Dire Clickbait Site Keeps Regurgitating The Same Boring Celtic “Transfer Story”.

Image for Dire Clickbait Site Keeps Regurgitating The Same Boring Celtic “Transfer Story”.

Regular readers will know that I reserve a certain level of contempt for that handful of dire websites which do not provide news but an unrelenting output of clickbait headlines and “rumours” which do not require the slightest fact to back them up.

There is probably no worse website in this whole country for that than the horrendous Football Insider.

That website would be considered the worst of the worst if its publisher did not have a handful of ex-players on the payroll. We’re talking here about guys whose opinions are so discredited and awful that the mainstream press won’t touch them.

Yet those individuals have elevated that site to what the news aggregators call a “primary source.”

A primary source is more “trusted” than a mere blog, although that’s really all Football Insider actually is.

They don’t need to provide a shred of proof for a single word they write, although non-mainstream sites are increasingly asked to provide links to any claims they make. Football Insider should need to do that.

If it did, it would struggle to put up any content at all.

For the past two weeks it has been running the same story over and over again, under different headlines, under a series of different by-line writers. The story is about Liel Abada and how, according to their “sources” – Tam McManus and Alan Hutton mainly – he will leave in the summer because he has fallen out with Ange.

There is nothing whatsoever to suggest that this is true, and seems to stem, in part, from those individuals in Israel who claim to be able to read his mind. Don’t forget that Abada himself has disavowed at least one of those links.

On top of that, I have news for the people who write this dreck; some of us are watching closely and you cannot claim to have an “exclusive” on a claim like this if one of your mates wrote the identical story a week ago on the same basis.

And by the way, this isn’t restricted merely to Celtic transfer rumours.

They have been writing a constant stream of garbage about the club across the city as well, day in day out.

If there is a less reputable website in Celtic cyberspace I don’t know what it is.

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  • John says:

    James to close the gap, they know they cannot do it themselves. So they need to undermine Celtic, by trying to unsettle players.

    They are working from both ends now.

    It will ramp up till the start of next season.

  • Gregory says:

    And The Celtic Bhoys website regurgitates these same made up stories on a daily basis, all of them written by publicly admitted Rangers fan Frazer Fletcher.
    If he’s not writing about Ange falling out with players he’s writing about Hatate going to Brighton or Kyogo going to Crystal Palace.

  • Johnno says:

    When the Scottish Cup is lifted to complete another treble then our attention can turn to the planning for next season, until then it’s remains as nothing more than speculative horseshite with the Celtic boys site possibly the worst of the lot still.
    Yes, there will be plenty of action regards movement in a transfer window, when it actually opens, so what’s the point of such nonsense now?
    Even worse is anyone paying any attention to the irrelevant bullshit now

    • Martin.H says:

      The latest crap from the other side of the city, is they are going to sign Shankland, they call Hearts 500k to sign him a modest fee, for Hearts it’s a lot of money. Their logic is they will get him on the cheap, good luck with that.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is obvious that Tavernier will be getting his instructions from the Sevco PR team, as it is all about getting the fans worked up and on board again in order to sell season tickets. It has worked every time previously as the Gullibles once again will be reeled in and queued up to be shafted.

  • SSMPM says:

    The gullibles will buy the STs regardless of their lying lipped spin spams and white unionist natives (Tavpen thinks he’s accepted as one of them). They’re now increasingly signed up hard line loyalists status has to be seen to be maintained or they’re labelled Fenians and they can’t be associated with winners. HH the Champs are here.

  • Jimmy says:

    100% correct James. They really are silly billy’s if they believe the shite on that site.

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