If Barry Ferguson Thinks Celtic Were “Rattled” On Saturday He Needs A Lie Down.

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You have to laugh, don’t you?

We’ve all chatted to one another, I’m sure, about the nature of Ibrox’s melt-down since the weekend. I’ve got a piece to post later on the dark side of it, but for the moment let’s focus our attention on the funny. And it is funny. It is funny to listen to some of those in the media whose job seems to be defending that club from all comers.

It’s funny to read how completely, and utterly, deluded they actually are.

Barry Ferguson is a case in point. I thought that his article before the match was deranged. His comments on the game itself show that he’s lost the plot completely. He thinks that we were “rattled” by their team. I must have missed that.

How can these people have convinced themselves that but for a referee’s decision that they would have beaten us? Do they know how long it is since we lost at home? Do they ever watch this team? Do they know, or do they just not think it important, that we were very obviously capable of stepping up a gear or even two?

“The frustrating thing is that Celtic were there for the taking on Saturday,” he wrote. If he actually believes that then there’s a spot in the Hidden Hills asylum for him, a room with his name on the door and padded walls inside it.

“Honestly, the game plan worked. It was exactly how I wanted to see (Ibrox) set about their rivals, matching their energy levels and getting in a few faces,” he said.

How astonishing. It’s the first time I’ve ever read somebody whose team have just been beaten claim that everything went according to plan. Except for the result, presumably?

But it wasn’t just the result.

Let me say this again; we dominated possession, passes attempted, passes made, shots at goal, shots on target and we had the ball in the net four times. Now they had the ball in the net three times … but all of them involved a set play of some kind, and if you’re relying on that to get something from the match you’re not exactly playing brilliantly.

He knows this as well, because he admits it in the article!

“It’ll frustrate (Beale that his team) only really looked dangerous at set pieces because, with players like that, they should have created much more from open play.”

But they didn’t Barry, because they aren’t good enough to.

So where was this blinding success of theirs on the day?

They harried and harassed us and forced us to make mistakes. That’s his claim. But let me say it one last time; we put the ball in the net four times, so the plan wasn’t that great, or that successful was it?

And what about at the other end? Don’t our front players get credit for opening that defence of theirs up? No, because whilst he’s happy to praise a midfield which allowed us ample room to get the ball forward, he doesn’t give any credit to our forwards who themselves forced the opposition into errors, but in far more important positions.

Honest to God, the self-pitying whining out of that club is pathetic.

You get the feeling that if we beat this lot ten times in a row that they would still refuse to acknowledge our supremacy and the really incredible part of it is that none of this does them the least bit of good … failing to accept what’s in front of your eyes stops you learning any lessons from it.

And so they set themselves up for the next let-down, the next fall from a great height, the next humiliation, the next day of Celtic glory.

Coming soon, at Hampden.

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  • Tony B says:

    Wee Bankrupt Backpass Barry. Bless!

  • Jimmy R says:

    Barry is happy that his team harried us and forced us out of our usual rythm, especially in playing out from the back. He doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that our press worked better in that we created the 2nd and 3rd goals by forcing errors from their centre backs. In Barry ‘s eyes, their press worked (because we had to work hard to play through it) but we were fortunate (lucky Ange) because they made a couple of errors. He cannot make himself accept that those errors were the result of our continual pressing.

  • jrm63 says:

    Over the past 3 games we have 4 points as opposed to their 1, and a cup, based on a 7-5 aggregate. Thus their annoyance. After the cup semi last year I think we are too focused on matching them physically. Diving in like Starfelt at Ibrox, and O’Riley at Parkhead. Both were completely unnecessary. Pressing can be done without giving away fouls which lead to balls into the box. Their goal in the cup final was a prime example. Pass and move

  • 18871888 says:

    The operation was a success, but the patient died.

  • Olly says:

    I think all the hair dye is affecting his brain.

  • Magua says:

    Stark raving bonkers. The lot of them.

  • Captain Swing says:

    “The operation was a success however the patient died”….

    The best part of this week is that they have learned absolutely nothing and are thus no more likely to win next time than last time. That said, I thought we were well short of our best on Saturday and while you could partly attribute that to their high-press, they only lasted 20 minutes doing that at maximum intensity and after that we scored: our passing just wasn’t at its most crisp and it showed in the scrappiness of the midfield battle. On the positive side, we rarely play like that twice in consecutive matches

  • Johnno says:

    So this thick dopey bluenosed hun prick wants to use rattled instead of sussed nowadays.
    Well how well has take worked out for the whinning ballbag?
    We can still take far more away from the game on Saturday that the scum can still, yet wouldn’t expect the scummy thicks to realise that still.
    Do these dopey eejits expect us to be as loose in our possession of the football, give away the cheap free kicks around our area, defend the deep hoofs into our area as poorly in the semi?
    And all the while able to control and dominant our midfield and able to contain out attacking threat from both wing’s as well as through the centre?
    Maybe wiping the shite they see from there eyes would be a better option than continuing to keep talking shite would be a better option.
    But as we are talking about the thick zombie Hun bastard that may well be to much to ask for still

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Wee Barry:another one yesterday’s men from Ibrox with nothing to do all day.

  • harold shand says:

    Day 4

    They are still acting and talking like they won the game and didn’t get beat 3-2

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Barry ferguson is of low inteligence.he like more of them like kenny miller chris boyd and likes can never accept defeat ferguson has been on many a right good beatings from celtic old firm derbies he should also start respecting celtics very talented players who run rings around rangers breakindown defences scoring goals celtic would have pounded rangers off the park last saturday as they were just warming up

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