Let’s Wait And See Who Would Support A Guard Of Honour For Celtic At Ibrox.

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The one thing about flapping your trap is that when you do so as frequently and with as much consistency as Ibrox does you get yourself into bother. One of the things we hear out of their mouths a lot these days is how they are a club with respect and how they follow standards and how they are some sort of paragon of virtue.

When The Mooch famously allowed Thistle to score a goal after his own player had cheated his way to one, there was a huge online flap after Chris Sutton claimed that he would not have done so had the game been against Celtic.

This led to The Mooch actually picking a fight with our former striker, apparently ignorant of his sweeping command of radio, TV and the print and online media. During that period, he defended the “integrity” of his club.

Well we might find out what that integrity is worth, and the media should be going all in to make sure that we do. Because their own integrity should be called into question if they don’t.

The game at Ibrox will be played after we’ve been to Tynecastle, of course. I wrote about this earlier. But it will most probably be played on the very next fixture after we have been crowned champions.

None of our fans will be there. Relations between the clubs are at rock bottom. What a gesture, what a symbol of tolerance, it would be if the manager and his players gave us the traditional guard of honour and applauded our title winners onto the pitch.

It’s a sporting gesture as old as the game itself. And if the media really cares about taking the temperature down a notch or two, or promoting better relations between these clubs, all the better to solve the ticket impasse, then this is something they should be actively encouraging and banging the drum for and putting pressure on Ibrox over.

Because let’s face it, you know and I know, we all know, that the media would do exactly that to us if we were in that position. I am tired, as we all are, of the media and their double standards.

I am tired of the way they allow that club over there to talk out of both sides of its mouth. You either believe in this stuff or you don’t You either subscribe to the notion of a better, more tolerant, football environment or you do not.

That game will be one of the ugliest experiences, and most degenerate atmospheres, which our footballers ever play in. The very air will be toxic. A gesture like this from Ibrox would not make it less so, but it would be a step in the right direction, and something to build on in the future. If they have the guts for it. If the media demands it.

Or they can continue to express contempt and disdain for us … and we’ll move into the next phase of an increasingly bitter stand-off. Which apparently all in the press corps wants to see end.

Well, we might find out how serious about it they are.

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  • Adam Thomas says:

    More chance of Lord lucan riding shergar round the park being applauded by Micheal Jackson and elvis .NO CHANCE.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Not a snawbaws chance in hell of that happening in the cauldron of hate.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s security guards our players will need not a guard of honour. They have no honour and we don’t need any false recognition from any of their bitter players. The very same ones who did not wait to see us collecting our League Cup winners medals, bitter losers every one of them.

  • Johnno says:

    Must admit to being very surprised with the fixtures after the split.
    For 3 weeks running we have been handed the opportunity to smash this Hun and DOBs culture to pieces.
    A 3 week party, starting this weekend, so very surprised that such a prospect was potentially been allowed to happen.
    Or is the flip side of trying to contain the celts joy tried to be put into play?
    Maybe the police are looking forward to the overtime to pay for there summer holidays?
    Strange set of circumstances have arisen and arguably not very well thought though I think.
    Yet the thought of smashing huns 3 weeks running is a fantastic opportunity that we can’t and shouldn’t take full advantage of either and celebrate wildly in doing so at the same time, can’t wait.

  • Stesano says:

    Ha ha can you imagine it ha ha they riot tho they don’t need much to do that is all they are good at!! “World record holders for invading parks”my Dad use to say and he was spot on!! It’s fact! Also the BBC full of ex hun ebt recipients tax man should be collecting their cheques from the organisation thank God I don’t pay that licence! So between and the general msm there no chance!! Ha ha Who care another TREBLE incoming!!! They can do as they like we just CELTICBRATE! AS PER!

  • Stesano says:

    As Glasgow is ” GREEN AND WHITE”!

  • YYY says:

    Not so long ago this same situation was rejected and not honoured, so why would you think that it would be honoured now? A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    No chance, their supporters would make their displeasure clear, thank goodness the 750 Celtic fans won’t be in the cauldron of hate, they would be in life threatening danger and I hope the SPFL can be certain that the security is in place to protect the Celtic players and backroom staff from assault.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Thankfully I’m in Thailand fur a Mth & will not see any Knuckodraggin SCUM Greetin & claiming they’re STILL RA PEEPUL LOL! If the FILTH were 13 pts clear NOT A FUKIN CHANCE IN HELL their 1st games away fae hame!!

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