Mouthy Ibrox Players Continue To Poke Celtic With A Stick As If They’ve Learned Nothing.

Image for Mouthy Ibrox Players Continue To Poke Celtic With A Stick As If They’ve Learned Nothing.

You have to love these Ibrox players, constantly doing their talking in the media when their own fans just want them to do it on the park.

They can’t stop making promises about how next time they face us it will all be different, how we’ll see a better performance from them, how they might actually show up. All they are doing is setting up their own humiliation.

We play them in just over a week.

They should be focussed, but they cannot seem to shake us out of their heads, and the thing is, it’s the players who have failed against us over and over again who have the biggest mouths when it comes to us.

Tavernier and Goldson are the most vocal in trying to provoke a response.

Celtic continues to ignore them and continues to play its own football, focussing on one game a time and not even considering them until the time to do so comes around.

Yesterday it was Goldson talking big and pushing the narrative that they haven’t given up on the title race, as if this is meant to scare us. The title race will come to a juddering, shuddering stop at Celtic Park next weekend, and then the recriminations at Ibrox will begin anew.

We did that club profound psychological damage when we won the League Cup Final, and every day that passes makes that ever more clear. They are hell-bent on vengeance and that’s something we should use against them like a good martial artist uses the weight of an assailant to bring that person down.

We render them almost unable to think straight.

Just look at the “out of character” behaviour of their women’s coach this week.

The more they poke us with a stick, the sweeter it will be to beat them.

Our team doesn’t need the extra motivation – the will to win is strong enough without it – but I bet that Ange is happy to have it just the same, just in case there were players in the squad who did need a little jolt.

Our team does its talking on the pitch.

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  • Frankie says:

    Talk from the guy that had to resign because he loved them or because no other club was interested in this basketball player.

  • Pan says:

    Why are you so obsessed with them James?
    They are perfectly entitled to state that they haven’t given up and they have a right to their opinions, as long as they are not offensive. For goodness sake, get a grip.

    • Eddie Eadie says:

      Don’t read if you don’t like I always enjoy James’s views and mostly agree with him the *rangers are totally obsessed with us

  • Pan says:

    You are perfectly correct when you say that we will do our talking on the park. If we ignore them, it upsets them more and also de-stabilises them, depriving them of the oxygen they need.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Why do they feel the need to bump their gums, it’s as if they are desperately trying to reassure themselves that they can still produce the goods when it really matters, or that their fans will get some sort of a lift from their false confidence. Meanwhile Celtic are happy to ignore their meaningless existence until the 2nd bests step out onto Celtic Park next week. Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind, we never stop!

  • Johnny Green says:

    You know something, with next week’s game firmly on their minds, squeaky bum time, I can see them losing their focus and slipping up at home today, and that would be just perfect.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Ange, John, Harry, the Players and other backroom team members will have Celtic primed to play
    their rivals at their best as a team. Rangers will prepare much the same way. That’s what Celtic do for every game. Celtic players don’t read or listen to other players, talking up their own team prospects. It’s normal. Ange mentioned hard work and long hours put-in, over the International break. Normally Ange refrains from commenting on other Managers prods. If he is a little irritable, I hope it is not related to key player injuries? Ange will be guided by the medical team.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    The reason they are so far behind us and forget about the 9 points, they are so far behind us as a business is because they have made it personal. And when your point men are Goldson and Tavenier on the pitch your fvcked.

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