Ibrox Is In Trouble Because Its Directors Bought Into King’s Celtic “House Of Cards” Theory.

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Celtic lives in close proximity to a club that is every bit as reckless with its cash as some of the clubs in England are with theirs. The madness of Ibrox has already destroyed one football team to play there, and there has long been the suspicion that some inside the club would spend this one towards the same fate.

For years there are people who have accused us of not doing enough to “bury them.” But I ask you; how is that in our gift? What do these people propose we do in order to do that? Spend more? We already spend more. By a considerable way.

The difference is that we will only spend what we earn. What we’re watching at Ibrox right now is the last gasp of a strategy which has been predicated on overspending.

On betting big on King’s “house of cards” theory.

King’s grand strategy was one of the stupidest ever adopted in this country. He “front loaded” spending to “catch” Celtic believing that once his club had that “first title” that ours would simply fall to pieces. Who knows where he got that bizarre idea. It flew in the face of every available piece of evidence. Celtic always evolves into something better.

What he – and they – banked on was that our quest for ten in a row had come to define the club and that once it was over that season ticket sales would collapse, merchandising income would plummet and that the players who had stayed for that tilt at glory would leave once it no longer applied. It underestimated the reasons we follow our club.

Ten in a row would have been amazing. None of us would deny it. But it was just one part of a larger goal, and thanks to Ange that goal is now in sight. That goal is nothing short of making the Survival Lie redundant by overtaking it. Once Celtic has accomplished that the quest is on to hammer Ibrox to the point where they cannot catch up to us.

Their mistake was to believe that “front loading” the transfer business to stop the ten would do the job. They won their title. But here’s the thing; neither King nor their club ever thought past that point. Three things happened which they hadn’t predicted.

The first was that COVID happened, and forced their directors to put money into the club above and beyond what King had demanded for the manager, just to keep on the lights. We had cash reserves. That’s how we survived. Their directors funded their shortfall.

The second thing is that those people expected to get their money back, not only from the COVID campaign but from the front-loading of the transfer business. See, that was always the downside from King’s plan. Eventually it would all need to be paid for. Any club which borrows heavily like that, whether from a bank or from its directors, needs to repay it.

Had we “collapsed” as they thought, we would not have been in a position to challenge them … that’s what they counted on. They counted on not having to do that much to stay ahead of us, because we were supposed to go backwards. From the moment we got our act together they were out of options. They didn’t have the money anymore to match us.

The third thing, of course, was Ange Postecoglou. But this was not pure dumb luck, although we might not have known exactly what we were getting when we approached him. We did back him however, above and beyond every other boss in our history. That we did it whilst posting profits whilst they continued posting losses is extraordinary.

Our club never gets enough credit for how it is run.

We sit amidst a sea of crazy spending down south and a club up here which spent its way to a title believing that it would collapse us. How crazy is that? Crazy enough that we refused to panic and simply kept on course. We allowed them to believe their delusional rubbish … and now they are paying the price.

Rumours continue to circulate that King wants an Ibrox return, and that with the end of his blacklisting period by the City of London that he will seek a seat back on their board. Good. They bought into his lunacy once before.

We can all hope that at some point they are convinced to do so again. This time they are out wiggle room at UEFA … so any risk he takes is going to be on an order of magnitude greater than any he’s taken before.

They know that Celtic will not collapse now. The current board at Ibrox knows that following his plan was folly. That doesn’t mean they won’t do it again. That’s the sort of club they are.

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  • Stephen Adams says:

    I am one of them that thought…. “For years there are people who have accused us of not doing enough to “bury them”.…”…. Not so much out spend them and spend money we didn’t have. But Put our strength into not allowing another bigoted club that plays out of ibrox back into our league or any league.

    Cancers have to be cut…. And they are a cancer.

  • Johnny Green says:

    With as much hope in our our HEARTS as is possible tomorrow, lets see how both CLUBS fare this weekend as Ange’s DIAMONDS go 15 points clear and we pour on their agony in SPADES.

    Will they be able to respond, will they close the gap or will they hit the DECK and SHUFFLE off muttering about what a lucky DEAL Ange was dealt,

    • Johnny Green says:

      Mind you Bealy boy should be very good at brag.

      I’m actually surprised they don’t sing that….hello hello we are the Bealy boys….or has he not been fully accepted into the Klan yet, like their original hero.

  • Roonsa says:

    … the only man who can watch tennis from the sidelines without moving his head

    Lolz. That’s a belter.

  • Martin says:

    King is a liar, a crook and a thoroughly untrustworthy person.

    But what did he say at ibrox? “If we spend lots of money we don’t have we will win a title”

    They spent lots of money they didn’t have and won a title.

    They’re a peepul known for not seeing the bigger picture or learning. Big spending incoming.

  • Dominic Hannah says:

    Would not surprise me if Ashley was brought on board,,hes always looking for bargain basement buys

  • George says:

    We allowed them to breath when we should have buried them and closed the the argument on who they were and what they are . On that we failed and we now live with the consequences of that , so for you to say that it was not in our gift is a ha ha moment .
    Having followed Celtic for sixty years and more we need rid of them that drags us down and allow others too equates us with them . Hail hail

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t see how those EUFA restrictions can be manipulated too much, they’re not the SFA, so surely that limits any risks a coronated king can make. No? Beale stated he has an unrestricted budget but why all the scrabbling for positive news by all the rankers dailys desperate to help get those STs sold and money in early. They have and will continue to have a limited transfer kitty regardless, good enough to help beat SPL clubs but an improved Celtic squad, mibbies fluke one but really?
    A good win tomorrow and a hun draw/defeat on Sunday means a proper coronation celebration weekend looms for the Champions (with a treble on the cards to follow). HH

  • Effarr says:

    The sad fact is that we have been hearing stories of their imminent demise for years now, what with news from “reliable sources”, Ashley’s tanks, confetti shares and cold shoulders but they are still there and show no signs of dying just yet.

    I personally think that they should be ignored and nature allowed to take its course. This
    24 hour a day obsession with them is anything but healthy. Surely there are more important things going on in life than constantly, constantly and double constantly thinking
    about them to the point of hysterical paranoia.

  • JimBhoy says:

    King is a great fit for rangers, a backstabbing, self-serving shyster. I for one love a laugh at how the meeja play up the man who needs his fizzer in the paper every couple of years. He’ll no be jetting in on his own plane that’s for sure (LMAO).

    Anyone who cheats in business many times over should not be allowed to repeat. His shares now diluted he’ll be getting Rat-boy and his henchmen ready and a few choice snippets to the complicit succulent lamb mob to set the great white dope narrative.

    rangers have real problems all thru the business even to the footballing side, they are a mess but I am sure Kingy will highlight that and he and Goughie will be back with a cunning plan and a new deck of cards.

    Case in point from today – Malky Thompson saying the SFA were harsh on McPherson for the headbutt (caught live on SKY too). Any man in their job who assaults another person should have the dignity to walk before they are sacked and charged (if it weren’t polis Scotland). Malky goes on to say they have made further internal steps with the headbanger, doesn’t say what and that the headbanger is an extension of him, Nuff said.!! Rotten to the core but we all know that.

    Looking forward to Kingy jetting in with his half baked schemes to make money for himself whilst using other people’s, that’s his MO. Maybe they will start selling season books for Scottish courts, just a thought. More shares confetti anyone?

  • JimBhoy says:

    As much as I hate rangers I would not want to see them die (well die forever, let them re-incarnate a few times more). Keep the boot to their neck and see Celtic thrive through great attacking, quality football and a progressive business model while we see the scum pick up players in the bargain basement of duds and problem players. Seeing off manager after manager and keeping the Scottish law Society cash rich. Klanbase in a perma-rage with new standards of expectancies when they trash George Sq when they qualify fo the UEFA or get a draw against CELTIC.

    So-called £50m players coming into ibrox on free transfers, great model, what could possibly go wrong. What happened to the Buy young, cheap, sell on at great profit…. There you go Kingy, about time we heard that policy again, freebie from JimBhoy there.

    One thought that has stuck with me since 2011/12 was the big part the complicit media played in the original rangers’ demise. If someone had the cajoneys in the red tops to point out early enough some red flags and it was duly noted (no laughing at the back) they may have survived. Slim chance I know.

    The Klanbase were up in arms with some establishments showing Japanese flags, I wonder if Beale if going to look to copy Ange and look at those markets, the irony. Beale will be hounded out by Xmas, nothing more certain.!

  • Deano says:

    If I had a pound for every time Davieboy looked at me, I’d have 50p

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