Ibrox Will Not Catch Celtic Playing Football Manager With Monopoly Money.

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As an interesting wee follow on to my article of this morning, the one entitled Ruthless Peepul, I thought it would be amusing to check out the forums over the way and see what they were discussing in relation to Wilson’s departure.

You never know when you’ll get some pearl of wisdom. It’s rare. Much less so is finding something so brain-numbingly hilarious that you can’t stop laughing.

There is a flavour of that in relation to who they might replace him with; one name is being mentioned above others, a guy called Paul Mitchell. He was at Spurs when the club interviewed him back in 2017 about the possibility of taking on the director of football role. He, of course, was smart enough to turn it down.

But he’s out of work now, and this – they think – presents them with an open goal. They are just dumb enough to believe that this is feasible. One of their websites has suggested that he’s a good candidate based on his previous transfer market successes.

And what are the successes that it lists? That he signed Dele Ali back in 2015 for £5 million. That he was there when they brought in Heung-min Son for £22 million. And that he was also instrumental in the signing of Toby Alderweireld for £11.4 million.

I read that and almost laughed myself to a hernia.

This is exactly what I talked about in the previous piece; you need to be able to spend huge sums of money on what’s effectively a transfer punt. Dele Ali was 18 when they spent that kind of cash on him.

It’s doubtful that Ibrox can afford to take a chance on spending that kind of cash on a player even if they reckon he’s the finished article … they certainly won’t spend it on hope. And not to make the connection between spending £11 million and £22 million and finding genuine quality on your hands is kind of mind-boggling.

Apart from anything else, he was, as Wilson was at Southampton, working at a club with an enormous budget to spend on scouting and analytics. What will the budget for those things be at Ibrox, especially in another cost cutting year?

Not only are these cretins playing Football Manager but they’re doing it with Monopoly money! They inhabit a complete fantasy world!

As I said in the last piece, Celtic has made big money on footballers – big money in Scottish football terms. But it’s also cost us big money to bring these guys in to begin with, and that’s the part of the equation they never seem able to wrap their heads around.

Abada, Kyogo, Starfelt, Carter Vickers, Juranovic, Johnston, Jota … none of them were cheap. None of them were within the budgets of any other club in the country … including theirs.

What is it going to take for these Peepul to realise that?

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  • Stewart says:

    A few of them players u mentioned about coming in last season was portrayed as us standing still and not being able to compete with them,,strange how the very same outlets are not touching half of the mess that’s happening over there at the mo,

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Their BS is just delusion without a minutes consideration for facts. @ Stewart. And they’ll no either mate. They’ll dae anythin they can tae airbrush the ibrox problems, while just about anythin goin on at CP, will be scrutinised and analysed tae death. It’s always the case.

  • Pan says:

    We don’t want them to realise anything.
    Let them stay in their shadow world until the reaper comes.

  • Allaboutceltic says:

    Well they burst their budget on Kent before, so here’s hoping they continue the trend with paying £5m for Tillman.

    Remember, all the weeble has said that he has the biggest budget he has seen past & present. That doesn’t necessarily mean he has a lot of money. Slippy brought in over 40 players, but they were mostly freebies, lower league players or loans. I believe Windass was his biggest seller at a whopping £1.8m – £2.1m, so when the weeble says it’s the biggest budget he has seen, we could still be looking at £5m or less. Time will tell?


  • Tony B says:

    THEY are far too dumb to ever learn anything, living in a totally deluded fantasy world where they think they are ra peepul.

    Never learn never progress never move on, and the only way they have of coping is to deny reality, thereby condemning themselves to an endless cycle of pain and disappointment; a hell of their own making.

    You would have to have a heart of stone not to pish yourself laughing at THEM every day.

  • S Thomas says:

    Heung min son what a player man, him along with one of my favourites players in the world Harry Kane, are the assist record holders in the EPL. This Halland fella is top class but I would have Kane every day of the week. You are right about 1 thing though, it dosnt matter if they are looking at this guy, you have to have the money to spend on the talent. They have not 1 penny at all. I mean you could get Pep Guardiola as a manager, but it won’t matter a bit.

  • Martin says:

    £5million EPL on a punt translates to about 100k on one in Scottish budget terms. I’m not saying there isn’t a really good prospect available for £100k somewhere but if he doe exist he’ll be hard to find, especially before an EPL club comes in offering 1-2 million for him.

    It matters little, the reasons Mitchell said no last time haven’t changed. He will have been well paid at Spurs so I doubt he needs the blue pound to keep the wolves from the door.

  • Johnno says:

    When you are dealing with so many thick zombie fucks that still believe that 1 still equals 55 only confirms the level of idiotic dopes that many celts have to deal with, I’m blessed not to be one of them thankfully.
    Since the shitty existence of this new club, the old lies and cheating for which the new one was built upon, have still remained firmly in place still.
    There is only so long you can maintain to keep a lie going and the pressure is on now for how long the lie can continue.
    Will forever more claim that the scum are still only in existence due to the helping hand our board gave the scum in the 10iar season and even cost us over 10M to do so in the choas created.
    So from our point of view upon the finical situation it’s OK looking in at the bullshit been spouted and laughing, but we can’t ever been seen as to offering a helping hand to scum which I believe PL is guilty of doing so.
    Now I don’t believe he would ever pull such a stunt again but couldn’t be totally convinced he wouldn’t either.
    So I’m only really interested in what we do this summer as there still remains a requirement for squad depth for CL next season.
    Any other action taken from this board will remain very suspicious looking, especially as I don’t believe Ange has any intentions of wanting to leave us, and yet the scum remain desperate for it to happen still.
    Will be a very interesting summer but before then a treble needs to be won still and that should remain our only focus while the scum can continue to choke on there own bullshit

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