If Celtic Lands A Frimpong Transfer Windfall It Will Put Ibrox’s Budget In The Shade.

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I don’t normally like to write articles which are based so thoroughly on hypothetical scenarios, but the story which broke yesterday about Jeremie Frimpong’s agent talking to Manchester United with a view to them making a move for the player, tickled me.

The numbers being talked about are so big that I wonder if the deal will ever come to pass. £50 million? Is he worth that? I’d not have said so, but he’d be going from a top German club to a top EPL one and that’s the going rate when that happens.

Celtic fans can only watch and wonder if it will come to fruition, but if it does the bonanza is going to be unbelievable. Potentially worth £11 million. For doing nothing. When we’ve already had a big pay-day for the player.

That’s crazy, and as astonished as I would be if it happened, it is a tribute to our eye for a player that we might net another huge sum for him after he was only here for a short time. I think it’s fair to say that signing Frimpong was extraordinary business.

If we land that massive bonus, the manager will be delighted. It can go straight towards his transfer budget for the summer. The amazing thing is that this cash, which we’re not even relying on, which we don’t even need, is probably going to be more substantial than what The Mooch is allowed to spend across the city.

All the signs are there that their club is experiencing financial turbulence. The story which broke the other day about new shares being issued was talked up by the media instead of being read as a clear-cut sign of trouble behind the scenes.

More on that later. Oh Hell yes, you had better believe it.

The Mooch is already putting his board under pressure over the summer budget. Think of how much harder he will have to push them if we can hand the manager even half of that £10 million bounty in addition to the wealth he will already have access to after a full uptake of season tickets, possible player sales and Champions League income guaranteed?

In a summer which they are already preparing for by scrambling to drum up interest in the likes of Kamara, Hagi and Barisic, and where his spending will be severely limited if they don’t get one of those guys out the door, Celtic will be able to outspend them by a wide margin. Will The Mooch stand for that? He’s walked out on clubs before because of transfer restrictions being placed on the coaching team … do not rule out a similar outcome.

This definitely would put additional pressure on everyone over there. Which, as much as anything, is a good reason for hoping that it comes off. If Kieran Tierney also moves in the summer window … well, without doing anything we might be able to give Ange the biggest transfer budget a Scottish manager has ever had available to spend.

And for the club across city, that is their worst nightmare writ large as they attempt to build their own side on a shoe-string budget.

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  • John A says:

    Surely the unaffordable insane ebt aided spend of advocaat was the most ever spend that’s unlikely to be passed in near future? But bring it on, the future is bright, it’s green and white!

  • Johnny Green says:

    The Frimpong transfer would be great news and a wonderful bonus for Ange’s warchest before our European adventures, we might even have enough to buy a decent left sided central defender and left back. ?

  • John Copeland says:

    Man ,if Celtic get a windfall from a Leigh Griffiths transaction ,it will put the Ibrox budget in the shade !

    • Zeddy says:

      “Ibrox budget”……….there’s an Ibroxymoron if ever I heard one.

      Ibroxymoron…….. Funny how some things just happen

  • SSMPM says:

    Johnny G you just love it. In truth we’ve spent a few bob on Berna and Boli so no guarantees eh? Taylor cost less and he’s done well as you know but add it all up and we could have bought half a Tierney, nearly. He needs to see out his contract at Arsenal and come home just even if it’s to keep you quiet. Also, beat the rankers this weekend and, mibbies just mibbies, Ange will give us a proper look at Kobayashi over a few games alongside CCV or part of a 3 shoving our backs up to wing backs more permanently. He’s impressed in the short time he’s been on view to us, he’s young, taller and left sided.
    Now onto my bugbear. Spend it on the main stand, finish the ground, increase the capacity, get more fans in, increase the income and atmosphere still further as a consequence and finally have Paradise complete. HH

    • Johnny Green says:

      Bolingoli has gone and we lost money on him, it happens. We spent 4M on Bernabei and we will never recoup that either, a mistake by Ange. The fee however does not mean we should stick by him come what may, we are eventually going to have to write it off and accept a lesser fee when he moves on. We need an upgrade on Starfelt and, like you, I am hoping Kobayashi is the answer.

      I agree on a Celtic Park capacity increase SSMPM, we would all love that, that is all about timing. Let’s kill off the huns completely first before we do that, or get so far in front of them financially that we are not harming our yearly targets and progress,

      • SSMPM says:

        I took my bhoys on an invite under Fergus when the stadium was no even a third built and was halted for a wee bit whilst in dispute with the electricity board (saving about £1 million re the cost of moving the electricity pylon by the cemetery). Big Roy’s mother and mine were friends and my sister worked with her too, sadly all passed, so jumped at the chance of course. I love to see Paradise completely finished, full to the gunwales, before we meet again. Anyway we’ve well and truly got these bastards now, on the park, in their heids and financially.
        The SFA have ensured through bankruptcy rulings that even when they’re deid, a new club will rise again from their monetary failed ashes like an ever repeating zombie apocalypse. All they’ll need again is friendly administrators devaluing the midden for another lodge low life investor to, like a needle on an auld HMV return to the start of the song, start all over again. HH

  • Johnno says:

    Never bought into the nonsense that money can buy success.
    Still takes great skill from a manager to identify a player required for the role needed within the structure of the team still.
    We already have that in place with Ange with enough flexibility within a squad to play any formation that Ange wishes to opt for.
    As regards raising a transfer budget we can still raise more money with our deadwood than the scum could ever raise within there shitty ranks also

  • Adam Thomas says:

    James you take away what the club (cfc) recovered recieved 11m so of he did go for 50 m that means that the money left 39 m .say a 10 %sell on means that is 3.9 m still a good piece of business but no where near £11m

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