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He Might Be An Ex-Celt But Mark Wilson’s Player Of The Year Comments Are A Joke.

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Mark Wilson might be an ex-Celt in the media, but as this website has written before, he seems to take an almost perverse pleasure in giving opinions which you more expect to hear from the likes of Kenny Miller.

When, on Monday, he suggested that James Tavernier might challenge two Celtic stars in the player of the year awards I don’t know which aspect of it I found more absurd; the suggestion that only Hatate and Kyogo were in the running or that Tavernier might snatch the prize which, let’s be blunt, only a Celtic player deserves.

There is no question whatsoever about this; someone from Celtic will walk away with the player of the year award. The only question is which of our players it is going to be.

You could make a compelling case for a half dozen of them.

Taylor has had the season of his career and looks like the most improved player in Scotland. Kyogo looks as close to Henrik as we’ve ever seen, and he will snap up the top scorer award to prove it. He’s already on the brink of 50 goals. Mooy has been a revelation and I think he certainly deserves to be part of the discussion. Hatate has been astounding, and could walk away with it. Jota has been excellent, consistently, and Carter Vickers has been magnificent, of course.

This is to say nothing of Callum, or Daizen Maeda and if you got the award, or could get it for playing just half a season then I think the conversation could not possibly be had without a mention of Alastair Johnston … and there might have been no stopping him.

All of these players – every single one of them – has had a better season than Ibrox’s penalty kick taker. Wilson’s suggestion that he might surprise people by snapping the award up is one of the most pitiful examples of playing to the audience I’ve ever heard of. He certainly does not want to say anything that pisses the Peepul off, does he?

Tavernier hits a good free kick and he scores a lot of goals, which has a lot to do with the number of spot kicks his club gets. But the truth is, he’s not a player who would have gotten into the Celtic team.

Ewan Murray is no friend of our club but he points out that we have, in the last two years, sold two better right backs than Tavernier. There is certainly no question that we have a far better one playing in our starting eleven right now.

He talks about Tavernier’s number of assists, as if that alone should put him in the top bracket. It’s less than Jota has, and Wilson doesn’t mention him as a contender.

And if you don’t want to have a full Celtic shortlist, you would get the front men from Motherwell, Aberdeen and Hearts all staking a far better claim than the Ibrox right back who cannot defend.

In the meantime there is Mark Wilson, who has become increasingly annoying and who a lot of Celtic fans are now questioning. He has his foot in the media door.

He seems to know what he has to do to keep it there, and give him this; he’s going all out.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Soup taking CLOWN & as Thik as a Lorryload full ae Timber! Hardly surprising they put him on Schnide wae Dalziel whose as BRIGHT AS AN ECLIPSE!!

  • paul obrien says:

    Tav takes a great dead ball but cannot defend to save himself.The rangers lose most goals down his side of the park while he playing up the park.First job should be defending

  • John A says:

    To be player of the year a defender has to know how to defend.

  • Eldraco says:

    Taylor!! Have you lost it mate. Taylor is a clatterer of the first order either he clatters the ball into folk or himself into folk most times ! .

    Get real, we can’t have him starting in CL for any money. POTY. Yer dreaming.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Spot on Eldraco. Ange and James must be sharing the same Taylor tinted glasses.

  • Bigeal says:

    Just trying the be relevant game, following Commons Nicholas and the like, pathetic little man

  • Saulgoodman says:

    I wonder how many people listen to that guff radio show , 5.000 maybe 10 too much time on their hands if they do ….

  • Johnny Green says:

    Mooy has only played well for about 3 months of a long season. Johnston, because he has basically just arrived, is the same, so how in God’s name would that entitle them to be POTY contenders?

    • Jorge says:

      Entirely valid comment. In the case of Mooy I fear he might be similar to Tom Rogic; plays well for a handful of games, gets injured and takes several weeks to get back up to speed. Jury’s out.

    • Damian says:

      They absolutely are not POTY contenders. No chance. Don’t think Tavernier is at all likely to win it, but he’s semi-likely to be nominated.

  • SSMPM says:

    I also rate Ralston as a better RB, easily ahead of tavpen, and he hasn’t been a getting a game which is a shame for him tbh. I honestly felt he had more to offer as RB than JJ last season accepting JJ’s pace and WC performance was a selling point.
    However I can’t take nothing away from Johnston, what a fantastic signing he’s been and it’s understandable why he keeps Tony out of the team, though it won’t be long before Jackass et al of daily rankers infamy have him up for sale too.
    I struggle with ‘sold my soul’ Wilson, without ever being a great defender, certainly nowhere near as good as any of the above mentioned, I met him at several Lions charity functions and he was a likeable guy. Once. Ach well. HH

    • Johnny Green says:

      I thought Ralston was not in the squad because he had been suffering from an injury?

      • SSMPM says:

        He has had a difficult 2nd half of the season due to injury but he is back, heard he was back in training and noticed he was named in the killie squad, not sure about any other recent games just before that. I just like the guy and kinda wish he could play LB too as an option.
        Twas a bit tongue in cheek really, though he has struggled for game time for reasons such as JJ 1st half of this season pre WC, injury and now Johnston but I rate him as a better RB than tavpen. Hopefully he’s back as a permanent fixture in the squad.

  • Johnno says:

    Why any ex celt would dress up any scum players remains a traitorous act and have no shame in accepting the blue pound for stating such shite either.
    Is it 5 or 6 goals now where we have been able to exploit his glaring weekness in been able to defend already this season?
    Meada has one of his easier games with able to have this arsehole in his back pocket with continuing to win the battle between the two with ease still.
    Tavpen hasn’t been able to create nothing in 4 games against us and just because he can take a free kick or a peno deems him worthy of any reward is just laughable.
    The only award this dope will receive this season will be the one he’s become so use to receiving and that’s the captain of the serial losers remains the most appropriate tag to lable such an imposter with still.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Eldraco and Johnny Green a couple of Zoomers. Taylor is one of the most improved and unselfish players at Celtic. The only full back who wasn’t up to the job of defending in Europe was Juranovic, He was culpable in the loss of at least 4 goals in the CL this season. Ange saw this and he was moved on, a great bit of business, Johnston in and JJ out plus money in the bank.
    Player of the year has got to be Kyogo.
    Wilson knows that if you tell the truth and you’re an ex Celt you won’t last long in the Scottish Media and he’s prepared to go along with it, along with a lot of other ex Celts in the media.

  • Damian says:

    I don’t think Tavernier will win it but at least one non-Celtic player will need to be nominated. Di Canio won the award for a season in which Rangers beat Celtic four times in the league, Rangers claimed their ninth successive league title and Celtic won no trophies, having been put out of the cup semi-final by Falkirk (a game in which Di Canio was greedy and profligate). Tavernier might be the best non-Celtic player in the league these season. He scored twice against Celtic at Celtic Park less than a fortnight ago. Not that daft a statement.

  • Neil Smith says:

    Authorities will not allow a Celtic treble along with player, young player and manager of the year ie a second treble. I think thats certain. So simply put Tavpen is likely. It’s that simple sadly.

  • S Thomas says:

    Have you ever thought it might just be the guys opinion man jeezo. Tavernier scores a lot of penalties absolutely, but you can’t just say that’s all he does, that just isn’t true. Mark wilson will be a hun now according to some people on here. Me personally I would give it to Hatate, as when he out our team you really notice it, he has become a main focal point along with Calum. Mooy worth a mention, but some games he dosnt get as involved as others for me.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Well colour me surprised, our resident hun defending a bluenose player. 🙂

      • S Thomas says:

        Defending Mark Wilson actually.. if he thinks tavernier is a contender then that’s up to him. If you don’t then that’s up to you. What’s your point caller ?

  • SSMPM says:

    Well well JG – your view of Taylor has improved over the year to an average left back. I recognise your movement on this lol

    • Johnny Green says:

      I wish he had average height along with his average ability as he’s too wee to be a proper defender.

      • S Thomas says:

        Aye he’s about the same height as Ashley Cole, and Billy Bremner . 2 awesome footballers. Height got nothing to do with anything. And I’m aware that Mr Bremner was a midfield player.

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