In Spite Of Alonso Apology Celtic’s Concern Over Ibrox’s Behaviour Continues To Grow And Grow.

Image for In Spite Of Alonso Apology Celtic’s Concern Over Ibrox’s Behaviour Continues To Grow And Grow.

Ange Postecoglou was asked about the shocking incident on Monday when an Ibrox coach head-butted Fran Alonso. He was happy to tell us that as far as he’s concerned it’s in the hands of the authorities where it belongs and there’s nothing more to say.

The perpetrator himself has published an apology today, at long last.

Out of his club, nothing whatsoever.

Ibrox has uttered not one official comment since the night in question, where their manager told the media that he hadn’t seen the incident but was sure that if there was something in it that the club would launch its own investigation.

We’re four days onwards from that, and yesterday The Mooch was asked to comment. Incredibly, he claimed not even to have seen the incident yet. That’s either a barefaced lie or it is a shocking indictment on that man and the attitude which prevails inside his club.

A Celtic coach who did that would have already been fired.

He would have been suspended by the club on the night it happened and the investigation would have been over already. The SFA’s own hearing would be moot because he’d no longer be employed by us.

Ibrox’s lack of a statement is profoundly shocking.

But it’s their apparent lack of concern over it which is far worse. The Mooch claims that it was “out of character.”

So does McPherson himself.

You know how many times courts hear that?

You know how many times it’s offered in mitigation?

Behaviour oftentimes arises from circumstances.

So how do we know how out of character it is? How many times has he seen a Celtic team score a last minute equaliser against his side? How do we know that he wouldn’t react in exactly the same way if it happened again?

If I’m surrounded by my mates and all is going well, it would be entirely out of character for me to start behaving aggressively.

But if I was in a tense situation and something needled me then I might snap and lose it. Is that out of character, or precisely keeping with your character within the confines of that scenario?

Let me put this another way; he’s clearly not used to the sight of uppity fenians celebrating in front of him.

What was it he called Alonso? A little rat, wasn’t it?

Dehumanising language as well as the attempt at violence, and from someone representing a club which hasn’t even apologised and doesn’t seem to care either way.

But out of character. Sure.

Why do I get the sense that had everyone involved with the Ibrox operation shook hands with their Celtic counterparts at the end and congratulated them on not giving up that this would have been even more out of character?

I’ll tell you right now, it is not hard to understand why people at Celtic are gravely concerned at this stuff. How many times has Ibrox fallen back on the excuse that the craziness of people within its sphere is excused because they were “provoked”?

That’s just another way of saying “out of character” right?

This would never have happened except …

They are very easily provoked if you ask me, and that should concern them as much as it concerns us.

I do know that Celtic would have apologised and that we’d have taken action before now.

Your club either has standards which it holds to or it does not.

It either takes this stuff seriously or it does not.

And we know they don’t, and that’s why we won’t take tickets for their stadium.

Their manager would have us believe he doesn’t even care enough to watch the incident to see what all the fuss is about, even as he defends the guy. That club is dangerous, and Celtic knows it. It is beyond a joke now.

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  • Allan Loveman says:

    His apology was to the blazers at both sfa n at the new rangers board …Frans apology was an afterthought.hes Fae more sorry to sevco fans than Fran ,more sorry to the woman’s game than to Fran ,more sorry to his bigoted employers than the man he assaulted.he will be dealt with with kid gloves at SFA ,four game ban ,two suspended n that’ll be all that happens.they chose the date in the hope it’ll be blown over n the pitiful punishment handed to him will be a footnote.tgry banking on the game in the eighth to throw up something to deflect away from this . he’ll get off basically,thru friends I. SFA n a lodge handshake…read it here first lol

  • Jimmy R says:

    Out of character can be taken with a pinch of salt. If it were really out of character, he would have apologised profusely by, at the latest, Tuesday morning. As things stand, it looks as though this apology was dragged out of him.
    The silence from the club, most famous for the frequency of its statements, speaks volumes for their postion. They hate to be seen (ironically) to be indebted to anyone.

  • SSMPM says:

    As I just commented on in the previous article – sly tv report that he apologised for an “alleged headbutt”. What a strange way to report a “definite headbutt” that he’s now admitted and very loosely speaking apologising for. Beale says he hasn’t yet seen the incident either, what a fanny. They are all in it together and beyond reproach as no evident apology from the lodge club. Slice them in two and see Bigotry written top to bottom. HH

  • Frank says:

    am glad none of there lot are getting into celtic park next week. A would go stage further and tell there directors and any of the other hangers-on not actually part of there “coaching/management staff” or player squad they are not getting into the ground either.

  • Eldraco says:

    Beale is a liar, proven to be so historically and continues in the vein.

    A fool, charlten,and imposter rolled into a fabrication who will be found out in his next season at the hideous odious crumdledome

  • harold shand says:

    Attacking someone from behind is a c*nts trick and it’s him that’s the rat for doing it

    Fran should’ve told him to go f*ck himself and stick his apology up his a*se

  • john mc guire says:

    This mob adored the coach driver no because he could handle a coach , because he was a filthy orange bastard and every opportunity they could get to tell everybody how he was a rangers man i hope he is burning in hell .

  • Tony B says:

    Beale is lying and everyone knows it, but like Johnson and the other fascists, it doesn’t matter to them.
    Re the ned that committed the assault on Fran, his “apology” was clearly written by a PR man, and his action was entirely in character and befitting an employee of the fascist klub that pollutes our sport.

    They are truly the scum of the earth.

    • Frankiebhoy says:

      If I worked on a building site and only met another worker once and he headbutted another worker how would I know if it was out of character Beale seems to think he knows the guys after one meeting list hh

  • SSMPM says:

    Fran has shown how a manager should behave and with dignity has accepted the apology. Has the bigot doll throwing thug apologised purely because he’s been caught hands down on tv with no get out clause, absolutely and not before time. Haven’t heard an apology or even an acknowledgement from the lodge club or beale and absolutely that speaks volumes for their lack of dignity and disregard for sporting integrity.
    Personally I’d have preferred Fran, with Celtic’s backing, to tell him his apology was unacceptable late and insincere as to whether it’s genuine or really only as a result of being caught, clearly a slur on and damaging to the womens’ game. If he’s genuinely sincere and remorseful he should resign his post. So what is his priority in this matter? Again we can see clearly what and who he’s representing here once again by his actions. Himself. HH

  • John S says:

    I don’t see why an assault at a football ground is treated differently to an assault elsewhere.

  • Roddybhoy says:

    I’m genuinely concerned about our players and staffs safety at the upcoming game at Ibrox. By the time we play them there, we may have already knocked them out the cup. We may also be champs or just about to clinch title. Can u imagine the hate and anger towards us that day…and say we are getting the better of them on the day and beating them . Not too hard to imagine something kicking off with the hateful idiots that day. Would they try an mass to get on the pitch to get at our players . Honestly hope not but they are at fever pitch just now and things might get worse for them in the coming week .

  • John A says:

    Beale can’t be telling the truth, he hasn’t seen it! Come on! Anyone that walks up behind someone and headbutts them is a ned, I have never known anyone do that out of character. They think they are above apologising, they think they are above everyone, they aren’t even above us in the table never mind anything else. A shower of hateful neanderthals

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Means nothin for this arrogant bastard tae lie and say he hasn’t seen it yet. Arrogant bastard managin at an arrogant club. Perfect match. As for the apologist, means even less. Was given only because of the bother he’s in and nothin else. Whit a fkn crowd.

  • Willbhoy says:

    If he apologiesed right after he had done it, then you think it would be genuine, but he didn’t, so in my opinion it wasn’t genuine. Probably waited for his boss to order he apologies arsehole

  • SSMPM says:

    @John A. Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid manager at the time, also from behind gouged at the eye of Pep’s coach Vilanoua at Barcelona some years ago. There were no police charges there either, can’t remember if there was any Spanish FA ban, if so it wasn’t for long. Strangely enough Real are the favoured institutional club in Spain.
    This idiot will probably get away with a short rap on the knuckles. He’s now, eventually admitted it so learn from it, be a man and resign.

  • Christina says:

    I totally agree with you, James that club and its disgraceful supporters are dangerous. They’re getting more so with every assault on our players& staff emboldened by the sure and certain knowledge that there will be no consequences for their actions. Their deep &visceral hatred of us really knows no bounds and we all know this goes well beyond football. I share the concern Roddybhoy expressed above about the safety of our players &staff at the next Ibrox game between the teams. They claimed to be unable to guarantee the safety of Sutton & Lennon when they were scheduled to be there on pundit duties. So imagine if the situation is as Roddybhoy outlined above – are they going to guarantee the safety of all Celtic personnel that day? Indeed, can they even give that guarantee? Look at what happened there last time. Our players and staff were assaulted and/or placed in jeopardy! The club has had to refuse the ticket allocation over concerns for fans’ safety and must have real concerns over the safety of players & staff. I really think Celtic has to get in front of this situation should events pan out as discussed. They have to insist on a meeting of all stakeholders in order to put a security plan in place. The Ibrox fans are out of control they cannot be trusted, and neither can their board. Therefore, a comprehensive security plan is an absolute must before someone is seriously injured…..or worse!

  • Thomas Daly says:

    What do u expect from peepl who are uneducated scum,police scotland should be in olved

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