The Role of Football Clubs in Promoting Responsible Gambling: A Look at Celtic FC and GamStop

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Responsible gambling is something that we all need to know and understand completely. The goal of this is to protect players from gambling addiction. It is used by millions of people all over the world and it has a huge role. There are a lot of clubs all over the world that promote GamStop and similar platforms. One of the examples is Celtic FC and we believe that this role is massive. If gamblers and bettors know all about responsible gambling, they can protect themselves better and stay safe. Now we will see how and why this is possible.

The Connection Between Football and Gambling

Some of you will believe that gambling addiction affects gamblers only. It actually affects bettors and gamblers at the same time and the numbers are similar. The lack of a better word, gambling addiction means that a person cannot stop placing bets on sports or games. It also means that a player will be unhappy no matter if he or she wins.

A huge issue here is the fact that people with gambling addiction are in financial instability as well. They have a hard time keeping the money and using it on the things they actually need. Financial instability is a huge issue for all bettors and gamblers who suffer from addiction or just gamble unresponsible.

Football clubs have been promoting methods of responsible gambling to help fans and expand self-excluded programs. They use different sponsorships and at the same time ads that should educate people or fans. These ads have been more than just successful they are known for impressive deals and success stories worldwide.

Celtic FC’s Approach to Responsible Gambling

Celtic FC is one of the leaders in this field. They have been promoting responsible gambling for a long time and they have shared countless ads, social media posts and so much more that should protect their fanatics. The goal of this is to make betting safer than ever before and protect the players who now can stay safe and don’t have to worry about gambling addiction.

The club is also known for successful awareness campaigns. More and more people are learning thanks to these campaigns and they know how to stay safe. They know that help is available and it is free.

One of the biggest and most important elements of Celtic FC and responsible gambling is with GamStop. This is a massive and well-known self-exclusion system. The goal is to distance you from online betting.

The promotion and the collaboration have helped millions of people reach and know all about GamStop and how to use it. Players have learned to stay safe and avoid gambling issues more efficiently than ever.

The Impact of GamStop on Football Fans

GamStop is a platform or you can call it a website. There you can create an account that is 100% free and you can choose the ban length. 6 months is one of the possibilities you have. 1 year is a bit longer but the 5 years ban is the most common.

During the ban, players are unable to visit any of the betting sites and place a bet. They will have to wait and work on their gambling addiction. Once all of this is done, the participant will be able to remove the restriction.

Unfortunately, this step is not as easy as the previous one. Leaving a self-excluded scheme is quite a difficult procedure. So you may need an alternative way to play after the break. As an option, you can consider different betting sites not blocked by GamStop or other sportsbooks that don’t cooperate with this self-excluded scheme.

The benefits are massive. It is free so all players, even those who are in financial problems can use it. It has a success rate of over 85% and most players will use it for years.

If Celtic FC starts promoting GamStop more and more, there will be some effects. The main one is the fact a lot of fans will learn about this self-exclusion method and they will learn how to stay safe and how to get free help if that is needed. Players will appreciate what the club does.

The Broader Role of Football Clubs in Responsible Gambling

Football clubs like Celtic FC have a responsibility to promote responsible gambling as much as possible. Celtic FC can be one of the examples of how this is done well and properly. Other clubs can follow the same deal and they can promote GamStop using countless methods.

Football clubs have the right to do this and they are responsible. Many fanatics will place a bet and show that they are supporting the club they like. As such, football clubs need to help those players and educate them about gambling addiction, possible issues, and how they can stay safe. Using GamStop is one of the best methods for all of that and the simplest one for the clubs.


Football clubs have a huge role in promoting responsible gambling among their fans and the recent ban on promoting gambling sponsors on the front of the t-shirts only confirms this. It would reach millions and it would help prevent gambling addiction or similar issues that may affect the fans and the clubs. Celtic FC and GamStop’s cooperation can be one of many that would be extremely beneficial. Just imagine what would happen if countless football clubs were doing the same thing. The potential is impressive and we can even add that it would put an end to gambling addiction in the realm of football. The collaboration truly has a huge potential and you probably have some ideas about how it can become even more appealing.

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