Ibrox’s Elite Players Are Available For Free And Their Offers Are Pitifully Poor.

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If ever football fans have long needed a reality check it is the Ibrox fans and their insistence for all these years that Kent and Morelos were special footballers capable of playing for massive clubs.

When these guys were in the first team, with big contracts, the club loved nothing more than to push stories into the papers about interest in them. We all laughed at it. The idea that teams were allegedly planning massive bids was fanciful rubbish.

Nothing sums that up more than the poor quality of clubs who are interested in signing these guys now that they are available for nothing.

Sevilla in Spain sounds like a big one for Morelos, but I never believed that nonsense. Much more likely is that he will move to Turkey, to play for one of their mid-table sides. Ryan Kent, who is hysterically over-hyped, is attracting the interest of Burnley. That’s about his level; a newly promoted side almost certain to go back down again.

The stories linking these players with eight figure moves were mocked mercilessly by our fans, and not for nothing. Yet their supporters lapped them up. There was a time when they were counting the “value” of their squad and coming up with figures worth more than the whole of our club with the fixtures and fittings included.

The notoriously dire has long had Kent as the “most valuable player in the country.” Now that he’s available for free, where are the multiple offers which bear that out? Where do the people running that site get their valuations? The Follow Follow basement floor? The Daily Record panel of “experts?” Hugh Keevins himself?

As Celtic fans we don’t pretend to be the finest judges of footballers on the planet, but by God we know what it is that we watch every week, and we see almost as much of the Ibrox club as we do our own and we never hear the end of it when these guys have a good game. But we also know how seldom that is. We know how ineffectual they are.

We no longer have to say it. These guys are not going to top clubs, and at their age these will probably be the biggest moves they ever make. These two were amongst the most over-rated players this game has had … and even now they start for the Ibrox club every week. And they wonder why we’re so far in front of them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Every time they put an inflated fee against their players names, their agents were up the marble staircase chapping doors and demanding wage increases that reflected that fee. The huns ended up costing themselves a fortune in wages and are now getting nothing in return for their transfer fee lies. They are not very astute.

    Fkn brilliant! 🙂

    • Nick66 says:

      Bang on Johnny G, their desperation to compare and contrast the fees we got for our players was their downfall. When Dembele scored CL goals he grew in value, but not to the same degree as the PSG, Barca and Milan type of player. We got top dollar for a good few players. However, I think we will suffer lower fees for our Bhoys because of the mad price paid for Shirley and Aribo who have tanked and now we have to build our players worth again. Europe is the 15mil+ benchmark, not as simple as Celtic got 25m we can too attitude. The RIFC thought they could match our “Player trading model” and name a price. Reality is a bitch, reality is 7 out of contact players who if sensible valuations were applied, reasonable fees would be earned.
      Celtic sell well, and Sevco dream of the same and end up with nightmares.

      • Martin.H says:

        Morelos is on 35k a week ffs, somebody at the top of the marble staircase, sanctioned it,why, was it the sell on, which has turned to dust.

  • John S says:

    Even on a ‘Free’ Morellos is a gamble involving wages.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    There’s an opening in KFC Glesca, when I pop in Sat Ngt Blootad Al put a word in fur El Truffalo!

  • Michael Clark says:

    I don’t know if their aware of it but the gap is only going to get bigger. Already Ange Postecoglou is talking about the next transfer window where he’s looking to strengthen the Celtic squad. I have no doubt he has his thoughts firmly focused on the Champions league. This Celtic team has Rangers and everyone else in the SPL tucked away in their back pocket. As for the Rangers this is worrying times. Celtic are so far out in front it makes it look like the Rangers are going in reverse

  • JimBhoy says:

    Morelos will not get his £35k a week elsewhere, he is too much of a red card risk in a fairer refereeing league and it a torn face wee grump. Who’d want that in their team.

    I think he may stick around tbh, would save them a transfer fee and they could herald this as a great success, Morelos can get away with what he likes on and off the park.

    Kent will be average in the championship.

    We are close to seeing the rangers being linked with many players worth jillions who are available free whilst Ange gets on with his player dealing under covers adding more quality first team players and getting top dollar for some of the more fringe players.

  • JT says:

    Perhaps thats why the confetti share issues are out again? To pay Morelos and Kent a re-signing on fee?

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