McCoist’s Whining Over Celtic’s Possible Coronation Title Party Is Just The Start Of It.

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If Celtic does look as if we’re heading into the weekend of the coronation with an opportunity to sew the title up, you can believe that Ally McCoist will not be the only person squealing like a pig. His comments to Chris Sutton last night were extraordinary.

Regular readers will be well aware of how I feel about the whole Royal Family nonsense.

We’ve wasted enough of our national attention on this anachronistic clown show.

The idea that we should suspend our football season again to accommodate that part of the population which wants to fawn over the new king … well its absurd to most normal people.

McCoist says people want to be able to watch it. That’s not up for debate, and nobody is telling them that they can’t. He says it’s not something people get to see often, and once again he is correct. But that’s what’s great about people having the choice. If they want to spend their weekend watching the coverage on the telly they can do that.

I don’t know many Celtic fans who will be watching, whether it’s a title weekend or not. If it is a title weekend, then I would guess the number of fans who will even care about the coronation will be virtually nil. So McCoist is proposing that we suspend the title party for something our own fans aren’t even in the least bit interested in.

But of course, what he’s really suggesting is that we put off our party so that they can have theirs. As I’ve said, nobody is stopping them from enjoying that day … except they can’t stomach the thought that we might also be enjoying it but for a different reason.

That’s worth thinking about, right? Even this boils down to their obsession with us, even the coronation becomes something where they find it impossible to celebrate it properly unless we are being force-fed it … and the idea that we might have our own celebration that same day robs theirs of its power and renders it null and void.

The only reason more of them aren’t climbing the walls over this is that they don’t believe the title will be decided that weekend. You’ll notice that they aren’t stamping their feet over the mere fact of football having to be played, although McCoist was careful to have a wee whine about that as well. But the general outcry is on hold until the picture is clearer.

But if it turns out that the title will be won that weekend, that’s when the madness will start. This when the club statement will be released, that’s when the pressure on the governing bodies will start for real.

You can set your watch to it.

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  • Dinger says:

    Another son of Pinocchio

  • Jimmy R says:

    We won Lizzie’s Coronation Cup and it stuck in their craw ever since. If we were to win the league on Charlie boy’s big day they will choke on their coronation chicken sandwiches. There are times when Karma is just beautiful although I have serious doubts about everything falling into the right place.
    We can smile in the faint anticipation of a unique royal double.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    If you have the time. Watch this doco, instead of the Coronation replay. Tony Robinson is a friendly, amusing, likeable character. Tony sums up Royalty as fragile. Scotland could have been Catholic and Independent?

  • Johnny Green says:

    Celtic being crowned Champions two years in a row will easily trump Charlie’s unearned crown.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Tony said Independent. Not certain about Catholic. Before the Scottish reformation
    we know…..

  • scouse bhoy says:

    sky sevco will have to break with tradition and move their game to the sunday.

  • SSMPM says:

    This has got to be April Fools day.
    Firstly this idiot proclaiming that because he loves a man, freedom of expression I’m all for, but that his love means all football should be cancelled.
    Secondly my wife telling me that auld charlie’s in hospital having had a serious korma.
    Thirdly a friend just txt me to say that sly tv have a breaking news item at the bottom of their screen stating that – ‘the rankers assistant coach craig mcpherson apologises for alleged headbutt towards Celtic head coach Fran Alonso’. Can’t confirm as I got rid of sly tv years ago but just had it confirmed by a cousin also.
    WTF – How can you apologise for an alleged headbutt. It’s either an apology for a definite headbutt or it’s not an apology at all. “Allegedly”, oh my days. If true, the rankers, he and or sly are at the piss and it simply shows the contempt, disrespect and disregard they hold everyone in. They have and are showing it not only to us, but as if that’s not funny enough for them, to Women’s Football and football’s authority in the game. Just highlights how seriously they take the matter, football and how highly they are embroiled in bigotry first and foremost particularly when the Womens just accepted sponsorship for their League from Parks business group.
    I hope today of all days Celtic and Fran have the nous to see through this and do not accept that apology for the alleged assault. C’mon Utd make my day. HH

    • John mcghee says:

      Sorry mate but celtic will except it because our board are full of COWARDS our players have been assaulted coaches and bottles golf balls lighters tossed at us and our players on the park at cheating liebrox glass tossed at joe hart box so he can get hurted and guess what whit the the fuck did our board do took it behide closed doors at hampden dirty shower tory bastard not interested in us fans our players only our money honest we need that board out now why did the man who tossed 10inarow away just to save the blue pounds eh p.lawwell should be no were.near paradise the rat has not to be trusted anymore get all that board out before its to late and.let the newco take over and im not kidding on either honest.

  • SSMPM says:

    @John mcghee. Of course, we knew they would accept the apology, but I wish they hadn’t and stood up against the sly sleekit backbutting bastard and the cheats over the city. But this is the game of football, football in Scotland. We also know why they accepted it and simply put bar a revolution or civil war with the unionist brotherhood it always will be that way. Celtic don’t hold any power when it comes to the SFA and are unable to stand up and enforce our, the fans, will. Celtic hold influence, they are contributors and nothing more, simply a member club. The institutions, SFA included, are run by the lodge brotherhood and that’s the way until challenged by some independence, or with lives being the sacrifice as happened in Ireland, Michael Collins and all.
    Just in the same way in Scottish football, the Celtic board hold the power at club level over the fans, we are only contributors, shareholder members or season ticket holders. Unless we rise up and dethrone them that will be the way.
    For all the anger we have few in numbers that will revolt, the Trust having board representation is our way forward for now. Our fans have high expectations of our board but truth is most are unrealistic. It is what it is bar a civil war and simply put we Scottish Celts are not as brave as the Irish Celts who stood up and took as much independence back as they could. Misplaced anger only hurts the angry. HH

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