Ibrox Midfielder Has Had His Paranoia Stoked, And A Scotsman Hack Is Happy To Help.

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The headline above Graeme McPherson’s recent article in the Scotsman is despicable.


I understand that the article writer doesn’t write the headline (although I’ve been all of mine for years and would never let anyone dictate that to me) but reading the piece itself, there’s not much in it to suggest that he disagrees with the sentiment of it.

“Nicolas Raskin already has the Rangers haters figured out – ‘not so many teams love us’” it shrieks.

The “Rangers haters”?

That could have come right out of one of their nuttier forums. If one of their blogs had written that mainstream writers would have rolled their eyes in despair. Who rolls their eyes for it appearing in a national title?

Raskin has been at Ibrox five minutes.

But the maddest people in that club have already gotten into his head. “I had heard that they don’t like us … all the teams that play (us) try to give their best and they try to beat us. I have the feeling there are not so many teams that love us.”

Fast work on behalf of whoever it is inside that club who feels it is his bounden duty to stoke the paranoia for everyone who comes to work there. Remember Gerrard, with zero experience of Scottish football at all, saying after his first game that he felt that the club had been prejudiced against by the authorities for years?

I mean, it’s pretty clear that the moment someone walks through those doors they are immediately submerged in the madness.

When Ange Postecoglu spoke first to the Celtic fan media, the first question, from the Celtic Star guys, was framed as a warning to him to remember that his only real friends were in that room.

The mainstream press went to town on Dave for saying that … but they do much worse than that every single day of the week, and this is a case in point.

“Raskin has only been in Scotland for three months but has already shrewdly figured out that (his club) aren’t welcomed with red carpets and rose petals every time they pitch up for an away game,” writes McPherson.

Perhaps the reason Raskin is already talking like a ‘no-one likes us we don’t care’ nutjob is that the media seems to enjoy pushing the same line.

When a national title is referring to other clubs as “Rangers haters” and people inside the walls are filling this guy’s head with the worst kind of nonsense, can you blame him for talking this way?

Can you actually hold it against him?

I have to say no, because as much as I find that attitude appalling and even dangerous it’s being stoked by people in alleged positions of responsibility, and I hold them more accountable for that than him.

This is because the Ibrox club is playing Aberdeen next weekend at Pittodrie, and that’s a fixture that smoulders enough that it doesn’t need fuel poured onto the flames.

But look! We’re off to the races!

It’s not enough that someone inside the club has got this guy believing that the Grand Conspiracy of The Unseen Hand exists … but the Scotsman’s writer helpfully agrees.

That club’s problems don’t just come from the inside … there are so many flagrantly irresponsible people in our media who stoke the fire whenever they can and who have fed the Victim Lie until the smoke and flames billow over our whole game.

Sooner or later that’s going to do some real, heavy duty, serious damage.

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  • Michael McCartney says:

    Chris Jack in the Herald had more or less the same article today. It’s unbelievable that a club with the Broadcasting and Print Media along with most of the Refereeing brotherhood in their back pockets can peddle this garbage. More penalties awarded for in the League this season than any other club, no penalties awarded against them. Yet they’re still a long way 2nd, what a great job Ange and his group of Celtic players are doing. They should be praised and celebrated and they will be come the month of May, and hopefully into June.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I don’t see what the problem is, the majority of decent football fans do hate them.

    Let them fkn squeal.

    • S Thomas says:

      There hated just as much as your neighbours when they hear you blasting your ira songs all day ha ha ha h ha ha.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Good comment , Johnny green most people do hate the bastards ,and we don’t care who hates them,the more the merrier,bunch of cheating bastards.

  • Frankie says:

    Well named rashonhisskin.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    What’s the problem? They have a song that says ,”nobody likes them and they don’t care”. They seem to care more than they let on. HH

  • John S says:

    No-one in the playground is very fond of the bully running around with a jobby on a stick.

  • Dolphin Boy says:

    It hasn’t taken RATSKIN long to join the deluded . can he not recognise the additional damage he has inflicted on his club by expressing these petty comments.

  • Sid says:

    I think there’s a couple of factors at play in the minds of the *Rangers MSM fanbase.

    1) Is the infantile ‘most successful’, rubbish their fans have spouted for god knows how long- and the prospect of seeing that accolade taken from them.
    If it should happen, I’ll take far more pleasure from their obvious discomfort with that, than I will by actually being the team with ‘most trophies’ in Scotland.

    2) Is the model TRFC (2012) have adopted of using ‘Fan Media’ bigots, willing to pay £25K for access to club press briefings etc.
    By legitimising those voices, they have given SMSM a benchmark competitor for clicks and it’s seeing both media entities meet in the middle. The red tops have started to argue refereeing anomalies FOR them and release impromptu sexual abuse headlines about Celtic- when most needed, to distract from the on pitch failures of their club.

    We can expect to see more of this, by their own barometer of recognition, they’re going to be displaced sooner or later on ‘trophies won’. They are desperate and can’t operate outside the financial rules as before. Can they even afford another managerial ‘revolution’ if Beale fails? Buckle up for the ride Bhoys.

  • Dominic Hannah says:

    They are schooled as soon as their in the door,,same guff was fed to gazza before he took up the flute,,dangerous to put that into the head of someone who does not understand the true damage and hatred it causes,its not just a laugh as coisty would wined him up and get him into mischief, coisty understood alright,but was he doing gazza any favours,

  • Peerbrady says:

    The filth scum do as the filth scum are the only way to stop it is there total extermination eradication and extinction the sooner the better. DIE SEVCO DIE.

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