More Big Talk From Ibrox’s Losers After Celtic Win. Are These Peepul Stupid, Or What?

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If there are stupider people playing football anywhere in Europe, outside of Ibrox, I want to know who they are. What kind of idiots are these who do nothing but mouth about what they are going to do to you next time after you’ve just beaten them?

Does this get tiresome to you? It does to me. But imagine how their own supporters must feel, because eventually doesn’t this start to sound a lot like they are the ones being trolled? This club of theirs is filled to the rafters with dreck. With losers. And the proof of it is the amount of trash-talk they indulge in which they simply can’t back up.

Cantwell was first out of the gate yesterday. You might give him a pass because he’s newly on the scene and doesn’t realise that we’ve heard all this before. But how many times has the captain, Tavernier, mouthed off like this only to be shown up?

You’d think he would learn. You would think that his manager would have enough sense to instil a bit of message discipline here. Or at least the basic common sense not to give Celtic further motivation, as if we needed it. You would think that eventually it would become embarrassing even to the rampant egos in the Ibrox dressing room.

I sometimes think the only one of them with any understanding of all this is Goldson, who at least made it clear that he and the team are “back to square one” in terms of having to prove themselves all over again. He seems to have a grasp of this. Perhaps that’s how he “injured” himself at the weekend; talking too much sense in a dressing room of goons.

I would be mortified if I shared a dressing room with someone like Tavernier, perhaps the worst “captain” ever to be inducted into the Ibrox Hall Of Fame. He has a lot of goals, but it was Tom Boyd, of all people, who got right to the heart of it at the weekend when he pointed out that for all that Tavernier is just not that good a defender.

Ewan Murray – of all people – pointed out after the cup final that for all the hype this guy gets that we’ve actually sold two better right backs in the last three years than he is. All the evidence suggests that we’ve got a guy in that position at the moment who is a vastly better footballer than Tavernier is, has been or will ever be … I find it hilarious that he’s the only player from Ibrox who consistently gets in these “Glasgow XI” teams when he wouldn’t get on our bench.

But he can talk. God, he can talk. And he does. About how things will be better next time. About how we’ll see the real thing next time. About how we’re going to be sorry next time. Ibrox fans are entitled to say, “well what happened this time?”

What happened is what usually happens. When Jota was galloping down the left hand side of the pitch to put McGregor and their defence under pressure, where was the captain and right back, the guy who was supposed to be covering his runs? He was almost at the halfway line, miles out of position, all at sea when our winger strolled around the keeper.

If only I believed this guy was smart enough to be using his chatter as a deflection tactic. If only I thought that he was smart enough to pretend to be daft enough to be vowing revenge after another embarrassment. But actually, I don’t believe that.

He really is that stupid. His club really is that stupid. His manager really is that weak or stupid or maybe weak and stupid and let’s this stuff go on when anybody with a bit of common sense would be telling the players to shut it and do their talking on the park.

Ange must love this. These people are doing his team talk for him. The more they build themselves up the harder the fall is going to be. Hampden is 20 days away, and these people will be mouthing off for every single of those days.

Perfect. We couldn’t hope for better than this.

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  • Tony B says:

    Tavpen takes penalties and set pieces, of which he gets waaaay more practice in matches than anyone else in the country.

    That’s all there is.

    He is the original one trick pony.

  • michael mccormack says:

    Tedious now isn’t it , it’s like when you are growing up and you keep getting into fights continuously with the same arsehole who gets his head handed to him time after time but after every humbling he keeps screaming about how next time he sees you that your gettin it , as he wee mates drag him away , while you quietly finish yer pint and sigh .

  • Jack says:

    They think they are due a performance against us. They should be more worried that we are due a performance against them. We keep beating them whilst not playing our best. They are in for an absolute tanking if we eventually bring our A game to one of these fixtures. Hopefully at the end of this month.

  • John L says:

    Yip, just bullshit of the highest quality. Is anybody else worried about our goalkeeping situation? That ball for Tavernier,s second goal was in the air a hell of a long time and I think a top goalkeeper is coming out for that. Hart is a great shot stopper but we need someone with confidence to leave his goal line and just isn’t him ?

    • john mc guire says:

      love it i have been saying this from the time he left engerland shot stopper ok coming of his line and penalties honking from now till the end get the other kepper in Joe the vampire he hates crosses Fact ,

    • Bob (original) says:

      Yes, Hart has been a huge improvement on previous keepers,
      and don’t think Age does sentimentality. If you are not playing good enough…

      The free-kick was a good strike, but would a top keeper let that in?

      And yes, it is noticeable that Hart seems reluctant to come off his line.

      Maybe he has been spoiled by CCV & Starfelt, in that he doesn’t need to come off
      his line much?

      Doesn’t make Hart a bad player, but if we want to see any improvement in our CL performance, we need the best players we can get – for all positiions.

      Nobody’s team position should be guaranteed: onwards and upwards!

      • 18871888 says:

        If he’s not coming off his line,it’s because that’s the way the defence has been coached; hard to argue with their stats.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Their latest loss just confirms -again – that there are too many players in the sevco team who just aren’t good enough.

    And the beasr are expected to stump up for expensive ST’s – based solely on talking up big about next season?

    If Beale – and the bears – didn’t know it before Saturday, they do now:

    sevco simply does not have anywhere near enough funds to fully revamp Gio’s squad this summer.

    Being on the UEFA FSR Watchlist probably doesn’t help the Ibrox cause either!

    Yes, a wee bit of squad tinkering is possible – but it is highly unlikely sevco will pose a tougher test for Celtic next season.

    Maybe the Ibrox club is waiting for Ange to move on, to give them a chance…? 🙂

    • Paul Mac says:

      You say Gio´s squad … but how many of the players were signed by him exactly? Most of their dross was actually signed by Steeeeeeevie Geeee and his team. Of which of course oul Moley was a part (big part if you listen to him)
      Would love to ask one of these so called Sevco financial experts exactly HOW MUCH do they reckon they are going to need and then how much are they ACTUALLY going to get to renew this squad? Bearing in mind they are on a Uefa watchlist and have just had to do yet another pathetic share issue .. yeah pathetic due to the sum they raised .. just around 2 million ??! If it was a proper share deal raising 20/30 million then we may be concerned, but as this is simply an exercise in keeping the lights on for a few weeks .. then as Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons would say .. HA HA !!
      According to the twitter page of Rangers Tax Case the numbers show that they are ACTUALLY losing more money now than they were in the Murray years which caused the oul EBT issue in the first place … so the big, big, million dollar question I have for all on here … What flavour Jelly and Ice Cream do you fancy ? Me I think I will do with the usual Strawberry Jelly and maybe a Pistachio Ice Cream 😉

  • brian cavanagh says:

    Complete lack of class from the whole club at Ibrox and behaviour encouraged and condoned by the board. Beale thinks he is leading when trash talking and allowing his players to do so,but he is abdicating his responsibility. Contrast his behaviour ín 2003 and Jock Stein in 1970 when we lost 3 finals in 6 months

  • Henry McDade says:

    They have at most 5 players worth keeping and one of them is a loanee with a 5 million price tag. In short, they are f*%*cked. They have zero strikers worth keeping, no wingers, no pace, a 41 year old goalkeeper, permanently crocked defenders and no automatic CL entry. Joy oh joy.

  • Steven says:

    Thanks for this enlightening article! Up until you pointed it out here, I had absolutely no idea that Tavernier is a right-back!! ???

  • SSMPM says:

    What a bank holiday Easter it’s been. Good talk-up Tav Friday, 12 point Saturday, letter sent Sunday, and Big Eggs on Monday.
    Can’t wait for the next bank holiday weekend when we celebrate our SPL Crowned Coronation Monday. Fat Ali/Tavpen will be Bealing, and I’ll know I’m awake but it’ll feel like I’m dreaming HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is obvious that Tavernier will be getting his instructions from the Sevco PR team, as it is all about getting the fans worked up and on board again in order to sell season tickets. It has worked every time previously as the Gullibles once again will be reeled in and queued up to be shafted.

  • Johnno says:

    So the captain of a bunch of serial losers, made even funnier than this gobshite is regarded as a hall of famer within the shithole.
    Could you see Ange allowing any of our players coming out with such bullshit if we actually lost the game on Saturday?
    This amount of bollocks now stems from that snidey prick which has increased since he took his seat within the toilet.
    Yet the scum imposters remain so thick that all they are actually doing is been thrown under the bus, while playing to the horrible zombie DOBs mob who in turn are ready to lynch them all now.
    Long may it continue, I say

  • John Copeland says:

    Wait and see the condition of the Hampden pitch for the cup semi final ! It will look like potatoes are being gathered in for the Summer ! All in the name of equity of course … One side being long ball merchants and the other trying to play slick ,silky , entertaining football !

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    You would think someone would tell thicko”keep your mouth shut but it’s like kids who keep trying to do something hard but keep messing up time after time. Thicko this time this time this time you will see the real kids beat yous it’s not fair it’s not fair please mister Celtic geez us a win.

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