How Celtic FC Can Promote Responsible Gambling

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Celtic FC is one of the most successful football clubs in Scotland, with a huge fan base both locally and internationally. The fanbase of Celtic FC has brought together people of different professions with different hobbies. One of the most common hobbies is sports betting. Gambling is great entertainment, especially when your favourite football club is one of the strongest in the region.

In this article, we will explore how Celtic FC can promote responsible gambling among its fans and players as well as a possible partnership with GamStop, and the positive impact it can have on the club and its community.

Importance of Promoting Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is one of the right and necessary trends in betting. This keeps the gambling ecosystem healthy and, most importantly, legal. Responsible gambling is an attitude on the part of the operator. After all, a legal operator is aimed at long-term investments in this business. Therefore, they do not want to cause public discontent and a negative attitude toward business.

That is why gambling companies strive to convey to people that the game is one of the many leisure options and not an industry for easy money. Easy money betting is a myth. And the players must be aware of and understand this.

Principles of responsible gambling:

  • Informing players about gambling;
  • Encouraging players to bet within reasonable limits;
  • Providing sufficient information about the game (betting category) so that players can assess the risk of participating in them.

In addition to the general rules that are usually written in the “Responsible Gambling” section, one of the most effective ways is to establish mechanisms for limiting participation and ensuring that a player is self-excluded from an online casino or bookmaker platform. One of the basic and practical tools that can be provided to users is the GamStop program (system).

By promoting responsible gambling practices, the club can help to reduce the risk of harm to its fans and prevent problem gambling from becoming an issue.

GamStop: What it is and How it Works

Responsible gamblers who place bets only for entertainment prefer betting sites not with GamStop because bookmakers like these do not limit their players and allow them to self-exclude at any time they want. However, only players who are able to control themselves can bet on GamStop-free platforms, other punters should use this self-exclusion.

GamStop is a self-exclusion program that is available both on the side of the casino/bookmaker operator and can be activated by the player himself or a member of his family. Self-exclusion programs, including GamStop, are an opportunity for a player to isolate themselves from gambling for a certain period. The tool is doubly good if the legislation allows the possibility of contacting the operator directly to the players but also members of their families. This approach is more efficient because

Users are not always ready to admit that they tend to get a gambling addiction. In fact,  responsible gambling programs are a sign of the corporate social policy of industry representatives. Therefore, such options, simple at first glance, are quite effective for clients of the gambling platform.

Earlier, we mentioned the principles of responsible gambling. GamStop is required for these principles to come into play and not just be part of the policy of online sites.

Implementing GamStop at Celtic FC

Celtic FC already has several betting contracts on its account. Such sponsors are popular but can sometimes cause a negative response from fans. The reason for this is the bad reputation of gambling in general. But such contracts allow Celtic FC to distribute money intelligently and efficiently inside and outside the team. Therefore, it is essential for the management to correctly present the basic aspects of responsible gambling and prove that it is safe and is just a method for having a good time.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote gambling is to promote GamStop on FC media resources: the official website, Instagram page, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and more. This way Celtic can help their fans to raise awareness of the service and encourage fans to consider using it if they are concerned about their gambling habits. The football club can work with its online betting partners to ensure they are signed up for the GamStop service and actively promote it to their customers.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of bookmakers that still are available for GamStop-blocked users. So, it is important to explain to gamblers why responsible gambling is important. We agree that gambling has a flawed reputation in general, but it is impossible to remove online casinos and betting sites from life completely, especially from partnerships; in general, this will not bring positive results. That is why it is important to promote responsible gambling along with GamStop. This will benefit the team’s image and save their large community from betting problems and gambling addiction.

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