What is GamStop and How it Can Help Celtic FC Fans

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Football betting is a typical activity for fans, especially Celtic FC. No wonder the team is one of the strongest in the region. Therefore, everyone can bet on winning and win real money.

But despite this, many people forget about responsible gambling and do not use various control tools like GamStop. Therefore, we have prepared a brief overview for those unfamiliar with this and who do not understand what benefits it can bring for gamblers and Celtic FC.

How Does GamStop Work?

GamStop is a self-exclusion program that allows you to limit or completely prohibit gambling activity. The system was launched in 2018 and immediately attracted the attention of gambling operators and players.

Players need self-exclusion, but what do operators and gambling platforms have to do with it? This is primarily necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem and promote responsible gambling. After all, the image of an online casino or bookmaker completely depends on the players and users, although there are many good options to choose non Gamstop sportsbook, too. Gamblers registering with GamStop and accessing the online platform connected to this system can request a self-exclusion program for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or forever.

GamStop has two strict and proper features:

  1. Any family member who has passed verification can connect a player to the system.
  2. It is impossible to remove restrictions before the deadline specified in the request.

We can describe the pros and cons of GamStop for a long time, but the main features have been mentioned above.

Why Should Celtic FC Care About GamStop?

Sports betting is the main gambling category, and for Celtic FC it is evident that some of their fans make predictions for their matches. According to a study by the University of Glasgow, around 70% of Celtic FC fans gamble regularly. This is a significant proportion of the fan base, highlighting the importance of addressing gambling issues within the Celtic FC community.

So, along with the benefits of supporting GamStop for Celtic FC, there is also another aspect for this (and many other) football clubs to consider: social responsibility. It is especially important given the sponsorship of several gambling platforms with which Celtic FC has signed contracts. After all, given that 70% of the total number of fans are gamblers, promoting responsible gambling is a must-have. This can help to create a culture of responsible gambling within the Celtic FC community and encourage others to seek help and support when needed.

How GamStop Can Help Celtic FC Fans

As we wrote earlier, GamStop allows you to control gambling activity and prevent problems associated with addiction. Registration in this system will allow you to create a healthy and responsible community of fans supporting their team on the podium and on the bookmaker’s website.

The culture of responsible gambling is the modern reality of gambling. The problems associated with its absence were identified by the UK government and are just as real, and it is no longer possible to ignore them. Respectively, for gambling-related entities (including football clubs, as they often become objects of sports betting) it is crucial for Celtic FC to practice and uphold social responsibility. And, programs such as GamStop and other tools for limiting gameplay are now very much appreciated and used in large quantities.

Celtic FC also remains the central link, which in every possible way can promote the main ideas of responsible gambling and, at the same time, may be of interest to other sponsors. As a result, the team can receive more funds to buy new players during the transfer period, leading the team to win in international tournaments.

As a result, fans will have more opportunities to bet, and at the same time, they will be able to seek help and support when needed.

Final Thoughts

The fans of football clubs are a mirror of their favourite teams. The more responsible and friendly the FC is, the more they are loved and respected by the community. But what if most of these people are gamblers?

The answer is simple. The club management must create everything necessary to express support and respect to gamblers. Promoting responsible gaming and self-exclusion tools like GamStop is the first step but one of the most important.

This can help Celtic FC fans protect themselves or their loved ones from addiction and physical/mental health issues. In turn, Celtic would become a good example for many other teams, and gain a positive reputation. Considering the popular (and unapproving) opinion on Celtic FC gambling sponsorships, this would be a great step forward for the club.

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