost. We had the ball in the net four times in that 90 minutes.

McGregor kept the score-line respectable.

The Mooch can kid himself that they “deserved something” all he likes, and he knows that a lot of their fans are a willing audience for it … but the longer they are looking for excuses the better.

It means they aren’t dealing with the actual problems they have.

So yes, I like the reek of desperation and deflection.

But more than that it’s the sweet stink of hypocrisy I like best.

For the whole of this season The Mooch has smirked his way through interviews and press conferences praising VAR and praising referees, and we all knew full well that this attitude would only be sustained until something big went against them.

And here we are today with the screaming and moon-howling at full volume.

Here we are today with them demanding answers and casting doubts on the integrity of officials, and the hacks who for ages have been telling us to sit down and shut up are along for the ride.

You could not mark their necks with a blow torch.

For the record, I think Clancy is a dreadful referee and I’ve said that many times. I think Collum is like a bad joke which just won’t quit. But we are consistent in saying this and favouring reform.

What kind of reform would you get from Ibrox right now?

Refs have to declare their religious affiliations?

What a banana republic they would make this game into.

A bit like their own desperate, demented, hypocritical club.

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  • john mc guire says:

    the guy on v.a.r. duties went to catholic school as well .

  • Jim says:

    A Narcissistic Injury had been triggered………..look out for the Rage now! The Blaming of others……The re- invention of The Truth…..The Threats etc etc
    Don’t you just LOVE it……….?

  • S Thomas says:

    I don’t think they will get much joy as the referee deemed it a foul, and was backed by the var officials. I don’t know what they think the SFA will do about it. For the record, I think Morelos goal should have stood but that makes it all the more sweeter. I never seen a foul, and if that was the other way I would have been raging so I ain’t going to be a hypocrite. They won’t get any joy from the SFA on this though.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Spoken like a true hun Sean. I am enjoying your pain 🙂

      • S Thomas says:

        My pain lol.. aye no bother bud. Listen Johnny if that would have been us , we would have been seeking clarification from the United Nations , never mind the SFA. It was a goal everyday of the week. You need to take your green tinted spectacles off once in a while.

        • Martin says:

          It was a pretty clear foul. IFAB and Fifa want these things clamped down on. Doubtless KC was warning the players in the box about hands/pulling/pushing before the cross came in. He had an unobstructed view. Morelos pushed Johnston. Some might deem it “soft” but you can’t see a striker push a defender then score and allow the goal. Had he allowed it I’m confident VAR would have chopped it off.

          The fan’s view on these things is skewed by a hopeless punditariat who don’t understand the rules.

          I do however think sevco were denied a clear penalty 2nd half when one of our defenders yet again pulled the shirt of Morelos. It’s inexcusable for defenders to be grabbing shirts, especially in the box. This is one aspect that Ange and his team really need to fix, I see it at least once a game from us. It’s usually Starfelt.

  • BJM says:

    Refereeing reforms,bring it on happy days.

  • Dinger says:

    Var for a change video all right

  • Jamie Craig says:

    If Johnston had done the exact same thing to Morelos, they would have been screaming for a penalty, and it would have been a penalty.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We are going to get two weeks of this sort of nonsense as they clutch at any straw of comfort that they can to salve their pain. Like the two weeks of gobshite that we have just had to experience, in the lead up to yesterdays game, it is all meaningless, it’s just huns bumping their gums in desperation. All we can do is to laugh at their attempts to change the facts in front of them, I’m not even sure it is worth commenting on, but to a degree it is still mildly amusing nevertheless.

  • Jack says:

    The bottom line is that we have not always played to our best against the Ibrox tribute act. Unfortunately for them we still have the upper hand though. We are due a strong performance against them and they are due an extreme pumping of the first order. That day is coming very soon, of that there is no doubt.

  • Rob says:

    Thought yesterday we were terrible, Mooy was atrocious, coudny pass wind. The whole team was off form except Johnson who was phenomenal. You can see that he played ice hockey when he was a kid, he has the balance of a spinning top, absolutely incredible.

    All that said, we still won and won well. And to quote the great Dylan, from the song Things have changed….. You cant win with a loosing hand.

    Take note all Huns.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    I see their OFFICIAL media partner called Clancy a cheating bastard. Luvly stuff. HH

  • Eldraco says:

    Beat them in the semi final And leave them with fuck all .

    That’s the only thing that will shut them up .

    So what about it bhoys let’s get it done eh;?

  • Peter cassidy says:

    If you push a player in the back in the penalty”area it’s a penalty or a foul”so no goal fat morass has been doing this since he has played for the bigots. Rules are rules suck it up bigots 12 in front 29 goals advantage let that sink in suckers.

  • Mark b says:

    We deserved to win we were the better team. But it was close and Morelos disallowed goal had it been is at Ibrox we would be screaming conspiracy …. We got away with one there I thought it was a goal.
    So the semi final will also be close let’s keep focus and hope Hatate is back we are a different side with him in the ream.

  • SSMPM says:

    Often in Scottish football you get games that are riveting but not particularly silky. That’s what we got. They didn’t deserve to win, they weren’t better than us. We probably shaded it but maybe they might have got a draw for their efforts but they didn’t. Simples really. One shot on target in the 1st half, and that was thanks to O’Riley.
    Anyone that did not see a clear two handed push on Johnston must have been sat watching with Neil McCann, it was a clear push as the ball arrived after tussling with each other prior to it arriving. Beale would have you believe Johnson had the shirt off the buffalo’s back, not so, the pull on the shirt later was worse. McCann said that he didn’t want to see that shirt pulling as a foul either.
    If VAR seen it then it should’ve been a pen. McCann needs a strong panellist sat beside him to tell him clearly when he’s wrong and that’s the rules, both were fouls and what he thinks the rules should be is irrelevant. Imagine that tax dodging cheat as a ref or VAR official. Simon Donnelly just sat there like a fanny as McCann said ‘the game’s gone if you give fouls for that’. Rugby tackles are allowed in the rules of football any longer, like in his day. The things that should be gone are him and his archaic ways. They are both fouls. Jota never touched the ball with his hand so Beale and Tavpen are talking loseball on that too. HH Champions again

  • Johnno says:

    When you are talking about a new scum club built on the back of lies and cheating and wanting to blame everyone else for it, then it’s no surprise that we have to continue with the shite talk that comes out of that shithole.
    To make a full game all about 1 decision not going there way and a 2nd fantasy decision only confirms how pathetic and desperate the scum remain.
    We have far better attackers than the scum have defenders.
    We have far better defender’s than the scum have attackers.
    Our midfielders are better also and only so much stray passing never gave us the total control of the game that we are use to, yet at the same time the scum couldn’t take advantage of our slackness either.
    The scum still remains the masters of deflection away from the truth, we will continue with laughing at the bollocks all of there shitemasters like to spout and continue to show the true masterclass out on the pitch were it really counts and all the while we were nowhere near our best either.
    Them hun scum tears are going to be very favourable over the next 3 weeks added with the stink of desperation also

  • SSMPM says:

    * Correction* Rugby tackles aren’t allowed. Soz.
    Didn’t notice until today, that St. Mirren in winning one game yesterday managed to hump two hun teams hopes. Delightful. In particular, enjoyed seeing Neilson and Martingdale’s sad coupons

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