Kris Boyd’s On Air Grumping Was A Sweet Sight For Celtic Fans Watching Sky Today.

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Here’s the trick that Ibrox missed; you do not ban journalists from your ground, on some flimsy pretext or another. If they represent your rivals, or you get the idea into your head that they do, you make sure they are there as often as possible, sitting in the dugout, forced to cover your team. And then you win every match that they sit through.

Of course, you need a team capable of it and it helps if your own club is winning everything in sight. If you can meet those objective conditions then it must be excellent knowing that he is up there every week, gurning and grumping through your moments of glory.

I hope Boyd is working next week. I hope he’s at Celtic Park with his face tripping him, as it was today. That was the highlight of the weekend, watching him at half time, trying to maintain some veneer of professionalism, which is hard enough for that clown at the best of times. But when Celtic get decisions or win late it is astonishing to watch him.

And not a little amusing, if I’m being honest.

He sat through the half-time discussion radiating fury. He could not have kept a straight face if were holding a gun on him off camera. He is simply incapable. I laughed most heartily when he made his quip about our fans and Ange saying that “no-one will be complaining about officials this week.” Except he already was, and plenty are ready to join him.

His lack of restraint is actually extraordinary. What must neutrals think watching this guy, behaving like a child in a strop because we got a decision? You don’t seem Jamie Carragher having a dig at Manchester United every time he’s on the telly do you? You don’t seem him having to battle his emotions as he watches replays of their goals.

I don’t like Boyd, of course, and no amount of days like this are worth seeing his face on the telly or listening to him mess up the English language in that way he does which I frankly think is an embarrassment to Scotland. “You couldn’t get a more clearer decision” he said at one point today and I was actually biting my fist.

He’s like a guy who has sneaked into the studio and captured a microphone from anchors too stunned to take it away from him, and although today was one of those times when I can stomach him, because he looks like someone fighting manfully not to be sick, I maintain that he is way too stupid and biased to be working in the media.

Nevertheless, it was definitely fun to see him today trying to speak in complete sentences whilst his tiny mind was churning with conspiracy theories and festering rage.

I treasure those afternoons when he looks as uncomfortable in that role as we feel watching him in it.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    It was hilarious I thought monster munch was going to spontaneous combust and Stan McFadden even wee hun eiligh could not keep a straight face it was glorious

    • larsson7 says:

      The guys a bigot.
      How he ended up in the position hes in god knows.
      He is not the brightest bean in the pot.
      I cringe when I see him on,what people down south think of him is anybodys Guess.

  • SSMPM says:

    Like many I don’t watch sly tv but if the Blob’s unhappy, we’re all happy.
    So 2 home games, we’ll defo need to play a stronger midfield next week, and 1 away to Killie before they rig the post split fixtures. C’mon a Hoops. HH

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Looking forward to next week on radio clyde. No “six points in it” pish, from shug. We’ll have to play at the same time, for a change. HH

  • Voice of Reason says:

    He’s a FAT THIK CUNT, Can’t wait tae watch him Fukin SQUIRM nxt Sat when we go in 3-0 UP at HT agane lol! The FILTH IMPLOSION is IMMENENT, sit back & watch the wee Union Pussies throw their Broxi Bears oot the pram WAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Tam says:

    When CELTIC get a decision that could have gone either way, Pundits and the smsm all try to make out as if CELTIC cheated. Those very same people when “the rangers” get a decision that could have gone either way. Try everything to justify why it was correct.
    If it goes against CELTIC we are told by them “rules are rules” Barnabei, O’Reilly penalties for example.
    I wonder what they would say if a decision went against “the rangers” mmmmm

  • John S says:

    If Boyd wants a complete overhaul of the bent ref and var systems, I’m all for that.

  • Robert Meighan says:

    It is quite ridiculous that this guy was given a pundits job in the first place, sky must have been scrapping the barrel when they got this numpty, his demeans would sour a pint of milk

  • Geoff says:

    Pretty sure they will be fighting on Clyde to see who can call it “Howler of the weekend”.
    My money is on Halliday.

  • Johnno says:

    This fat and ugly hun prick was the biggest cheerleaders for the introduction of VAR into Scottish football.
    Now he’s claiming it’s just a shambles.
    The biggest shambles on view is how his interpretation of the decisions given.
    Can never hide his bias views and always a great sight to see him squealing like the pig he remains.
    Scottish football will always lack creditabity when such an eejit is allowed to spout his shite talk

  • Johnny Green says:

    His expressions are priceless, great viewing and worth the Sky subscriptions alone. It’s Andy Walker that annoys me more.

  • Effarr says:

    Walker wasn’t any better than Boyd when he claimed that the penalty was a ridiculous decision.

    At least Boyd doesn’t hide his allegiance but Walker and his kind can’t hide their sleazy, cowardly sycophancy.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ effarr. Actually turned the sound down after our penalty because walker pissed me aff so much. Didnae want tae hear him. Quickly losin respect for the guy.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Malky McKay was already on Sky afterwards greeting like a big wean about the penalty and telling lies into the bargain. He said players stretching their arms outwards while jumping was only natural and that it was impossible to keep their arms at their side, or words to that effect. The lie though was that the defender didn’t jump, his arm was outstretched in an attempt to shove CCV out of the way of the flight of the ball. What a whining twat and just as bad as the Edinburgh pair,

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ JG. He was at it on the radio as well. Greetin and complainin about the incident. If his ‘tactics’ were so effectual, ye would think his team would be further up the table and no starin at relegation. Moanin faced bstrd.

  • John says:

    Live down south. Engerlish fans love him. They thing he is an idiot. They asked if he ever played football as his knowledge of the game is zero. They say he is funny as fleck. They can tell he is anti celtic?

    Made a good point about a previous game (not celtic) where a clear pen not given. But what he should have compared was pens against celtic which were given. Would have been more appropriate.

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