Miller’s Comments On Celtic Park Are Shocking. The Media’s Spin Is Even Worse.

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Kenny Miller was on a radio station down south this weekend as he continues to grow his media profile, another in a long line of talentless clods given their start by virtue of having played football at Ibrox and hankering after a return there one day.

You know, I used to like this guy.

For the first couple of years after he left Celtic, even whilst he was still at Ibrox, he spoke about our club with the utmost respect and never had a bad word to say about his.

But perhaps that was his putting on a show. Or perhaps he’s simply putting one on now and pandering to the lowest common denominator.

I really don’t care what it is.

Recently, he’s rushed to embrace the hateful persona of almost every Scottish based player who ever spent time over there.

Today he could have talked about the football, the spectacle, the way the game will present the two best teams in the country and maybe he did that but above it and around it and run through it was the desire to push Ibrox’s narrative about this “mutual decision” not to take tickets for the game.

Oh he didn’t discuss that at any length, but when he talked about the alleged behaviour of our fans towards McCoist the last time he was at Parkhead he knew what he was doing. Presenting the audience with an image of Celtic Park as an unsafe environment in the way our club’s decision to refuse tickets for their ground labels theirs that way.

The difference is, their ground is. As has been demonstrated in a recent court case and several other high profile incidents. It is at Ibrox, let’s not forget, where they refused a broadcast journalist entry on the grounds that they were unable to guarantee his personal safety. Perhaps Miller wants to come and check out the cut on our coach’s head?

His is a particularly slippery, and insidious, claim which the media, of course, has amplified to the max. They are screaming of how McCoist was “threatened at Celtic Park” but Miller, whose comments are bad enough, doesn’t even say that.

Those headlines are even more disgusting because they don’t have a direct quote from McCoist to that effect but a second hand one which says he “felt” threatened, not that he actually was. That’s an important distinction the media never bothered to make.

Miller didn’t care about the perception or the spin. He set out to be as inflammatory as he could be short of branding Celtic Park a free-fire zone and the media did the rest.

But honestly, if these Peepul want a discussion about stadium safety then I’m all for it. Even better, let’s have a chat about how they treat the media. It’s not our club which has a history of intimidating journalists or banning them or charging them at press conferences … we’re game any time someone wants to have a proper debate on these issues.

In the meantime, Miller continues to sink further and further in my estimation.

That was a gutter-ball today and he ought to be ashamed. But if he had any shame, of course, he’d never have said such a stupid and irresponsible thing in the first place.

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  • Andy says:

    The only issue I have with this article is the reference to quite liking Miller. He is a revolting individual and was a filthy dirty player – his attempt to virtually decapitate Stuart Armstrong is the worst attempted foul I have ever seen. Thankfully, Armstrong saw it coming and jumped out of the way. That Miller escaped without even a caution is startling, even by the establishment’s referees’ standards. And remember, that was a Scotland team mate!
    He then had the gall to claim Jozo’s perfectly timed – tackle of the century, in my opinion – intervention exhibited “excessive force”. That proved to me what a hateful, odious individual he is and confirmed that he has the intellect of a slow-witted amoeba.
    And to out the cherry on the cake, he recently admitted to thinking about returning to Ibrox whilst signing his Celtic contract. There are a few of “them” that I hate more, but not many.

    • Jamie Ferguson says:

      It’s time Celtic took a stand against these clowns creosote Kenny spouting crap and the media believe it. Michael Nicholson needs to tell the media why no tickets have been given to the scum and why our support and Celtic FC employees aren’t safe at ibrokes, the media have forgotten how ? Scotland found weapons that the onion bears planted for the last derby game so how they can say that they’re unsafe at park head is just utter bs.

  • Johnno says:

    So peanut head trying to push this bollocks of we are just as them.
    Typical horseshite from the zombie moon units.
    Billy big balls my hole, they shat there shorts when facing us last time without there scummy DOBs in attendance and remain shit scared of another repeat performance which I believe will happen again

  • Jim says:

    I’ve never liked the weasel ,, even when he played for us

  • Stesano says:

    He is a halfwit!! And a weasal he owed my friend money for a case of iron brew!! At his Bothwell fish and chip shop for months!! We chancer would still come into his shop to ! I would’ve embarrassrd the Hun big time if it was my place! Listen everyone know they are vile poisonous filth they invaded ever park in Europe Hampden on 6 occasions at least even fir park!! Ha hait’s their onky workd record they have! As my Dad would say. They also wrecked cities ,mayor of Barcelona told you how he felt sorry for Celtic fans living amongst such bike filth! Yep I agree. Lots of it documted tho it’s so extensive as they brought their bike poison everywhere they ever went good look at videos on YouTube such Birmingham 1976 about their anti social scum like behaviours were they wrecked the place while again invaded the park, and the validation ” guy had a green flag” they still get away with this! Aided by police Scotland! Hmmm wonder why ?! On Miller he knows how well he was treated at our club which was very and he was bang average to in returning to Mordor he had to slip out the back door at Raith Rovers as der hun was spewing he was back there after wearing the World famous Jersey of the only big Club ( global to) in Brigadoon! I wouldn’t put it past mccoist premting that comment as in telling Miller to drop that in the way that weasal hilariously tried to defect on to our great fans after theirn ned coach showed what it means to be well basically a hun! 4 or 5 tomorrow Another TREBLE on the way!

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Fukin NAE NECK UGLY HUN BASTARD!! Get these Cunts Fukin HORSED ramorra Celtic!!

  • Martin says:

    I would be really surprised if McCoist has felt even slightly under threat since his playing or management days. I could be wrong, I’m not saying he didn’t feel threatened, just that I’d be surprised if the celtic fans made him feel that way. I don’t detect much hatred for him in our support. He’d be an odd target.

  • Terry Thomas says:

    I think Kenny has joined the gutter club saying that about Celtic Park. Did he come out to defend Chris Sutton when he was abused at ibrox for telling the truth and getting banned ,no he probably had a good laugh at it. If that is the case just ban him and mcccost and boyd.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is obvious that they are all stirring the shit because they are shitting themselves about tomorrow. Their sphincters are twitching and biting lumps out of their skiddies. I would tend to ignore them, but I am loving their pain before the real pain even properly starts. What a sad bunch of losers, let them squeal like the pigs that they are.

    Celtic to be winning h/t and f/t at 6/4 is the bet, fill yer wellies!

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Honestly Martin don’t know who your ? Ng to at Celtic park,but Fat Sally is dispised by majority of Celt c support.He is two faced rat,and don’t forget when they beat us at Celtic park he instigated doing a huddle which they proceeded to do next to the tunnel.Dont be kidded by his performance on TV he hates us with a passion

    • Johnny Green says:

      I’m surprised, if he felt so terrorised, that he did not feign a heart attack, like he did when his wife’s lover, the gardener, was about to fill him in. Cowardly little rat!

  • Jim The Tim says:

    Who gives a fk

  • Steven R says:

    I think its fair to say, should Rachel Riley choose to step down from the tv show, Countdown, Miller’s name will not make the shortlist of candidates to replace her. I could have said something much worse, but to be honest, he’s not really worth the effort.

  • boab says:

    Try that in a court, felt threatned but not verbally threatned.
    just plant the seed for the media to go mental.

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